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This is the pre-release blog post - aimed to describe the outcome of the last week's events in the mod's final stages of experimentation and the shape it takes with the differences between the intended (vintage) version and the experimental ("modern") version, which is the one being currently released.

For starters, my detailed request to the Doomsday engine creators - to help reunite the mod with the fans while resolving the engine's bugs, - was met with what one of my friends eloquently describes as "the implicit middle finger". But, as someone who can do quite a lot with analyzing and logically manipulating
data - i was not going just to roll over and fuck off, just because some dupe on the other end of the web doesn't give a damn. I decided to go into my "Sherlock Holmes mode" and give everything i've got in one
last, decisive battle of logic, analysis and deductive reasoning - all the way until either victory of defeat. The Devil will not sabotage this mod without a fight.

After several days of chess-like grand brainstorming against a mountain of pure nonsense that is the modern Doomsday engine - i ended up not quite with a complete victory, but about 80/20 in my favor, as i did succeed in overturning the most decisive points, but not all of them. Unfortunately, i still had to compromise upon one new glitch.

The despicable white flash bug has been circumvented (not solved, but circumvented!). It could not be "solved" per se, since it is not quite a bug, but a force-fed "feature" of the modern Doomsday...However, as result of the solution - another glitch has surfaced. One of the characters, namely - Baratus the Fighter, - loses the red screen flash that occurs when the character takes damage. This happens as soon as you use the Fire Sword's magic attack. I tried everything imaginable to restore it, - but it was like running into a brick wall. This wouldn't be the case if the modern version of the engine wouldn't force-feed that damn Wraithverge flash. The vintage versions of the engine have no such nonsense. The situation gets even
weirder, because Corvus the Elf - uses exactly the same part of the problematic Wraithverge scripting, and yet he does not experience this bug. Alas, this one i had no choice but to concede. Other than that, after a number of additional adjustments and implementing further "bullshit-bypass solutions", - the mod appears to function as intended. Not 100% exactly as the intended version, - but reasonable enough to accept it as a fair representation that i would concur as its creator.

The main difference is that certain weapons in the vintage version - use a unique mana consumption ratio, resulting in various interesting gameplay twists, such as having better access to the ultimate weapon ammo and other weapon choices as well. This is no longer possible in the modern version. The weapons in this version are all almost exactly and predictably vanilla, as far as ammo ratio goes. No surprises or unexpected strategies. Nothing like that. Since in the demo the ultimate weapons are partially disabled - this little factor might affect what ultimate weapons we have in the final version.

The second difference is that the vintage version has ZERO glitches. It functions 100% as intended and has no issues whatsoever. The "modern" version has the glitch described earlier. The catch is that the vintage version was made for a vintage version of Doomsday. Specifically - Doomsday 1.8.6.

Final difference is that the story sequences for the vintage version appear in a simplified manner, compared to the more extensive 3-screen story for the modern version.

The "modern" version - has been partially re-configured to work EXCLUSIVELY with the modern version of Doomsday, and it has been tested predominantly on Doomsday 2.3.1 It will crash, if used with vintage engines.


The most important of development of the final stage - was fixing the game flow and continuity. Unlike the freewheeling of the version 8.33 - in Legend 9, with the first hub - all of its levels are now mandatory. To exit the hub - you need the Wings of Wrath, and these are located in the Bright Crucible level. So you have to clear everything in order to progress.

The game now flows in a very clear progression (even though you have multiple optional paths and exploration areas), but the main goals of the hub are now structured in a solid straightforward (not for newbies) sequence. There are no shortcuts through the hub and no "skippies".

The rest of changes/enhancements made - relate mostly to Fire Sword graphics, its action and effects, flechette action for all characters, extended story screens and artworks. And making the damn thing tailored to work with the accursed Doomsday 2.3.1...


The "demo" is 6 levels long, with almost everything polished to the quality standard of the final game. Roughly 5-6 hours of gameplay. Roughly. May take more or less depending on the style and skill of the player. Expect fierce enemies that MANDATE magic defense or counterattack. Expect devious traps Doom-64 style (the game that influenced my gameplay preferences long ago). Expect having to use tactics, the environment and every artifact in your possession - or die miserably and repeatedly.

The main locations are the Guardian of Fire (the best, really) and the central castle in the Guardian of Steel. Guardian of Ice (lol, there is no ice) - is a multi-path location, which serves like a "hub within a hub" where you unlock further passages and means to progress. Even though there are several exploration areas that are quite rewarding - and deadly in an equal measure. Guardian of Ice 2 - is an OPTIONAL location, and is best approached when you are equipped with the Wings of Wrath. Just as before.

Castle Key, - which the previous version of Legend allowed to procure in a variety of ways and take shortcuts through the hub, - is no longer a subject to such tomfoolery. This time, the only way to get the Castle Key and progress forward - is by following the only one intended route through the game (which is while reminiscent of vanilla, still has several definitive differences). It doesn't matter if you decide to go A first or B first (as it is often presented), the main objectives are still the same and pretty much are set in stone, adhering to the one and only sequence. I will not spoil...unless you want me to :-)

And the complete demo-walkthrough will eventually be posted on my channel,
with all character classes changing mid-game for showcasing.

In 3 days, my friends. In 3 days - "we begin our glorious crusade".


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Very very cool. Was checking if there were any news, I have followed you (in additions to following the mods from you I'm looking for).

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hexenstar Creator

as you probably know, i just completed a mod for Doom-3, so i was on a little break from Hexen. Speaking of which - i have absolutely reached the hardest point in the redesign part of the mod's development. Two and a half levels remaining, before i can move to art section and testing.

I was sure that after releasing Bravo 3.7 - i would simply go back to Hexen...and i did, just not at the expected intensity. I got in touch with a Doom-3 expert, and he's helping me to take the Bravo mod to completely new heights, - and that's exciting! The work on D3 itself is much more straightforward, so i will be developing mods for both games at the same time. And D3 will take a higher priority. I guess the answer is very simple: yes Legend-9 will be my Hexen masterpiece, but modded Doom-3 for me, - rates as the number 2 FPS of all time (sharing that place with Hexen 2), while Legend-9 - is somewhere in the back end of the top 10. So my decisions are kinda swayed by that, lol.

But don't worry, i am working on the Guardian of Steel in the meantime as well. Should post an update about that. Perhaps i also should post more songs of our ex-band - to keep people entertained :D

P.S. i don't know if you have seen the latest Hexen updates on my youtube channel, but in case you haven't - here is the last one:
These levels take insane amount of time to re-envision and remake.

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