This is my firts cs. It's approximately 1-3 hours long depending on game experience. If you find any disturbing bugs in the cs tell me and I'll do my best to fix it. Please rate the cs and let me know if there were something that should have been done better or what you found nice. !!!JUSTINE REQUIRED!!! There will be: -Custom music -One custom model -Somekind of story -Some jumpscares -Atmosphere should be a bit oppressive -Puzzles -Hidden objects (easters) There might be some clumsy scripting so if everything doesn't work right away don't get frustrated, just try things again(like turninng valves or switching lever positions)

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KrustiClawn says

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A beautifully designed story with an okay story line behind it. Scripting is really good for a new mapper, although this story has so many bugs it nearly ****** me off.


- Good level design
- Creative maps
- Alot of scares (alhough some of them not scary at all)
- Different kind of quests, some of them even new and never used before
- Long story


- Some areas are better than others. Beutiful levels, suddenly really poor level design (like at the dungeon part after you escape from the prison cell)

- Some quests are ridiculously hard to solve! Like the cell part in the dungeon. It took me 4 tries to move that wood thing correctly. Why couln't I just use the hammer? It's probably even stronger. Also, alot of items, such as keys and the yellow rod are very hard to notice

- Bugs! Like when you unlock the master bedroom, enter another level and goes back and suddenly the door is locked again. Or the machine room at the end of the story. I did all the quests in there except the rod quest (because I missed the yellow one and went back to get it) and all the quests in the machine room were messed up and could not be completed
Also, at the cellar part, a grunt came from the roof. I ran away from him and he was stuck and the annoying "IIIIIIIIIII" sound was on for like 10 minuts untill I finally ran too far away from him

And one wierd thing. In the Warehouse at the end, if you don't close the gate, nothing happens. If you close it, a monster is chasing you ^^. Didn't really understand that part.

- A bit too many encounters for my taste
- Bad particles in the cellar (liquid coming from the huge containers are clearly in the air and not flowing from the container itself)

- Alot of grammar mistakes (I'm bad at english to, so no points removed)

A really good story, but alot of bug fixing is needed

7/10 - Good


Humeba says

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I thought the monster encounters were well placed and the puzzles were hard but not impossibly so. I think the story could have been a little deeper but overall I really enjoyed this custom story. Thank you, Multipena, for an enjoyable few hours.


a very fun and scary custom story, details of the maps etc where very clear and well done. very long providing at least 3 hours of horror. only down fault in my opinion was the scares did get abit repetitive towards the end i.e. constant use of the same monster spawn but all in all a good mod


WWEdeadman says

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Good design, even though the areas are so packed with stuff sometimes that the game engine can't handle it anymore and starts to lag. (No, that is not my PCs fault, Amnesias HPL2 Engine isn't that powerful.)

Some scares are really good, all are at least decent. Some are very innovative too. (Meaning I didn't see them yet.)

I encountered one bug, that stops me from finishing the machine room puzzle. If you enter a fuel rod, and exit the room to get another (like: you get the two from downstairs, and put them in, and then you get the other one from the attic) the ones that were already placed won't work anymore. You can take them out again too, which you shouldn't be able to. ANd when you take them out, you can't put them in again. So you are stuck, and not able to put the rods in. leaving the room and coming back won't do anything, and the puzzle can't be solved.

I guess, since the machinery powers the main entrance this would have been the end there anyway?


AndrewAllStars says

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This Custom Story has actually been quiet the delight to play, and even though the Story isn't engaging the monster scares and situations you find yourself in are really good and well put together. So let's dive into it;

Positives -:

- I thoroughly enjoyed the scares and thrills that this CS offered, the monster placements were all really well done, and i mean all of them. Most people have a monster patrol ahead of you but when you find yourself walking into a room with a Brute faced away from you "fear" really kicks in.
- The puzzles and locations of items, were in my opinion well done. When you were placed in Jail it really didn't take a genius to figure what to do, especially since there was already a crack in the wall. The rods were placed accordingly although i will admit had i not seen it by chance, i might have spent abit of time getting frustrated as to where the Yellow Rod actually was.
- The actual location and design of the Castle was okay as well, and it felt like i was in an actual building, not just room after room after room.
- Therefore the design was great, also you provided the player with a good amount of oil, albeit perhaps slightly too many tinderboxes, but that's just me as i rarely use them anyway!

Negatives -:

- People mentioned bugs throughout the Map which i would have likely come across had you not warned me VIA my Youtube videos, so i appreciate you giving me a heads-up and understand you are working on this, so although it's a negative point it's already been taken on board.
- The storyline wasn't great although it did exist. It was quite simple which was nice and refreshing, especially with the amount of monsters lurking around! Although if the plot was developed further and the characters were fleshed out more it would have made for a great experience.
- The first area (prison area) was abit silly....i didn't enjoy this part.

To conclude, i give you 8/10. And want to see you do another Custom Story, this time with a great storylin


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