"My name is Chinka - Patrick Chinka..." hahaha xD And I like jellyfish! :D

I'm just:
-> Command & Conquer lover
-> Command & Conquer modder
-> 3D modeller
-> Sometimes coder
-> Pedobear lover
-> Reggaeton lover
-> Rap & Reggaeton maker (I've just began :P)
-> "Coce, b*#ches, vodka, lazores" fan
-> Tanks and Bots fanatic

etc. I'll write it later xD

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Chinka failed something?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I have lots of models which I started but I don't have time or nerves to finish them :( My education is failed, too. This is an one only help - I'm looking for a job :D

I will be happy if I find employment at game designing but I am Polish - there is no job to make me fear :P I have only few requirements:

  • Localization - Warsaw, Poland or abroad Poland
  • Countries which interest me - Netherlands, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain as a last resort
  • Abroad Poland - I'll be pleased if my employer could provide a place of accomodation ;)
  • Time to work - 2 months, at the latest from 1th July 2011 (in Gregorian calendar, of course ;p) for decent wages/salary

Such a mobilization should allow me to wake up and start my career as uber imba modeller. Maybe I'll become "Junkie Lion Millionaire" (below) :D By the way.. lions... there are lions and levs.

"There are no levs at Africa... Who had watched >>King Lev<<, he should know" (originally: "Nie ma lewów w Afryce.. kto oglądał >>Króla Lewa<< ten powinien wiedzieć")
~my geography's teacher ;p

Don't cry - I'm gonna comfort you with my drawings :D Meanwhile, I will learn a lots of tricks etc. I am overtasked . This is madness? No, this is Sparta? :D No, this is... I don't say it! ;p

Cigarette Sponger

I like jellyfish! :D


So... Bye bye xD

Two years at ModDB!

Two years at ModDB!

Chinka Blog
I like jellyfish! :D

I like jellyfish! :D

Chinka Blog
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Tamagakure - - 5,107 comments


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Ilves - - 774 comments

Jo! Chcesz wziąć udział w nowej RTS grze (nie mod) z Polską jako stroną podstawową? Jeśli tak - odpowiedź w PM :P

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DukeOfJudea - - 1,957 comments

cute avatar

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lolek00 - - 343 comments

Zarzuciłem konceptem z voxela na community. Musimy wykończyć - koncepty pojazdów i edytować listy po tej edycji doktryn.

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Chinka Creator
Chinka - - 837 comments

I just noticed that. I'll wait for rest of opinions ;)

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macIomhair2 - - 203 comments

Join the Sith Empire and for one day only get a cookie!


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CrAzY3AGL3 - - 42 comments

well hi to you there sir :D

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lolek00 - - 343 comments

Odniosłem się do tej czwartej frakcji tam na forum, dzięki za informację.

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Gen.Kenobi - - 2,080 comments

Hey Chinka!

What versoin of Blender are you trying to use? I'll be glady to help!

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