VC Balance Mod Version 10.0, a saved game compatible modification for the latest release of Viking Conquest (2.044), including Bug Fixes by EvilSquid and Dark Age Village Names by Philippe at Bay

Taleworlds mod development thread:

Nexus download page for additional versions:
Reddit 1.0 release thread:
Reddit 2.0 release thread:
Reddit EvilSquid bugfixes (included in 3.0) discussion thread:
Reddit 4.0 release thread (including discussion of traits):
Reddit Berserker changes for Balance Mod 4.0 discussion thread (over 100 comments, thanks everyone!):
Reddit 5.0 changelog thread:
Reddit 6.0 release thread:
Reddit 7.0 release thread:
Reddit 8.0 release thread:

Reddit 9.0 release thread:

Installation: If you have not modded VC yourself, you can just drop the text files from the full install archive into your VC directory and overwrite. Backup your original files in case you want to remove the mod later. If you tweak VC yourself and want to preserve your own tweak choices (instead of using the included ones from the 2.0 changelog), use the module installation optional file, or use winmerge on the full install text documents. Always just install the latest version--all updates are full working releases, not patches.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Travel speeds are now realistic in the main download based on:
1) mounted travel times between London and York vs speeds achieved in the Tevis cup;
2) sea travel speeds from Ribe to London vs historical guesses at longboat speeds;
3) historical records of roman army marching speeds (couldn't find anything closer in time)

If you want to restore vanilla VC 2x as fast as realistic speeds, download the alternate full install version.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: As of 9.0, the player has the option to manage any settlement, which allows you to finance temples for conversion (though in opposite religion fiefs they might be destroyed by riots), or to finance the construction of buildings to help out other lords of your kingdom.

Difficulty settings: For the best immersive challenge, I highly recommend “Average/Normal” campaign AI difficulty, “Hard” tactical AI, “hardcore” leveling and “hardcore” finance, for a balanced and challenging game. Here's why: In VC, if you want difficulty, you want better parity between player and AI lord army composition. That means better party templates for AI lords (added in 5.0), and hardcore finance setting (vanilla VC bug fixed so it works as intended in 5.0) and hardcore leveling (this setting really helps preserve parity with AI lords). 5.0 also removes all ways in which the game cheated for the player on Normal Campaign AI, and rebalances most relevant mechanics under Normal to the old Hard Campaign AI (for example, tax inefficiency). You can use Hard Campaign AI if you like, no problems will arise, but I consider the rebalanced normal campaign AI to be the most balanced and immersive experience. If you do choose Hard campaign AI, you will have: faster replenishment of defeated AI lords and weaker player kingdom vassal lords. Using lower than "hardcore" for finance or leveling will lead to a faster early and mid-game, as well as a less challenging late-game--essentially, those settings are the best way to adjust difficulty if you desire an easier or faster playthrough, while campaign AI is best left at the rebalanced average/normal setting.

Suggested houserules for a more challenging play through:
1) Don't reload ammo in the inventory chest more than at most a couple of times per battle if you are mounted (otherwise, it becomes just as easy as other mods to solo enemy armies at range)
2) Don't retreat from siege battles to reload ammo
3) Don't drop recruited prisoner stacks into camps before the first nightfall (the check to remove a percentage from escaped prisoners happens during the first night, so dropping them into camps for that night escapes the check, making it far too easy to obtain large amounts of high level prisoners)
4) Don't get a tree branch, mount a horse, and club all the elite bandits unconscious for recruiting (same as above, too many easy high level units)
5) Don't join into lord battles that have little to do with you just for the free prisoners or captured ships (unless you are willing to lose men and actually participate)
6) Don't purposefully lose tournaments to pump up the renown of your kingdom's lords (obviously fine for them to get the boost for legitimate wins, just don't take a fall to milk feasts and their multiple tournaments a day to make all your lords capable of commanding huge armies)

Changelog 10.0 (as always, save compatible--full release version, no need to install prior versions first):

Updated with changes from latest Viking Conquest release, 2.044

Some religion tweaks

Fixed vanilla VC bug where AI kings courted ladies (includes code to make AI kings break up for current saves)

Saxon troop recruiting rosters made a bit more elite, to show their relative ascendancy in comparison to mercia and east anglia, and give a greater chance of them being the last kingdom to stand against (and defeat) the invading norse).

Made prison break success independent of whether the lord is conscious or unconscious (just put him on a horse or something, no need to abandon him even after all guards are dead, eliminate the video game escort quest annoyance)

To balance with the above, and encourage more interesting larger fights, village elders now require a good deal more money in bribes to take on the risk of involving themselves in your plots to set fires

Made prisoner escape check happen free of a couple of conditions (in particular, it will run periodically even during day)

armor performs a little better against blunt damage

A general balancing pass on all tier 2 and above slingers, increasing many of their WP. Also slight increases to peasant sling WP of cultures that heavily use the sling

Sling rocks given less ammo (decided their stats reflect better shaped rocks, and wouldn't be so easily obtainable in battlefield conditions

Some slight increases to WP norse axe warrior

Removed range guaranteed tag from briton champions (wasn't on any other infantry),

altered lord random personality distribution to shift a bit more away from the worst 2 personalities

interupt damage threshold moved to warband levels (meshes better with the improved mail armor)

Changed some values in AI courtship

Right to rule increases slowed in a couple of places

further +2 damage increase to 1.5 handed axes, and additional +2 for non-irish basic 1.5 handed (closing the gap a bit). Dane axe -2 damage, +5 speed. Axes made swing only (thrusting being epecially poor choice for them). 1 handed battle axes given +1 damage. A couple Pict/irish 1 handed axes given -1 damage. A couple other axes slightly tweaked to create more logical progression of length/speed/damage and balance of factions.

1 handed axe speed reduced

spears made a bit more breakable

plain length 30 seaxes/knives made stab-only when on foot (should help seax armed troops quite a bit, as their cut damage is terrible)

Fixed vanilla VC bug in Thora persuasion check

Made horses slow much less from damage (they now stay pretty fast even when severely hurt)

Changelogs for versions 1.0 - 9.0 in the file download descriptions here or at taleworlds: Taleworlds Thread


Credit to tweaks and the use of the VC Tweaks Tool from the taleworlds forums, and its creators Kalarhan and Kraggrim, who generously grant permission for use of their tool in other mods. Find their wonderful VC Tweaks Tool here:

Credit to EvilSquid for all his great bugfixes, included in Balance Mod with permission, permission granted via both email and personal message at Taleworlds forums.

Credit to Philippe at Bay for his wonderful Dark Age Village Name mod, permission to include in Balance Mod granted here:

Credit to Diplomacy mod and Taleworlds users Waihti and zParsifal, for several incorporated changes, including horse slowing with damage. Diplomacy mod page and use permission:

Special thanks to the following people whose suggestions and discussions have improved this mod:

Reddit user EricAKAPode, who suggested improvements to the weight/armor distribution of quality wrapping boots

Reddit user Qidder, who holds an excellent Faction Units Highlights discussion series at reddit

Reddit user Mathias_Bianchi, who convinced me to include veteran mercs in the glove and melee upgrades applied to faction units

Reddit user BunnyPoopCereal, who offered advice on several 2.0 release issues

Reddit user LordIronToe, who helped clarify bandit spawn and world leveling issues through past discussions

All contributors of past tweaks to VC, and in particular Kalarhan and Kraggrim for their work on the tweaks tool

Taleworlds user Entaro and Reddit user Glorious_Jo for requesting changes to the tax collection quest

Reddit user Azura13e for discussions contributing to warnings on lord inventory option and bandit setting

Reddit user Joaquin823 for finishing the job of convincing me to remove lord inventory option

EvilSquid bug fixes are included as of 3.0. Thanks EvilSquid for granting permission!

Reddit users Syn7axError, EricAKAPode, and everyone else who contributed to the berserker changes discussion!

Steam users Windrider and Pode for consultation on second outfit vanilla VC bug

Steam user Adabr Brcol for bringing my attention to the vanilla VC bug with Odin's cave and high athletics

Taleworlds user Zeqe for requesting village defense changes

Talewords and Reddit user Maluxorath for reporting the vanilla VC bug about hardcore finance and suggesting giving Norse Bodyguards guaranteed helmets

Reddit user EricAKAPode for frequent consultations on a range of topics, including throwing weapons

Taleworlds user Cokjan, Reddit user Peppiping, and Steam user Windrider for discusion on archer issues.

Steam user Tuidjy for lending his expertise as both a real-world and in-game archer to the bow rebalance

Taleworlds user EvilSquid for Vikingr upgrading to danish and norwegion elites

Taleworlds users Scar1981 and EvilSquid for ideas for proposing upgrade path for Svear Warriors

Reddit user EricAKAPode for suggesting upgrade defenders for peasant trading parties

Reddit user D_Pear and BallioLeno for discussions regarding siege accuracy mechanics

Reddit user Lynxbuckler for suggesting several missing family relationships

Reddit user Joaquin823 for suggesting rebellion changes in optional add-on

Taleworlds user Kalarhan for suggesting changes to timescale in optional add-on

Reddit user Joaquin823 for suggesting changes to rebellions

Taleworlds user Rubik for making his Custom Commander code available for all to reference

Talewords user DeSoto for suggesting changes to tournaments

Reddit user Syn7axError for suggesting lowering leg armor strength (way back in the 1.0 release thread)

Nexus user Karth Galin for suggesting changes to quest timers

Reddit user D0UB1EA for also suggesting quest timing issue

Nexus user Karth Galin for suggesting many changes to 8.0 including making bandit lair loot not include idle soldiers and consulting on a wide variety of issues, including buffs to laithland and lord placement

Reddit user ObeseMcDese for discussions on morale system

Taleworlds user Zakarum for discussions regarding late-game lord defections and personality

Steam user Tuidjy for discussions on horse changes and morale

Steam user Philippe_at_Bay for giving permission to include his excellent Dark Age Village Name mod

Zakarum for noting there were two lords named Bacseg and suggesting a name change

Diplomacy mod (,116424.0.html) and Taleworlds users Waihti and zParsifal, for several incorporated changes, including horse slowing with damage.

Taleworlds user Ryantheskinny for his conversions of Troops and Parties files. Everyone should follow the progress of his mod in development, where he is expanding the VC map to cover Europe, among other exciting changes.

Taleworlds user Eternalflame for druid sacrifice change

Reddit user ObeseMcDese for discussions leading to the more elite Saxon recruiting templates (when compared to Angles)

Steam users 杰克·赫兹, Disturbed, and Pode, and Nexus user adslhzc543, for discussions on fix for Thora dialogue

Taleworlds user Toster and everyone who participated in discussions at Taleworlds regarding marriage and courtship

All the many Taleworlds users who participated in the horse slowing with damage discussion at the VC Balance Mod thread

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Viking Conquest Balance Mod 10.0

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Beta Viking Conquest Balance Mod 10.0

Beta Viking Conquest Balance Mod 10.0

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Compatibility patch VC Balance Mod and Dark Age

Compatibility patch VC Balance Mod and Dark Age

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Comments  (0 - 10 of 37)

I have one question,is this can be used with Blood Eagle mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Tingyun Creator

No, for one thing, Blood Eagle hasn't been updated since the last patch and still is based on the old VC 2.036, while Balance Mod is fully updated to VC 2.044. That alone might create compatibility problems, but even if not, trying to use files from Blood Eagle would risk reintroducing bugs fixed by the VC developers.

More importantly, there wouldn't be any point in trying to combine them. In terms of gameplay changes, Blood Eagle is basically just some troop/item tweaks. What few mechanics changes it has are the kind included in the VC Tweaks Tool.

Balance Mod has all of that, including its own extensive troop/item changes, but also is a comprehensive reworking of Viking Conquest mechanics, involving hundreds of changes in the module system source code. Major systems like religion, recruiting, etc have been rewritten in the code, lords have been given varied stats based on history and literature, missing family relationships have been added, recruiting templates have been carefully adjusted for faction balance and better challenge, and on and on. Basically everything has been altered and carefully documented in complete changelogs (that are probably too long to read at this point, but you can use ctrl f to search them).

Balance Mod also includes many bug fixes for vanilla VC bugs, and if you check out the VC 2.044 patch list, you'll find many of the latest bug fixes had already been in Balance Mod for months prior to the VC 2.044 release, and there continue to be many additional fixes found only in Balance Mod.

So on the gameplay side, there shouldn't be any reason to try to combine them.

If you want graphics changes, then I'd recommend you take a look at Dark Age Graphics Mod, which has a compatibility version for Balance Mod. Many of Blood Eagle's graphics changes came from an early version of Dark Age Mod, and the Dark Age creator has been busy improving his work since then.

Dark Age Graphics Mod compatibility version:

Compatibility patch for combining Balance Mod/Dark Age:

Just in case any of this seems disappointing, there are several new mods being developed that are being built integrating Balance Mod 10.0's changes within them (so no compatibility version will be needed, the author is using Balance Mod changes in the mod itself):

A conversion of the time period to the Norman Conquest:

A conversion to make the VC map cover all of Europe:

For that second one, Ryan is using the Balance Mod thread at Taleworlds temporarily for his mod development, but as you can tell from the screenshots he posts throughout the thread, he has been making steady progress and will soon have his own thread/site set up.

So there are several cool mods on the horizon that will integrate Balance Mod by default. In the meantime, if you want to see how Balance Mod (old 8.0 version) + Dark Age Graphics looks like together, check out Plasquar's Let's Play:

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks man,you explained me well. Now,if i want Balance Mod,i should only download 10.0 or all of them ?
I must have some cool Viking stuff,because im huge fan of TV Series soooo.....SKALLLL

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Tingyun Creator

Cool! If you haven’t already also check out “The Last Kingdom” tv series, it is lots of fun.

10.0 main download is all you need to play. You copy the 30-35 text files from the download archive into your VC folder, overwriting, and then you can play.

The other files are alternate versions, compatibility patch for combining with Dark Age mod, source code for people who want to create a submod, and optional add-ons for people who want to tweak game rules (optional add-ons are mostly posted to nexus to avoid overcluttering the ModDB download section)

Basically, 10.0 main download is the version of Balance Mod I personally consider the best. But what people find fun is subjective, so for players who want something different I provide additional files.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Well,guess what ,i started to watch Last Kingdom when i finished Vikings ,im on episode 3 right now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Tingyun Creator

It’s a great show. The VC developers were fans of the books it is based on, Saxon Stories, which is why they added “Uhtred the Saxon” as a tournament fighter. I also love the show, and modded a few things in from it (I made Ubbe have the highest combat stats in the game, and made the old captain hiring rejection dialogue inspired by Leofric). Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ive seen Uhtred in tournament and i was wondering that he could be a companion? But as you said here,no? Btw Ubbe from Vikings is my top character after Ragnars deadth. And that Bishop Heahmund of Sherbourn was awesome lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Tingyun Creator

Uhtred is just a tournament fighter, you won’t ever see him elsewhere.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ahhh,whatsoever,hes here in game hehe
mate i have one question,how can i edit game to get the Lord Killing system? I dont have a clue,but i would love to have it on VC. Can you help me?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Tingyun Creator

Kalarhan recently explained how to mod that in at Taleworlds:

As he explained, adding something that complex would require learning how to work with the module system. You could not do this with a text edit. The Balance Mod module files are available for download here for anyone wishing to create a submod.

Once you’ve got the basics of working with the module system and compiling down, you could try getting the Brytenwalda module files and referencing the code they used for it there. Of course: it won’t be as simple as cut and pasting (you’ll have to put in storyline checks to restrict to sandbox at the least, and probably other changes, as many related parts of code could have changed in VC)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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