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While not necessarily a true mod (gameplay wise), it is a fresh coat of paint so to speak for the regular C&C Generals Zero Hour game. All the skirmish and campaign mission maps have new scenery applied along with both the stock Generals and Zero Hour campaigns being combined into one long campaign for each faction with the new visuals. The Generals Challenge campaign maps are revamped as well.

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C&C Generals v2.0

After several years in development, the

C&C Generals v2.0 project has been released!

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This is sgtmyers88, you might know me as being the creator of the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux mod and the Realistic Weapon Mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour. I have also recently started work on the C&C Red Alert Redux mod project. Over the years I have assisted modders with other Generals/Zero Hour related projects and I have also previously been an assistant programmer and map designer for the Vietnam Glory Obscured mod.


This mod page was launched back in 2011 with the intent of being an "Unofficial" Mod SDK Database along with being the host for a visual overhaul package for the stock C&C Generals Zero Hour game. With the collaboration of several other modders here on ModDB and elsewhere who have come and gone over the years, that project is now mostly complete and is being presented here today for download.



First off just to be clear, gameplay wise this is not as much of a mod as it is a fresh coat of paint so to speak for the regular C&C Generals Zero Hour game. However, both the stock Generals and Zero Hour campaigns are also integrated into one long campaign for each faction with the new visuals that the player can re-experience the games with.



All the Skirmish and Generals Challenge maps are revamped as well including the re-integration of some Skirmish maps that were present in Generals but cut in the Zero Hour expansion. Roughly 95 percent of the old terrain textures and nature props (e.g. trees) have been replaced along with new lighting, custom made water, and particle effects. A lot of this was already developed and released alongside the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux mod project but it is now being made available for the vanilla game by popular demand.



Another notable feature is the rock cluster objects now finally have snow versions to help aid with the atmosphere of snow maps along with all new crater effects.

As a bonus, an updated WorldBuilder Tool is also included for map editors, special thanks goes out to Adriane for the updated Worldbuilder map editing tool. Also note that a hidden feature was also enabled which is the addition of the classic random bonus crates that will appear on skirmish maps during matches.

Updated Nuke Generals Challenge Intro - Mod DB

The Mod Project is also available on GenLauncher


To Install:

Simply download, extract and copy all the files and folders into your stock C&C Generals Zero Hour game data folder. If asked to replace files, select "Yes To All" and proceed to copy the files into it.

Troubleshooting In-Game:

If the game appears too bright, its due to the new shaders. Simply omit using the "Shaders" file by deleting it or renaming its extension to something other than .big or turn down your game brightness in the options menu.


Special thanks goes to Kamuix and VectorIV, who also helped/contributed over the years. Thanks to EA for the game and other assets.

©2022 sgtmyers88

Phenix8fr - - 4 comments

This mods is awesome, the game don't look like a 2003 game . Thx a lot for all poeple who work for that result :)

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

I dont't know what happend but I already download the mod 2.0 and the patch 2.1 an install them like it says in the description. Nothing changed to the game. Old grafiks. I have got the german version of generals zero hour. Does it makes any differences?

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ns-mars - - 556 comments

The project seems very promising

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