This is my firts cs. It's approximately 1-3 hours long depending on game experience. If you find any disturbing bugs in the cs tell me and I'll do my best to fix it. Please rate the cs and let me know if there were something that should have been done better or what you found nice. !!!JUSTINE REQUIRED!!! There will be: -Custom music -One custom model -Somekind of story -Some jumpscares -Atmosphere should be a bit oppressive -Puzzles -Hidden objects (easters) There might be some clumsy scripting so if everything doesn't work right away don't get frustrated, just try things again(like turninng valves or switching lever positions)

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Hi! I've been wondering if I should make a sequel for my custom story Venture in the Dark. It would continue where the first story ended (escaping the castle). I have some ideas for the sequel, but I won't reveal anything just yet. I'm not sure am I doing this sequel and I would like to know your opinion. Would you like to see a sequel?

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Venture in the Dark 1.1

Venture in the Dark 1.1

Patch 9 comments

This is a patch for the custom story venture in the dark. Patch contains: - Matress bug fix (matresses are now static and cannot cause the game to crash...

Venture in the Dark

Venture in the Dark

Full Version 11 comments

This is my firts cs. It's approximately 1-3 hours long depending on game experience. If you find any disturbing bugs in the cs tell me and I'll do my...

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I found the secret area *SPOILER*(?) over the cellar.

The funny thing is: I picked up all tinderboxes until only one was left! Then I decided to pick it up before reading the note... next time note first. =(
Btw glitched up there over the wall. Was it supposed that way? :P

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Yes, you should most definitely make a sequel for Venture in the Dark. That was an excellent custom story. Maybe the story was a little sketchy but overall it was fantastic and scared the crap out of me.

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Custom story mirrors the main campaign too much, story is messy and uncoordinated, does the cliche and overdone not even scary anymore "spawn a monster every time you do something significant"(picking up keys ect.)
Monsters almost always get stuck. Also claims theirs a custom model, while there is a model that isn't from Amnesia:The Dark Descent, it is in many custom stories before this one in which he took it from. Also, game breaking bug in the warehouse if you don't run into the closet right away and instead stand there and let the monster kill you.

On the positive side the custom story has great level design and a few new tricks that were pretty neat to see. 5/10.

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Multipena Creator

I didn't claim the model was mine. I thanked the creator of the model in the credits. Thanks for the feedback.

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Really great Custom Story!
It taked me around 3 hours to complete it and I must say I loved it!
The atmosphere, especially in the first map, was just great and I was always nervous if something bad was going to happen or if some monster was going to appear. The "puzzles" where also great, not to hard and not to easy, just how I like :D
The only things I think that you could improve is some rooms that just felt a little "empty", but again most of them where great and very detailed. Another thing is that the Ending was just to fast, i mean: (SPOILER) I just opened the Exit door and it ended immediately. Maybe if something creepy happends right in the end, like a monster happearing behind you and then everything turns black and the credits rolled. I dont know, something that just maked you say "WOW that was awesome!"
Other than that this c.s. was awesome and I think you deserve a 9 out of ten. You must had got a lot of work to finish this project and all the time I wasted playing it was worth it!
I hope to see more c.s. from you soon, and once again GREAT JOB!

PS: Sorry for my bad English, my native language is Portuguese XD.

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Multipena Creator

Thank you. :)

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Really challenging puzzle :D
I love puzzle..

Make more cs..

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Multipena Creator

Thanks. I'll do a new cs if I have time and inspiration for that. :D

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At long last i've finished this Custom Story! If anyone is stuck at the end with the Machine Room or key locations check my full playthrough out and go onto the Playlist for earlier videos.

more to the point i thoroughly enjoyed this mod, and shall be posting a review in the 'review's section' now.


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Multipena Creator

Great walkthrough. But in the machine room you didn't actually start the lower part of the machine. You didn't pull the main lever next to the cogwheels. The big bug was there that if you left the level it didn't save anything so you accidentally started the upper machine twice. In the patch I scripted so that it saves when leaving the level.

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A beautifully designed story with an okay story line behind it. Scripting is really good for a new mapper, although this story has so many bugs it nearly pissed me off. Positives: - Good level design - Creative maps - Alot of scares (alhough some of them not scary at all) - Different kind of quests, some of them even new and never used before - Long story Negatives: - Some areas are better than others. Beutiful levels, suddenly really poor level design (like at the dungeon part after you escape…

May 26 2013 by KrustiClawn

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