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Throughout the history of the Expanded Universe, minefields have been used to secure or block off worlds. This article provides some insight to our take on mines and minefields which will provide you with some new tactics to survive the war against the Yuuzhan Vong Empire for a few more days.

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The Mod Explained - Part 1: Minefields

Throughout the history of the Expanded Universe, minefields have been used to secure or block off worlds. They are a powerful tool, almost invisible to sensors until it's too late and the first ships of an armada die an awful fiery death, with the commander having to watch helplessly and ordering an immediate stop to the offensive moves, only to tediously clear out the blocked path by carfully scouting the area, giving the opponent enough time to prepare a devastating counterattack.

In the mod mine fields will be featured in several ways. We decided to include several different mine types, fulfilling different roles and purposes:

  1. Mine Type A:

    The Type A mine is a general purpose and widely available mine type, being used since the early days of the Empire. Some of you might remember this little bugger from the X-Wing games. This mine type is as simple as it is effective. It is almost invisible until it blows up. And most likely takes a ship with it.

  2. Interdiction Mine:

    The Interdiction mine is a more sophisticated piece of technology, most commonly used by the Hapans. If a ship happens to come to close to one of those, it will blow up with a strong enough ionic explosion to take out the systems of almost all ship classes immediately, but only for a certain amount of time. In addition to that, as long as the mine exists, it creates a small interdictor field, preventing ships from jumping in from light speed in a small area around them.

  3. The Conner Net:

    Whilst the Conner Net is not strictly speaking a mine, it still fulfills a similar purpose. First used by the Chiss and during the late Old Republic to early Imperial era slowly becoming popular within the known galaxy it is a truly nasty weapon. A Conner Net is able to take out the vital systems of almost all ship classes immediately, effectively freezing the affected ship in place, leaving it defenseless and blind.

With that preview of what to expect, we'll go through each of them in detail, giving an deeper insight to those new weapons.

General Gameplay Aspects

The mod will feature two ways for you, the player, to use minefields:

  • Some ships will be able to deploy minefields during the battle. Depending on the ship and the storage they have available, the size of a minefield, or being precise the number of mines the field consists of, and the overall number of minefields the ship can deploy during one battle are limited. A Broadside Cruiser for example will only be able to deploy one relatively large minefield, whereas a fighter squadron will only be able to drop one or two mines per fighter.
  • Fortress worlds (e.g. Borosk, a world fortifying the border between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic) are able to build minefields as a defensive structure. Similar to turbolaser towers as ground structures, building this command centre creates several minefields in strategic places on the map.
  • These defensive structures will - similar to the turbolaser towers - only count as destroyed, once all mine command centres have been destroyed. Just to make it clear: You won't have to take out all mine fields, taking out the command centres is enough.

Apart from the generic aspects mentioned above, each mine type is unique in the way you will use it in game, so the following paragraphs will provide some more details on those type specific aspects.

Mine Type A

Mine Type A specific gameplay

  • Type A mines are simple explosive weapons: A unit comes too close -> BOOM!
  • The mines are destructible, so you'll be able to clear your path through them.
  • Type A mines will also destroy other mines in reach, so if you're lucky and manage to take out the right mine, the whole minefield will disintegrate itself.
  • Mines will not be triggered by friendly units, but damage them, if an enemy unit triggers the mine, whilst a friendly unit is also in range of the explosion radius.

And here is some gameplay for you:

Interdiction Mine

Interdiction Mine specific gameplay

  • Interdiction mines disable a ships vital systems, they prevent movement for a short time. Fighters will be disabled completely for a short time.
  • The mines are destructible, so you'll be able to clear your path through them.
  • Mines will not be triggered by friendly units, but disable them, if an enemy unit triggers the mine, whilst a friendly unit is also in range of the explosion radius.
  • An intact mine prevents a ship from jumping in from Hyperspace in a certain radius around them. The radius per mine might be small, but a minefield can block off a vital area of space and force the opposing faction to jump in reinforces further away from their intended destination.

Conner Nets

Conner Net specific gameplay

Despite not being mines in a traditional sense, Conner Nets are still listed here. They might be the most nasty surprises in your arsenal, although not able to damage ships on their own.

  • Conner Nets are being deployed by ships during tactical combat, depending on the ship's storage you will be able to drop a different amount of Conner Nets.
  • Conner Nets are usually used to catch ships. They electrocute a ships systems, forcing the crew to perform a hard reboot of all systems, basically taking a ship out of play without actively destroying it.
  • A ship trapped by a Conner Net will loose the ability to move, fire and is strapped of its shields, leaving it very vulnerable for bomber attacks.
  • The only way to recover a trapped ship before a battle ends is by destroying the Conner Net which is trapping the ship.

And again, some gameplay for you:

That's all folks!

But we'll be back soon with the next part of our series: The Mod Explained - Part 2: Project: Planet Death.

The Shapers - YVaW


Holy smokes!!! this is some incredible stuff you guys are making here!! I have seen no other mod with this level of awesomeness! I cant wait for the next Mod explained post :D

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Sergeant Barlex
Sergeant Barlex


I assume that deployment is based around FoC's land mine deployment. I'm just curious as to how the mines spread like that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kad_Venku Author

It is not based around any vanilla ability, it's a new customly scripted one. The only leftover from a vanilla ability is the trigger button.

The mines spread like that with an animation:

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Wariscool Creator

This is truly Kad's masterpiece

Reply Good karma+5 votes

You say that like his other work is just commonplace ;) Kad is a genius.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kad_Venku Author

Thanks to both of you, but I have to disagree, this is a relatively simple project as far as the coding is concerned. Masterpiece? I think we should wait with such assumpions until this series is over, there is so much more to come...

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Oh but Kad, the genius doesn't have to be in the complexity of the coding! The genius is in fact the simplicity and how it is applied in the game. You've taken moderately simple code and used it in totally innovative and new ways. That's the true beauty of what you are accomplishing :)

And that goes for your entire team too. You guys are idea people, using what's there in totally new ways. It's cool to watch.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I will now be determined to make my computer explode by deploying too many mines and flying ships into them. Amazing work as always, looking forward to the continuation of this series of articles.

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All hail the Shapers!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

So if an enemy ship is cought in a Conner Net, could you send a boarding party to attempt to seize the ship? That would be a really cool thing to be able to pull off.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Burntstrobe Creator

This is an idea we are considering for the Hutts...

Reply Good karma+4 votes

you guys are truly epic!

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