Welcome to Warcraft 3 Extended Edition, a project with the goal of expanding the existing game by adding unused features from the campagin as well as by adding new content of the highest possible quality while trying to keep the game as balanced as it can be.

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The Iron Hand of Justice
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While not being a total faction changing upgrade, this upgrade greatly affects the early and mid game for the player by bringing the focus to melee and close range combat. To obtain it, the player needs to summon the Warden hero, upgrade to Tree of Ages and build a Hunters' Hall.

When researched it gives the Warden bonus 5 agility and bonus 125 hitpoint, 3 attack and 75 attack range to Huntresses. Also replaces Archers with Sentries, a far more heavily armored melee unit with Ensnare. They can also learn Fanatism, which allows them to self-increase their attack and movement speed for 30 seconds. Also, the player's Hippogryph Riders are replaced with unmounted Hippogryphs.
Lastly, the Feathermoon Captain is replaced with a Maiev's Elite, an elite assasin which can Backstab an enemy unit or hero, dealing high damage and sloving its attack and movement speed for a short time. She also has Blink, Feedback and Resistant Skin.

Note: 'The Awakening' upgrade is permanently unavailable after researching this upgrade.

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