Warsword Conquest is a total conversion of warbands mount and blade 1.153 based on the warhammer fantasy world by Games workshop and is single player only at moment.

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This mod is heavily influenced by the tabletop game Warhammer Quest just as it is by Fantasy Battles. We have tried to recreate the Warhammer Quest experience by adding dungeons to the mod where you and 3 chosen companions can explore rooms and fight for their lives for the treasure which awaits them.

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Download available, patch is gamesave compatible with the main warsword dungeons download. Neither the main download or patch are compatible with saves from previous versions, including freelancer.

This release is Warsword Conquest: Dungeons Edition and is a full complete download, please delete your old warsword folder and copy the new one into the modules folder.

Warsword Conquest: Dungeons Edition

In order for the mod to work properly you must launch it via the wse_loader which is in the WSE folder. If you try and run the wse_loader and it says you are using an incorrect version please rename and backup the original warband exe and put the one in our '1.174 original exe' into the root warband folder. The mod should now load up correctly.

Greetings Warsword fans,

This version of the mod is not greatly changed from the Freelancer edition so if this is you are returning to the mod after a while have a look at the previous article to see what has changed in our big October update.


On the map are 19 dungeons the player can enter and try and clear by making it through all the rooms to the end. The dungeons are 4 - 7 rooms long and rooms are generated randomly from a list of 30 possible rooms. Some rooms are small with everything visible in from the beginning including the exit, others are longer and will need trekking through with your party.

When you enter the dungeon click on the option to choose which 3 troops you would like to join you. You can choose either companions or regular troops but all 3 must be unique so even if you have 3 dark elf assassins, only 1 can join. Your choices of dungeon companions will remain set across all dungeons so if your chosen troop dies remember to reselect at the start of the next dungeon or you will only spawn with 2 allies.

Please note that not all dungeon rooms are capable of handling large allies so troops such as ogres may get stuck or not spawn if you choose them. They are very powerful though so it may still be worth it even if you have to fight without them in the odd room.

Your mission is to make it past the final room where you will be guaranteed a unique treasure item if you do (the longer a dungeon the chance of a better item is higher). Most rooms contain a chest which will spawn in a random place (can be in sneaky places) which is likely to contain one or two items of treasure with a chance of goods and potions being included as well.

If one of your companions falls then you will continue on without them. If the player falls then the dungeon ends there (you get to keep what you have found so far).

The amount and quality of enemies you face will be based on the player level and the level of the 3 companions. The other factor is the difficulty modifier which can be raised in the main dungeon screen. Increasing the dungeon difficulty will increase both amount of enemies and the potential quality of them too but in return you will get more treasure and the chance of goods and potion will increase. Fighting at level 10 will give you 5 extra treasure items per chest, a guaranteed extra good and very likely a potion too meaning that with good trade skill you could make 1000s of gold in every room. It is however incredibly difficult.

You need to be careful how much noise you make travelling through the dungeon or you may bring upon yourself some unwanted attention. Firing guns (small increase), using spells with loud sound effects (small - medium increase) or casting explosive AOE spells (large increase) will increase the noise level and when it hits the threshold (smaller rooms have smaller threshold) there is a chance that every subsequent sound will trigger reinforcements in the dungeons for your enemies. If you trigger a wave of reinforcements the noise level will reset and the threshold raised so it is harder for noise to trigger another wave. If you do trigger another wave then it will be reset again with an even larger threshold set.

Whatever the outcome of the dungeon dive, whether you complete the dungeon, fall or flee the monsters will leave and you will not be allowed to try the dungeon again until the dungeon is repopulated. This can be as soon as a few hours but it can take up to a week or two.

Please note: This is not intended to be a feature which can be conquered in the early game. It will probably require a powerful player with powerful companions to make it through consistently but the treasure chests will still make going through a couple of rooms worth it.

Scene work: Kraggrim

Coding: Burspa, Nameless Warrior

Skaven models

Kraggrim has gone to town with the skaven faction who had previously not been updated since the original warsword and the whole faction benefits from fantastic new armours and also fur textures for some variation.

Other changes since October including some significant magic changes

Fixed Shem's burning gaze not doing double damage
Fixed destroyer of eternities not killing mounts
Added correct robes to mercenary wizards
Fulminating flame cage text added
Mana tempest spell swapped for Tempest spell in Qhaysh
Boon of Tzeentch effect changed
Fixed issue where event quest can be cancelled by village elders
Fixed modifiers on beastmen helmet
Chaos dwarf blunderbus accuracy increased and spray deviation reduced.
Fixed issue where rune banners would not work
Fixed gaze of nagash cooldown in vampire school
Void of death no longer kills undead
Humans males and females can learn chaos schools if they sneak into a chaos time but will become evil and require negative reputation from that moment.
New amber lore attribute: Calm the wild beast: Gain a point in riding for every 2 points in magic control
Summoned weapons and shields can be used alongside magic so long as you have 2 free slots. Summoned items last 60 seconds instead of 30.
Pirates will now fight with all factions
Some bandit camps relocated
Added advanced dodge mechanics to reduce dodge chance during attack animations.
Made changes which should stop lord moving to other factions
Quartermaster removed from pirate press gangs

New skaven armours and bodies
Dungeon scenes and props
Zhufbar scene
Skaven head/faces, armours, helmets, shields
Spellcaster staffs
Scene fixes
Armour for new companion

New credits:

Kazad Ai-Menu LOTR OSP for Khazad scene and some dungeon rooms

I hope you enjoy this version of the mod.

Nameless Warrior


Looking forward to playing it. Thank you for all your work.

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You are great.

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Will probably try this one! I'm a ninja looter, i like dungeons.

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The best mod for warband and it's becoming even better, you want we stay inside for sure

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Love the work this team has done! Created an immersive and great mod despite engine limitations. I would like to see some more diplomacy, strategic AI, and kingdom management changes but I know these aren't easy to do. Hope you guys have the opportunity to make an equally, if not more amazing, Bannerlord conversion.

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Thank you for giving us an opportunity to play this immersive world!

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Wow!!wow,wow simply WOW (Not World of Warcraft), this mod is best M&B mod in my opinion.It's a very very good idea this update about dungeons,is more similar at WFRPG,good very good,keep your work!!! What about Estalia ,Tilea and Vampires of the coast as factions? Will you implement them? Can we have hope about it? :D

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