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The full list of developments and changes after version 0.4b leading up to version 0.4.3b.

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The log of changes of BrewLAN 0.4.3b since the release of BrewLAN 0.4b. In chronological order.

0.4.1 alpha


  • Lowered the turning speed of the Archimedes.
  • Gave the Archimedes a pair of targeting lasers to telegraph where its firing, and where its firing from.
  • Lowered the build time of the Novax Center to 1000 from 2900, to be more inline with the Soothsayer and Eye of whats-her-face.


  • Added Orbos, the Aeon T3 Heavy Point Defense.
  • AM-12 Anti-Armor: UEF Tech 2 Proximity Mine changes:
    • Increased damage from 1200 to 4500.
    • Lowered the mass cost from 300 to 100.
    • Lowered the build time from 150, to 50. (5 seconds)


  • Added the Orbos to the string tables.
  • AM-12 Anti-Armor changes:
    • Fixed it not firing.
    • Changed the explosion effects to look more UEF.


  • AM-12 Anti-Armor changes:
    • Changed the mesh to be more round.
    • Made more of the mesh visible above ground (For on slopes).
    • Added a submerging animation for while on water.
    • Fixed its build icon background to display it as amphibious.
  • Fixed the slightly out of align build skirt of the pseudo Fatboy.
  • Fixed the targeting beams of the Archimedes not being able to pass through allied shields.
  • Added a LOD1 mesh for the Archimedes.
  • Reclassified the Novax Center as an 'Observation Satellite Uplink'
  • Added the Seraphim proximity mine. Even though there isn't a Seraphim field engineer yet.


  • Jesus Christ its been a year since Skyrim came out.
  • Started the long slow process of changing the unit codes from B~~ to S~~, to reduce conflicts with BlackOps.
  • Added the Cybran T2 Energy Storage.
  • Increased the explosion damage of T2 Energy Storage's.
  • Made the AC-500 less useless (Gave it some usable guns) and re-added it to the build menus.
  • Created a lod1 mesh for the Solaris.


  • Fixed the Solaris only being able to fire its AA in one direction.
    • This wasn't actually that noticeable because it used to turn without changing where it was flying, but it meant it could only really shoot things one one side of it.
  • Added the Cybran T2 Nuclear Mine.
  • Added a manual detonate button for all the land mines.
  • Added the Cybran T2 Proximity Mine.
  • Lowered the radar/sonar range of the proxy mines to 1 less than the explosion range.
  • Added 'Bulkhead' a T2 Cybran wall section. Build-able by field engineer.


  • Condensed and rewrote parts of blueprints.lua.


  • Changed the on killed explosion of the nuke mine to the damage category deathnuke from normal.
  • Changed the Scathis Mk2's armor class to structure, from experimental, providing more relevant resistances.


  • Fixed the shader and build animation of the Seraphim T2 proxy mine.
  • Fixed an error in the unit statuses doc caused by the SVN being a retard, and updated it.
  • Added the UEF Nuke Mine.
  • Increased the health of proxy mines by 5 so they can just about survive the death explosions of SCUs and nuke mines.
  • Made most of the cannons on the Centurion functional.


  • Fixed the massive bug which made Seraphim, Aeon, and Cybran T1 Land factories be able to build every engineer-capable unit for that faction. Including the Megalith, Iyadesu, and SCUs.
  • Added the Aeon Experimental Assault Tank.


  • Changed the unit codes of proximity mines to s~b2221 from s~b2220.
  • Changed other mine stuff around.


  • Aeon Experimental Assault Tank changes:
    • Created a new mesh.
    • Increased rate of fire once every 6 seconds from 10.


  • Aeon Experimental Assault Tank changes:
    • Improved texture.
    • Tactical Missile Defense added.
    • Fixed footprint size and some particle effects.
  • Changed nuke mines to list as T3, but sort downwards so it stays where it is on the menus.
    • This way it gets disabled in T2 only games.
  • Made a prototype version of the UEF T1 Pressure Mine.
  • Renamed the UEF Nuke mine to AM-36 Trinity, from AM-36 Fatman.


  • Corrected a typo in the Novax Center description.


  • Improved texture of the Aeon T4 Tank.


  • Aeon Experimental Assault Tank changes:
    • Improved the texture.
    • Aligned some of the texture mapping.
    • Added the Volatile warning to the abilities list.


  • Changed the Gantry roll off stats.
  • Aeon Experimental Assault Tank changes:
    • Made texture look complete.
    • Created opening animation.
    • Removed its mass & energy storage ability.


  • Aeon Experimental Assault Tank changes:
    • Fixed the selection area.
    • Updated the icon to the new model.


  • [Section data missing]


  • [Section data missing]


  • Aeon T3 Point Defense changes:
    • Changed its appearance.
    • Decreased its range slightly.
    • Gave it the ability to target low altitude aircraft (gunships and transports)
    • Gave it an idle animation.
  • Added a section of test script that moves the Total Mayhem mod unit Doomsday into the Gantry.


  • Adjusted the tracks of the Wilson.
  • Corrected the selection overlay for the Little Bertha.
  • Fixed the pitch animation of the Little Bertha.
  • Aligned the selection overlay for the Poker.
  • Tightened the build effect overlay of the Poker.
  • Aligned the selection overlay of the Charis.


  • Added the Seraphim T3 Sonar.
  • Allowed the Seraphim T2 Sonar to upgrade into the new T3 Sonar.
  • Fixed the blank icons on the idle engineers tab heading for Aeon and Cybran T2 when the field engineers are the only idle engineer. (They still lack entries on the actual list.)
  • Changed the build sorting of the Gantry to Construction.
  • Changed the build sorting of the Paragon to Economy.
  • Changed the build sorting of the Iron Curtain to Defense.
  • Added the Seraphim T2 energy storage.
  • Changed the unit codes of all T2 energy and mass storage's to S- prefix from b- prefix.
  • Added the Aeon T2 energy storage.
  • Enabled Sorian AI to build and rename the Absolution.
  • Re-added all the old Sorian names removed around rev71.


  • Changed Gantry unit code to new prefix.
  • Allowed the Gantry to build engineers while in naval & air modes.
  • Gave the Gantry more underwater furniture (Legs, arms, pipes, ect.)
  • Gave the Gantry a better texture, and team colored areas.


  • Fixed the dust emitters and partially inverted normal map for the Moldovite.
  • Added a water ripple idle effect for the Absolution.
  • Added a custom tarmac for the Gantry, one that is actually large enough for it.


  • Changed the following unit code prefixes to prevent direct BlackOps unit conflicts:
    • Cybran T3 Point Defense.
    • Seraphim T3 Point Defense.
    • Seraphim T1 Air Staging.
    • Seraphim T4 Engineer (the one that's disabled anyway).
  • Removed the Doomsday Machine completely. Ain't no one want that shit.
  • Increased the firing tolerance on the Archimedes to prevent it from occasionally not firing.


  • Added scaled explosions to the T2 energy storage's. Successfully this time.
    • With no power in storage they do next to nothing, but are fairly catastrophic when full. The upshot of which is that if someone gets a shot off on one of them while your shields are down from low power not much happens, but if they punch their way through your shields it will make a mark.


  • Added blinking lights to the Gantry.
  • Fixed the targeting bones of the Gantry so things shoot it right.
  • Changed the unit code prefixes of the UEF and Aeon T1 air staging, and fixed the script errors in them.
  • Removed the reference to a non-existent bone on the Seagull.
  • Removed the reference to a non-existent bone on the Aeon decoy plane.
  • Fixed the tread marks on the Aster.


  • Changed the unit code prefixes of ALL remaining units, fixing a number of errors along the way.
  • Completely removed the horribly broken Cybran sniper bot.


  • Added the Aeon Proximity and Nuclear mines.
  • Fixed the sound files for the UEF Nuclear mine.
  • Fixed the Seraphim T1 shield not properly upgrading.
  • Added the Seraphim T2 engineering station line.


  • Added localisation data for the Seraphim engineering stations.


  • Fixed the highest upgrade of Seraphim engy station being able to build itself.


  • Experimented with classifying the Absolution as an aircraft engine side so it floats around better.


  • Started work on the UEF Experimental Drop-Pod Artillery.

0.4.2 beta


  • Asigned build mode key bindings for constructing from the Gantry.
  • Added build mode key bindings for constructing all factory build units:
    • Archimedes (UEF T3 Satelite uplink)
    • Moldovite (Aeon T3 Armoured assault tank)
    • Butler (Aeon T2 Defence engineer)
    • Wilson (Cybran T2 Field engineer)
    • Ilshatha (Seraphim T3 Assault bot)
    • Albatros (UEF T3 Torpedo bomber)
    • Zenith (Cybran T3 Torpedo bomber)
    • The nonexistent Seraphim T3 torpedo bomber
    • Solaris (Aeon T3 Transport)
    • Night Skimmer (Cybran T3 Transport)
    • Vishuum (Seraphim T3 Transport)
    • Vulthuum (seraphim T3 Gunship)
    • Beguiler (Aeon T3 Decoy plane)
    • Respirer (Aeon T1 Gunship)
    • Pigeon (UEF T1 Gunship)
    • Vulesel (Seraphim T1 Gunship)
    • Seagul (UEF T1 Torpedo bomber)
    • Impaler (Aeon T2 Bomber)
  • Changed build mode keys for Othuum.
  • Added build mode key bindings for upgrading the following:
    • Aspis (T1 shield)
    • LSD - Pulse (T1 shield)
    • Atha-istle (T1 shield)
    • Iya (Seraphim engineering stations)
  • Added build mode key bindings for building the following:
    • All T2 storage.


  • Doubled the rotation speed of the inner circle of the Solaris.


  • Doubled the adjacency buff for T2 energy storage's.


  • Applied the French language files update by Marc Tassetti.


  • Changed the textures of the UEF T1 Air Staging.
  • Adjusted the texture mapping of the UEF T1 Air Staging.


  • Added the Cybran T1 Air Staging platform.


  • Identified and fixed the incompatibility with BlackOps Unleashed 5.
    • The problem was the fake Fatboy I created, to be able to move the real Fatboy into the Gantry, had a fake AA weapon with no targeting restrictions (because it could never fire it) and BlackOps had a script that tried to give all AA weapons a restriction so they couldn't shoot their nuke satellite, which failed when it found a weapon with no restrictions.
  • Removed all units not in a releasable state (the UEF Drop-Pod Artillery and the UEF Experimental Gunship).
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