Wack-O-Ween is a Halloween mod for DOS Wolf3D.
You play a wacky Jack-O-Lantern man, whose mission is to fight monsters.

Coding changes included:
Baby mode is now Undead mode. You can't die, even if you tried.
Changed enemy behavior a bit.
Your knife is now a chainsaw.
And other stuff I probably forgot about.

4 levels included, alongside a handful of new graphics, music and sounds, the sources for said sounds and music listed in a text file.

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Jingle bells, Santa smells, this ain't Halloween.

But it won't stop me from finally releasing this short mod thingy on ModDB after its initial release on DHW last month.

This mod was originally released on November the 13th as a demo,
with a much better version released a week later.
Although I finished the main game itself, I just couldn't be arsed to add new
VGA graphics.

Changes included:

  • New weapons: A chainsaw, your starting weapon and a double- barreled shotgun.
  • Baby Mode (aka "Can I play Daddy") has been replaced with Undead mode. Nothing can kill you, no matter how hard it tries.
  • Four new levels, three of which will be previewed below.
  • New music and sounds, all of which are credited in a text file.
  • Changed enemy attacks, some now even have two ways to send you back to the earth below.

The mod includes the following four levels:

wacko3d 002

  • Level 1: The town- Your local town has been overrun with all sorts of nasties and it's your job to slay them and find the source.

wacko3d 011

  • Level 2: St. Satan University- The trail of bodies leads you to the local university, similarly overrun with the beasts from outside.

wacko3d 024

  • Leading this operation is the no- so- fearsome robot from the not- so- distant-future- past, The Exterminator™.

wacko3d 005

  • Level 3: The Mothership- You find yourself on a ship with some of the grayest gray aliens you've ever seen, which are not pleased you're trying to escape their ship.
wacko3d 020

  • To escape, you must destroy the ship's pilot, the PUTIS supercomputer, take his key and open the airlocks.

  • Level 4: Hell- After your escape from the Alien Mothership, you find yourself in a strangle new place, deep within the bowels of the earth. What do you find? Find out on the next episode of Wack-O-Ball Z!

Wacko3D- Files

Can't be bothered to play the mod?
Watch RetroSpookRabbit play it instead. She liked it. I think.

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Wacko3D- Files

Wacko3D- Files

Full Version

The full, hopefully bug- free version of Wack-O-Ween. Runs on DOS.


I can’t WASD my way out of the level please help

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Reddimus Creator

Did you try turning it off and on again?

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Where's my ECWolf port? 1/10

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Reddimus Creator

Mggokai ya nnnkadishtuor!
Mggokai ya nnnkadishtuor!
Mggokai ya nnnkadishtuor!

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