The Allies and the Soviets have rearmed with new weapons of war, each poised to destroy the other. Two ideological opponents, eight world powers - only one world to command and conquer.

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MOD needs to be improved,Some balance is poor,but this MOD very funny :)


Great mod to play RA2 after all the years.

Good and fast gameplay. Loads of explosions and cool units, however, there are some really annoying things.

The first thing are the powers. Some good, some..."meh" and some are just so goddamn annoying, you curse the fact, that you can't just turn them off!
Like Master Control? That power lead to me and my friends NEVER play against Allies. For those, who never played this game, this power just takes over your tanks!
That is especially annoying, if you are in a heated 3v3 match, build up your army and suddenly 9 Tanks turn on your units and half your effort is just...gone.
And i am talking like you lose 15 out of 30 tanks!
10k worth of ressources gone, by a power, that costs way less.
You just CAN'T leave your army unattended, but you have to, to fight at other points of the map. This power WILL hit you!

Then there are other strong powers, that just destroy your **** and that is an issue in a game, with REAL players.
In a 3v3 for example, the FIRST side, who gets the airstrike, or something like that, can just focus on one player. If done right, you just get kicked out, by something you need A SHITLOAD of air defence against...which you don't have this early in the game.

It sounds like i am thrashing this game, but ASIDE the powers, it is just incredibly fun.
I just wish, you can turn those things off. We just like to play, without powers, or superweapons.
All boiling down, to how you are able to control your units and the know? SKILL!!!

To start off, the first thing I have noticed from Red Resurrection is that it manages to keep the old highly fast-paced gameplay from RA2 while maintaining a strong sense of balance. Aesthetically the mod feels nostalgic for the fans of the original RA2(including me) and the new units and features doesn't break the charm the original RA2 once had. The gameplay is ~GOOOOOOD~.

The lack of diversity between countries is one point that people may brag about, but I think it's a fine way to stay between the points of the RA2-style subfactions and the ZH-Style ones without leaning on to either side. But Russia stands out from all other countries for its one particularly unique feature. I hope that in the future, the mod would have more countries for us to play with.

Voxels of units look fairly odd, a lot of units lack any lighting or shading, especially noticeable in the stolen tech unit Stalin's Fist(it's large cannon looks like a piece of a cylinder shaped black cotton because it and the entire unit doesn't seem to be reflecing light). I hope these odd voxels will be fixed in the future. I currently am not sure if the voxels are still in development or an actual design choice. If it is a design choice, it's a choice that I do not regard highly of. Also during gameplay, there are some graphical issues here and there but I assure they wont distract you from your game.

In my final verdict, the mod itself so far has a lot of potential and it is in beta phase, which means the best stuff is yet to come. The mod is highly replayable, loads of fun despite the graphical hiccups and it captures the essence of vanilla RA2 like no other. So I only wish for the best in the future to this mod.

9/10 because it resurrects RA2 differently with some new units, new graphics, solo mode(sandbox), and many more and that's because of Ares.
This mod sadly has less new units, but obviously, its before the events of Yuri's Revenge, so no new technologies. But this mod is so awesome! Two Thumbs Up!

The gameplay within this mod is while somehow feels faster and more aggressive than the usual RA2 pace, it still doesn't give you any reason to consider a unit useless. Keeping a noticably low unit-roster, this isn't much of a surprise tho.

Still, where other mods fail, Red Resurrection wins... the balance. I don't know of any other mod which is as finely tuned in terms of balance as this. It's certainly better than any of the Mental Omegas.

The removal of Yuri is well justified, and the technologies it had are well-recycled. I'm more than certain, Red Resurrection is the Almost Perfect Red Alert 2 out here.

Best mod thats modifying the game for a real part, this progress appears to be fine modifyed...

good game

Omega Bolt and many others put a lot of effort into this **** 10/10 without a doubt

A fresh new update for a classic, new campaign included!