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Finally the full version of "Call of DOOM: Black Warfare" will be released in a few days. In this article, some information about the specs for this mod and a long message from me.

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Article update:
"Call of DOOM: Black Warfare" has been released !!


Use GZDOOM to launch files A and B together.
Be sure to load in the order of A to B.

Select two pk3 files with the Ctrl key, then grab "FileA" and drop it on GZDOOM.exe.
Alternatively, use Autoloading with a shortcut.

If you get the following error message, you are loading the files in the wrong order.

Script error, line 455:
Unexpected '8 Slots Doom-Slayer Mode' in definition of 'RGAPlayer_M9A1'

After starting the game, first open the OPTIONS "Customize Controls" menu and set the "Call of DOOM - Basic Controls" and "Advanced Actions" keys.

Set "Equipments Shortcut" only when necessary.
Explosives are in slot 9 and equipment is in slot 0.





-What is necessary?

1:not Potato PC
The file size is large and there are many animations, so please play on PC.
It's difficult to enjoy this mod on low-spec PCs and smartphones that have a lot of lag.

2:Official DOOM game(IWAD)
This is a mod, so you need a base game file.
Please purchase the official DOOM on Steam etc.

3:latest GZDoom engine
This mod only supports GZDOOM.
If you run it with another engine, unexpected problems will occur.
Also, this mod is for single player. Multiplayer is not supported.

-What is "Call of DOOM: Black Warfare"?

This mod is a realization of the modern DOOM I wanted.
Players can fight DOOM monsters with high quality firearms imported from the Call of duty universe.
This weapon WAD is compatible with many custom maps, so you'll have fresh gameplay on maps you've played in the past.
4 versions will be released.

[Brutal DOOM Ver] - Enjoy the greatest violence based on Brutal DOOM
[Vanilla DOOM Ver] - Vanilla version with no changes to monsters and decorations.
[Lightweight Brutal DOOM Ver] - Low spec version with reduced weapon animation.
[Lightweight Vanilla DOOM Ver] - Lightest version without Brutal DOOM.

SnapCrab NoName 2021 1 20 6 46 4

-NEW Weapons

Introducing 70 new weapons.
There are no energy guns, all guns use bullets or rockets.
Most weapons have aim shooting and reloading function, allowing you to switch shooting modes and change ammo types as needed.
And various kinds of ammunition based on the caliber of the actual gun will appear.

[slot 1] - 6 Handguns and 1 SAMURAI sword (9mm/.45ACP/.357 Magnum)
[slot 2] - 10 Sub Machineguns (9mm/.45ACP)
[slot 3] - 12 Shotguns (12 gauge)
[slot 4] - 6 PDWs (PDW bullet)
[slot 5] - 6 Heavy Weapons (40mm Grenade/25mm Grenade/66mm Rocket/23mm CSgas/.404 Raufoss/Fuel)
[slot 6] - 10 NATO Assault Rifles (5.56mm NATO)
[slot 7] - 8 Eastern Assault Rifles (5.45x39mm/7.62x39mm)
[slot 8] - 8 Marksman Rifles (7.62mm NATO/.338 Magnum)
[slot 9] - 3 Explosives

-NEW Equipments

Introducing modern game style support equipment.

[Survival Knife] - Can be used for Instant attack and stealth-kill.
[Frag Grenade] - A powerful grenade. You can also knock out by hitting the enemy directly with a grenade.
[Stun Grenade] - A stun grenade that afflicts enemies with intense flash and noise.
[Flashlight] - High beam flashlight mounted on a helmet.
[Night-vision device] - A ready-to-use Night vision device mounted on a helmet.
[UAC Satellite Phone] - Can summon relief supplies, reinforcements, and attack helicopters.
[Tactical Medikit] - A first aid kit that can carry up to 6. Be careful not to be attacked by the enemy while you are giving the injection.

COD BW TRT1 mp4 000001893 RM

-NEW Characters

There are 12+α friendly soldiers with new sprites.
It also includes the Heroes of "COD: Modern Warfare" and "COD: Black ops".
You can summon them with Satellite Phone when you need them.
If you don't want to see hell anymore, you can call a girls.
When you want to fight alone, use the Satellite Phone to get ammunition and other relief supplies.

You can give three instructions to fellow soldiers : "follow", "wait", and "gather".
If you get a Sentry bot somewhere, you can switch between "follow" and "Attack" instructions in the same way.


-Mystery box

The infamous "mystery box" from the COD zombie series will be featured in this mod.
There are 90 different results, and you can get the best weapon, but you can also get the worst weapon.
There will also be secret items that can only be obtained here.
If you want to challenge, use the Satellite Phone to summon the Mystery box.

SnapCrab NoName 2021 1 26 17 12

-Gameplay changes

The kill speed is faster than Brutal DOOM, and even the weakest 9mm gun can defeat the Pinky Demon.
However, you will always suffer from a shortage of ammo and recovery items.
Kill your enemies as soon as possible before they are attacked, like Call of Duty. Otherwise it can have fatal consequences.

If you are a veteran player, choosing a higher difficulty level than ultra-violence (Brutal DOOM ver only) or a class with a stricter weapon possession limit will make you more thrilling.

Players can only carry 4 weapons. (In the case of normal mode)
Every time you find a good weapon, you have to choose to drop something.
Carefully look at the spec sheet, which describes the advantages and disadvantages of the weapon.
If you're greedy and holding only powerful weapons, you'll quickly run out of ammo, and you'll have to drop something and switch to a 9mm gun.
There is no convenient item box.

Weapon placement changes randomly each time you play.
Flamethrower may appear when you need an M16, or you may never find your favorite weapon.
Therefore, even on maps that have been visited in the past, the tactics can change significantly depending on the weapons you can pick up.
This weapon mod was developed so that I can play it for over a year without getting bored.
(I don't know how other players will feel, but I've been enjoying DOOM for years with this mod)

gzdoom 2019 11 28 19 50 06 358 m


Below is Arrowood's message.
If you just want to see fun stories, you shouldn't read the message.

Hello, this is Arrowood.
I would like to thank the people who support the Call of DOOM project.

The full version of "Call of DOOM: Black Warfare" will be available soon.

This will probably be my last DOOM MOD project.
I may make small updates that fix mod bugs and add a few weapons, but I'm not going to start a completely new DOOM MOD project.
You might expect new releases like "Battlefield DOOM" or "Escape from tarkov DOOM", but I don't think I'll spend my life developing DOOM mods anymore.

The reason I made this mod is not to liven up the DOOM MOD community.
It's all for myself who loves Call of Duty and DOOM.
You might think of me as an old man, I've always loved DOOM(1993).

Originally, I made a mod that was adjusted by combining "Brutal DOOM" and "Real guns advanced" just for my own play.
When I uploaded the mod video to YouTube without much thought, I got a lot of comments saying "I want this mod", so I decided to start the CALL OF DOOM project.

I speak as a person with my own life, to be honest, I think it's more peaceful for ME not to publish this mod forever.
I have experienced a lot of suffering and anger in this project.

I know a lot of people are cheering me on, but a few people threw stones at me and sometimes tried to destroy the project.

The people did the following:
-threaten to kill
-Add violent comments and tags to the MODDB page
-Post lots of low-rated reviews with insulting words
-Post insulting comments and offensive images on my MODDB My Page
-Add a lot of BAD to YouTube videos using illegal tools
-Post insulting YouTube comments daily using multiple accounts

These were done by a small number of malicious people.
The support team's response has now brought peace, but the project has been severely damaged.
How many people can complete a free project with no reward in the face of such an attack?
How many good mod makers have been killed by the simple words "garbage" and "totally worthless"?

And I hate "critics of justice".
Critics haven't paid me any money, but they profusely command me to "do this!" Or "I hate it, so fix it!".
When I say, "I don't obey that order," critics get angry, "We are guests! Be more humble!"
I'm only publishing this for users who want to play this mod, and I have no intention of dealing with users who don't want to or hate it.

There are many criticisms that "there are too many weapons and should be reduced" and "3D sprites look bad to DOOM. You should redraw it in 2D animation".
It's my desire to have a lot of weapon choices, so I have no intention of reducing it for critics.
Critics have the freedom not to use weapons and the freedom not to use this mod, but I wonder why they can speak like my producer.
The criticism of "redraw the animation!" Feels more arrogant.
It's surprising to me that they think the animators will do the job for free.
I loved Call of Duty's cool reload animation and wanted to bring it straight into DOOM, so I'm not going to change this.
Similarly, there are criticisms that "Don't include girls in DOOM!", But DOOM isn't just for critics and gender-discriminators, and don't have to play this mod forever.

As I say many times, I haven't made any money on this project.
If don't like this mod, just keep quiet and play another good game.
I don't want people who are neither my boss nor my friends to criticize my hobbies.

You can't see it, but I've always seen inappropriate YouTube comments with dirty words stuck in the filter.
You can only see the fun part, but I'm always receiving unreasonable orders and taunts.
I don't know why they can't do the simple thing of "quietly ignoring things they don't like."
They throw stones or throw irresponsible orders before they leave.

I was able to continue making mods because I had my own DOOM dream, but I think they would give up making if other volunteer mod makers were hit by the same attack.
If you find your favorite mod maker, don't be shy and cheer them on.
If you keep quiet without cheering, mod makers may be defeated by invisible attacks and fall.

When you want to criticize a mod severely, first check to see if you paid for them.
If you are paying, you should criticize it openly.
As long as the producer receives the reward, he is obliged to provide what the customer is satisfied with.
But if they were volunteers, stop and ponder whether the critique is really necessary.
It's free for you to order, but it costs a lot for them to follow the your order.

Some might criticize "Don't complain! Entertainer", but I really had to release this anger at the end.
I wanted players who knew only the fun part to know the reality of mod makers.

I'm just one of many who like DOOM.
I'm not a punching bag, nor a volunteer to serve critics.
With the release of the full version of CALL OF DOOM, my MOD production is probably end.
I don't like volunteering anymore because of the trouble of dealing with justice critics and terrorists.
I will complete this project and return to life for myself.

Thank you for always supporting me.



Unless you're gonna make custom maps then you need to make the weapons sprite based as they're out of place!

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Arrowood Author

If you've read all this article and ordered me, you're a kid.
Do it yourself.

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I.strain, if you think you're better than him then make the mod yourself, otherwise just get out.

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Considering the fact that his comments are full of complaints, that's not a surprise anymore.

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A true loser to their knee, I see.

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Much respect! Always follow your heart and do what *you* want to see in this world, because that is how the most beautiful and best new creations are ultimately made. Best things are made from self-full beginnings, since that is where motivation and visions are the strongest.

This mod pushes the boundaries of what Doom mods can be, how huge, detail rich and advanced they can get and that is the biggest gift I can imagine as a doom player. The older existing Call of Doom is one of the absolute best mods I've ever played and I still feel excited to turn it on even today.

I think this project was worth the effort and I feel great happiness of it being released.

Usually pioneers/mavericks that shake things up will get the attention of the stupid few that see something new as an attack upon them, causing them to lash out with vile unforgivable actions. I completely hate anyone who would do that and I feel great anger towards them.

This is a fight and it is won by pushing them back by giving them the greatest insult ever - by keep going forward and release the project anyway, making them helpless in the face of change. Also reporting them to shut down their toxicity via admins, moderators and speaking up about it to the fans is also an important weapon to fight back against them.

Keep being you, never give up, never surrender to will of others. I believe in you and I appreciate you. Thank you ArroWood.

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The pioneers always take the heaviest toll. And in this case, Arrowwood is no exception. They were not the first to make a CoD-based mod, but the most detailed one yet to date.

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Thanks again for another update, Arrowood.

This is awesome to read; really looking forward to the new features of this version.

It takes courage to keep going despite the criticism and orders that get shouted at you. So well done.
Not only that, but you said how things were and expressed your feelings. That's the best thing to do.

Whether this is the last major update, or not. We will always support your hard efforts and share your love of Doom.

As always,
Thanks, Arrowood

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Comrade, that wasn't criticism. It's straight up toxicity.

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You're right, friend. There is no need for any of it.

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This made my tears shed, as the long 2-year wait has finally coming to an end. Personally, I spent a lot of time playing with this mod, and it's quite an exquisite experience. I'm looking forward to enjoying this mod once again. Hype train goes choo-choo!
As for the online toxicity, you can't avoid them. They're everywhere, lurking in shadows and waiting for a chance to attack. The only way to deal with them is either send a "Screw you!" message, or just ignore them all and let Karma do its job. That message is a wake up slap to their face.

P/S: I forgot to mention: Only mobile phones that are pre-dated 2018 aren't capable of playing Call of Doom, as my Galaxy A50 from early 2019 can handle v0.5b with extra mods pretty well, assuming overheating wasn't accounted. (Anddd you missed the chance to do 69+1)

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no light machineguns?, missed to use a pkm or a rpd :(

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They did included the RPD in one of the early teaser, comrade. You did aware that Arrowood has a YouTube channel, right?

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The author is right, you're free to make this mod because he does it with passion and the mod reflects that. At least it's not a Terry WAD.

I won't be surprised if those people who complain about this are probably from Doomworld and/or Zdoom forums. Someone released a project that's similar to this in the ZDoom forums before and the mod creator was criticized to death so much that the mod ended up here instead.

There's a saying that too many cooks spoil the soup and I can see why the author is frustrated from constant criticism but as long as the criticisms are valid, then the author should listen to those comments unless those people are obviously jerks that do not contribute anything towards making the mod better.

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That's them, Arrowood, who re-released the mod to ZDoom forums when v0.5b just came out. Because those ZDF guys wants to "contribute" the mod by wanting to remake the mod with their own taste, which greatly derives from Arrowood's vision, so Arrowood kindly refused. After that, it's chaos within the thread when those ZDF guys ****** and decided to personally harassed Arrowood, which made Arrowood abandoned the ZDF and solely focusing here, on ModDB.
The original thread at ZDoom Forums is still up, if you know where to search.
Fact: I used to joined the ZDF bandwagon before realising its toxicity. I abandoned my ZDF profile a year ago and moved to Doomworld, where much better people stays. Doomworld has nothing to do on the toxicity, it's the ZDoom Forum folks that being the toxic ones.

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Ah, now it makes sense. I was wondering why the mod looked familiar. It was the same mod after all that was heavily criticized in ZDoom forums for being different.

Quite frankly, both forums are toxic (I used to post on both forums for a while) and I can still see people who make a big deal if you have a different opinion than their own. I'd rather stay here since at least there won't be a mob to go after you just because you prefer to do some things your way.

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I don't have much to say except for thank you. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and fun mod, that ever since I stumbled upon DooM, I have wanted. This was the first mod that I ever played, and I love it.I wish you luck and thank you for the best birthday present I could have asked for.

Best regards,
Thomas, AKA M4Taso.

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Your mod were good for fun factor and that shows them how skilled you are for the scripting such as the decorate and the ACS.

Here's the advices :
-Except to have people who wants to make a collab with you
-I see you didn't give up due to toxic comments, keep going
-Don't except for a big reward such as a cacoward, do your work and let people judge if it's good or bad.

One day, you'll use your skills for make an indie game like I have in mind.

Good luck buddy, that's all you need!

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Reading your article has touched me. The dedication and perseverance on tirelessly working on this mod despite the harsh criticism thrown upon you is hugely remarkable. I have loved your mod ever since. It is very enjoyable and the friendly soldiers make me feel safer when playing difficult doom wads. I want to say more but it seems the previous comments have beaten me to it. I look forward to more of your work. I will be waiting for the Light versions of the mod but take as much time as you need on making lighter versions of your latest release so I can play this on my **** PC and on my phone. Take care and Good job.

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Ayy good going you absolute madlad. I notice that 23mm in the special, going to be enjoying my reunion with the ks-23.

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Awesome, one question I do have, are there going to be lightweight versions of the mod like with the previous version?

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The article literally says it near the beginning

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How did I miss that XD

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I really love the amount of guns available, as gun pr0n is my fetish this is heaven in blood! I wonder why would someone hate on it when they could've stay away...

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Awesome. I'm tired of Brutal Doom anyway. l.strain can suck a cow's ***.

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