Introduction of the X-UNIVERSE.

Welcome to the modular mod for X3: Terran Conflict, the mod has been in the works since early August 2009 when it started out as an experiment for the X1: past and future mod. It quickly out grown that and now has been a popular addition to the game for many modders. I have designed the mod so that you can install the features that you want with one requirement of have the main mod which supplies the base files but it does not change any game play aspects.

I am constantly build to the various aspects of the mod and always looking for new unique additions so if you have an idea please tell me.

Goals of the mod.

  • Smaller Universe
  • More Battles.
  • Smoother gameplay
  • Easy to install
  • Install what you want
  • Much more difficult for experienced players.
  • Graphics changes
  • New game starts.
  • New HUD variations
  • I believe simplicity is best.

Possible Future Goals of the mod.

  • New Ships.
  • New Music
  • New Tweaks
  • New Variations

Credits for the mod. Thanks to...

  • Anon Loyalist for the music
  • Moddb for hosting, advertising, publicity
  • EGOSOFT for great game
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The X-UNIVERSE Multi-Pack5

A lot of uploading...

Its been a long time since an update, well 8 months and due to the time quiet time of year I have came back to the project and made a lot of progress.

As I was doing my other project (XDownloads) I decided one of the first things I was going to do is update all the packages so you can update them from the plug-in manager. This took a lot of doing, not for the work involved but due to uploading as some of them are quite big. This is why all the version numbers have gone up by one.

However that was the boring part of the development, my next focus was on the combat side of the mod...

Armor Replacement Mod - (EXPERIMENTAL) v0.0.0.3

To be honest I don't know where I got this idea from, but basically I have taken away our precious shields and replaced it with bulky armor. The main aim is to give the combat of x3tc a different style because once you damage your armor it does not regenerate and you got to get it repaired.

So what have you changed?
All I have changed is ...
.. TBullets to change thier impact effect,
.. TShields to change the recharge rate,
.. And the english text file to change all shield references to armor.

However this addon is still in the experimental stages, so if you want to try it, try it on a new start.

So what are the future updates?
Well i'm going to change ...
.. the price of armor because I think it should be cheaper,
.. improve the shield effects,
.. play around with the stats to make combat a little different,
.. either write a script or get some one else to so you can repair the armor.
.. maybe some other stuff.

How do I know about updates?
Simple really, either use the plugin manager to check for updates or go here for my topic relating to the mod.

HUD mod gold v0.0.0.3
Easy one really, its just a colour variation of my previous mod.

View media
That screenshot was of the version, the ship icons are no longer pink.

Directional Jets Mod v0.0.0.1
Another simple texture mod this changes the rather old x2 style directional yets. See comparison:


Shield Mod v0.0.0.1
Well people have always been moaning about the lack of shields even when the developers point out that they're actually there. This mod just brings it out, so now when you fire on a ship you can see a nice glow where you just shot it, and if you shoot the ship many times it will make a hazy glow around the ship looking like it has some sort of shield until it leaves the sector. To be honest I am rubbish at explaining things, so please try it.

View media

That's it really, just use the plugin manager to check for updates.

Current Developments

Core Mods
-> v2.0.0.4 X-UNIVERSE 2
--> v3.0.0.1 X-UNIVERSE 3 the next step {Still needs X-UNIVERSE 2 to be installed!}

Vital Updates/Hotfixes
----> v0.0.0.2 Mod Update 1

Addon mods for x-universe 2
----> v0.0.0.5 Graphics addon
-------------> v0.0.0.6 Planet Improvement plugin
-------------> v0.0.0.7 Alternative Asteroid Texture Mod
----> v0.0.0.6 Smaller Map addon
----> v0.0.0.3 Music addon
----> v0.0.0.2 X2 Style Bullet Mod
----> v0.0.0.3 Transparent HUD Mod
----> v0.0.0.3 Red HUD Mod
----> v0.0.0.5 HUD Mod
----> v0.0.0.2 Reduced Space Particles

Addon mods for x-universe 3
----> v0.0.0.3 HUD Mod Gold
----> v0.0.0.1 Directional Jet Upgrade
----> v0.0.0.1 Shield Effect Mod

Experimental mods
----> v0.0.0.3 Armor Mod


View media View media View media View media View media View media View media View mediaView media View media


Complete version:
Multi Pack 5
Download Multi Pack 5

Thanks to...

  • .. ModDB for hosting, advertising, publicity.
  • .. EGOSOFT for a great game.
  • .. Supporters, thanks for getting me back into this.
  • .. Anon Loyalist for the music.
Please don't forget to


X-UNIVERSE Multi Pack 4 released

X-UNIVERSE Multi Pack 4 released

News 2 comments

X-UNIVERSE is continuing to develop and now X-UNIVERSE 3 is here. Nick named 'The Next Step'.

X3:TC Transparent HUD Mod

X3:TC Transparent HUD Mod

News 5 comments

X-UNIVERSE Modular mod presents a small mod that changes the style of the original HUD/GUI in the X3TC game.

XU Multi-pack 3 Released.

XU Multi-pack 3 Released.

News 3 comments

Another month gone and the X Universe mod has a new multi pack out now.

X-UNIVERSE Mod - Media News 1

X-UNIVERSE Mod - Media News 1


Good, another news post to write. In this news article there is a video, pictures, current developements and a change log since the mod started. Enjoy.

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Multi Pack 5

Multi Pack 5

Full Version

A new package for you this very large package contains all the mods so far. Read more to see what has been updated and what is new.

Multi pack 4

Multi pack 4

Full Version

X-UNIVERSE 3 the next step is now here in this multi pack

Multi pack 3 -> 4

Multi pack 3 -> 4


X-UNIVERSE 3 the next step is now here in this multi pack, this patch is to update from the multi-pack 3 to 4.

Multi pack 2 -> 4

Multi pack 2 -> 4


X-UNIVERSE 3 the next step is now here in this multi pack, this patch is to update from the multi-pack 2 to 4.

Multi Pack 2 -> 3

Multi Pack 2 -> 3

Patch 1 comment

Update to the old multi pack, because it was so big.

Multi Pack 2 {I'm Back}

Multi Pack 2 {I'm Back}

Full Version 3 comments

Hi, i'm back. This multi pack contains much more stable mods than the old one. You will have to uninstall all the previous mods of mine before installing...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 43)
SSwamp_Trooper Creator

New gold hud mod now online, go here for details:

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hey SSwamp_Trooper
i would like to know if it's possible in x3tc to maybe add through a mod another camera option a third person perspective(chase camera) because the one if has for external view makes it impossible to play because of where targeting is and the angle of camera.
I love playing with my controller relaxed in my bed with the wife next to me on the laptop or asking me ? about the game and such (sometimes it gets annoying) but i deal with it, any who i get tired of siting in a chair with keyboard mouse I'm a true old school gamer and boy do i play when i am not working or watching a movie with wife and kids i am playing min. 5hrs plus so i play lots of gaming and i got a long way to go any hoot i would like to ask as a request if you know how to to add it in to your mod since you have more exp. then me i have never made a mod but i really want to be able to play the game with gamepad like i do in freespace 2 and freelancer perfect camera and i use xppader to map a all useful key's because i make d-pad 8 way instead of 4way so i get everything that is important but if you don't want but know that it's possible let me know so i can start cracking my head little by little it's the only thing holding me back from playing more of the game. because i only play after work and that always after 8pm so I'm always tired so i like to chill in my bed that's the only thing that has me thinking of buying a ps3 or 360 again is the idea all games use gamepad so make my life a lot easier. but i love being able to play mods keeps game from getting old any hoot thanks and hopefully i can get a positive answer from u and your team thanks again

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What I think this guy is trying to say is to make it so in components.txt all of the cockpit positions are moved outside of the ship to give a third-person style hack. I rather like the idea (and I do believe I saw a screenshot of that in the gold hud thread) - do you know if there would be any potential issues from that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SSwamp_Trooper Creator

Thing is you need a lot of work to do it, because you need to really edit all the ships to get the cockpit/view position to get it in a good place. If you just edit the components file chances are that you just move the view position inside the ship or too far away. It is possible though.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

can i ask something .does the x3 terran game support explorable planet

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

...... have you ever played the game and nope though it's really awesome you try going in space with a battleship and killing everything in your path

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SSwamp_Trooper Creator

Individual downloads are now working again

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SSwamp_Trooper Creator

I'm currently cleaning my web server, as over the last 3 years of building websites and mods I have collected together over 90,000 files and 20GB of data.

So while i'm doing this you may not be able to access the direct downloads, as an alternative you can download the multi-packs here:

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SSwamp_Trooper Creator

Sorry for not many updates, been a very busy summer so lots of work.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

do you know if its possible to get a free roaming camera ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SSwamp_Trooper Creator

Don't think you can easily

Reply Good karma+1 vote

oh well thanks anyway ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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