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A new upcoming Capture-the-flag map for your viewing pleasure!

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Hi again, XDM here!
Here's another familiar scenery for you:

CTF BridgeCTF Bridge
CTF BridgeCTF Bridge
CTF_Bridge, Black Mesa transit system. Who doesn't like trains?

Yes, this is a map from yet another unfinished singleplayer game. Actually, it was supposed to be a prequel to Half-Life. I even wrote a scenario for it. But, well, real life is short. :( And this project is too big for one person to complete. XDM alone took THIS many years to make (and is still incomplete! yes, damn bots! And some problems with Linux, hopefully, fwg team could help. But it "Runs fine in WINE".).

So, now it's a CTF map, with a train, two underground bases, lots of Half-Life-style locations, vents, caves and THE BRIDGE. I duckin' love this bridge!

This map is HEAVY to compile - HLVIS takes up to 30 minutes on my special 32-core 2-CPU machine (did I mention how much money was wasted on production of XDM? oh, you better not know)! And I've done MANY optimisations to the map, trust me.

Performance is tolerable (no water here, heh!). Visuals are pretty good. But no detail textures yet. Needs polishing. Time.

That's all for now. See you!

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noiz 👌

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Ghoul-bb - - 70 comments

Wow, finally this map has been completed!
Me very happy. Congratulations!

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