"Imagination is a limit far more formidable than technology.Technology is a key far less potent than imagination. Imagination AND technology working in tandem - are free from all limits, except one: imagination." ~HexenStar

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Maximum focus on map 33. It should be the last map in the entire game to have challenged me so. All others, including the future releases - either don't have that much extension, ornamentation or redesign to them (as the Refectory/Orchard duo), - or it has already been completed in my prior efforts. Here is a snippet of the vanilla map 33 VS Legend-9, just to illustrate the volume of work and effort. Vanilla:


And now the same in Legend-9:


Quite the difference... And i haven't addressed the battle design and full map scripting yet. Nonetheless, once i am done with this level, - the magic word will start taking shape on the horizon. What's the "magic word" ? Well :-) in the realm of mods, there is only one magic word: ETA.

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Ront1980 - - 199 comments

Very very cool. Was checking if there were any news, I have followed you (in additions to following the mods from you I'm looking for).

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hexenstar Creator
hexenstar - - 207 comments

as you probably know, i just completed a mod for Doom-3, so i was on a little break from Hexen. Speaking of which - i have absolutely reached the hardest point in the redesign part of the mod's development. Two and a half levels remaining, before i can move to art section and testing.

I was sure that after releasing Bravo 3.7 - i would simply go back to Hexen...and i did, just not at the expected intensity. I got in touch with a Doom-3 expert, and he's helping me to take the Bravo mod to completely new heights, - and that's exciting! The work on D3 itself is much more straightforward, so i will be developing mods for both games at the same time. And D3 will take a higher priority. I guess the answer is very simple: yes Legend-9 will be my Hexen masterpiece, but modded Doom-3 for me, - rates as the number 2 FPS of all time (sharing that place with Hexen 2), while Legend-9 - is somewhere in the back end of the top 10. So my decisions are kinda swayed by that, lol.

But don't worry, i am working on the Guardian of Steel in the meantime as well. Should post an update about that. Perhaps i also should post more songs of our ex-band - to keep people entertained :D

P.S. i don't know if you have seen the latest Hexen updates on my youtube channel, but in case you haven't - here is the last one:
These levels take insane amount of time to re-envision and remake.

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