The Allies and the Soviets have rearmed with new weapons of war, each poised to destroy the other. Two ideological opponents, eight world powers - only one world to command and conquer.

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New gamemode - Competitive
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Can we get more specifics? For instance, is Short Game forced on? Are certain units turned off? Is there any overall gameplay changes like income rates?

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OmegaBolt Author

The gameplay / balance itself is unchanged, I don't think it'd be appropriate to change it for such a mode like this where people would have to uniquely relearn things. But these are the forced multiplayer options so far (and cant be changed):

Short Game: on
Naval Combat: default for the map
Reployable MCVs: on
Ingame Allying: off
Limit MCVs: off
Stolen Tech: on (might change)
Superweapons: on
Crates: off
Immune Tech Buildings: off
Build Off Allies: on
Unlimited Storage: off
Starting Cash: 7500
Max Tech Level

There is also a fixed starting units at 1, which is always a Dog.

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Hi dear omegabolt.
first I want to thank you for this wonderful mod, I even prefer it to mental omega.
I have a problem with the AI, even in hard mod she never build tesla mammoth, apocalypse tank or any badass unit, The only time I saw her build apocalypse was in compaign.
do you know some fix to this?

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OmegaBolt Author

The Apocalypse is not available in skirmish so no AI will build them. The AI can build Tesla Mammoth's and pretty much all the units that are available to them.

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Introducing a new gamemode coming in the next patch - Competitive!

Intended to provide quick and ideal settings for tournament style 1v1 matches, Competitive comes with a strict ruleset when it comes to multiplayer options.

Furthermore, the gamemode has a restricted set of maps that will be continually looked at and improved, so that only the best maps for serious play are available, helping to ensure a fair match and also help prevent hosts from searching through the big map list for 10 minutes before a game.

To support this mode, a number of unique brand new 1v1 maps have been created, and these a few of them.

TL: Dead Game (2)
TR: Leninade Springs (2)
Middle: Isle of Dogs (2)
BL: Mud Fight (2)
BR: Midnight Lagoon (2)

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