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With the extension patches created by the community, possibilities in Yuri's Revenge modding are greater than ever. Ares is one of those patches and recently, a promotional video has been released.

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Following the path paved by pd's famous RockPatch, Ares fixes and enhances the Yuri's Revenge game engine in a variety of ways, allowing modders to expand the game with never before seen custom units.

However, unlike RockPatch and other exe patches, Ares does not modify the game's exe. Instead, Ares uses Syringe to inject its code into the game during runtime, leaving the original game unchanged, thus eliminating the need for backup exes or un-patchers.

The trailer shows some of features which modders can implement in their mods with Ares. Preview has been created using the latest beta of Mental Omega APYR and slightly modded Yuri's Revenge (for features which will not be present in the mod).

Official website:

NOTE: Certain features in the videos are only available in testing builds for now.

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

That's a freaking great improvements!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

You guys make me proud to be part of C&C. ;_;

Oh if only Westwood could see it now. ;___;

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Speeder Author
Speeder - - 1,680 comments

All thanks to Ares developers.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Lord_Mordja - - 458 comments

Westwood is dead. It is not here anymore! But on their drives and in their code C&C lives on! Ares is a mod that will pierce the heavens!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Speeder Author
Speeder - - 1,680 comments

Ares is an expansion DLL, not a mod. But other than that, yeah.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Chinka - - 837 comments

Westwood is NOT dead! Westwood lives while each heart of WW Fan is able to beat :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Templarfreak - - 6,721 comments

Silly fool, the Command and Conquer modding community IS Westwood!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Darkkoril - - 350 comments

Darn! That's my idea going to use it. I'm so sad. I think you can use custom alphalights.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NakedCrook - - 269 comments

Why do I all of a sudden have the urge to get back into RA2 modding?

Did you put a drug in that video or something?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

A drug called Ares, that's why you have to inject it into your RA2. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
wolf99899 - - 21 comments

why cant ea games hire you to do all of westwoods left behind greatness that ea ruined

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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