UVLoD - v1.40

By: DevUrandom
Requirements: Diablo II + LoD patch v1.13d

Uber Quests Enabled for Single/Multi Player


World Event Enabled for Single/Multi Player

World Event

Custom Red Portals Enabled in Game

Custom Red Portals - Act III

Bug Fixes

- CPU Infinite loop bug fix - CPU load drops to 1% or less on newer computers
- Fix the mana burn bug, where monsters can steal 8000+ mana in one hit
- Remove many broken chains from the game that can lead to random crashes & other problems
- Ethereal Socketing bug fixed
- Assassin COS bug fixed
- BloodMana State Bug Fix
- Amazon passive skills Bug Fix - dodge | avoid | evade


-------- Fixes included 1.40 --------
- Test new installer for 2.0
- Fix vendor multibuy on small rejuv
- Change potion stack max qty to 5 for all potions except full rejuv (max 3)
- Fix a bug where some melee animations were not displayed (weapon of shock affix)
Thanks to Aeon2927 for reporting this.
- Fix a bug for rare random crash when re-starting game in act 5 then visiting Malah as first action

- Autostacking in inventory for potions
- Expanded stash for Classic D2
- Allow Gem downgrades in Classic D2
- adds User Option for always regenerate maps in single player mode
- Stackable Potions enabled in game
- Auto Gold Pickup added to game
- Uber Duriel spawns to random locations in Forgotten Sands
- Cap Monster Resists allows user specified range between [50-99%]
- D2 Amazon Multiple Shot fix (nerfed since D2 v1.10)
- D2 BloodMana State Bug Fix
- D2 Amazon passive skills Bug Fix - dodge | avoid | evade
- Telekinesis works on all items
- Force 2 Sockets - All items (ilvl 26+) that drop with sockets will have at
least 2 sockets, except for items that only support 1 socket max.
- Add cube recipes for Gem Downgrades
- Fix rollover issues if Players X was too high when spawing Ubers
- Fix Windows 64 bit issues of random game freeze after Spawing Ubers or Uber Portals
- Uber Tristram minions spawn dynamically
- User option to allow bypass of Pandemonium Portals to open Portal to Uber Tristram
- Tested Mod on open battle.net, to Act 2 - No issues
- Opens mod to allow customization of txt files by other modders.
- Expanded Sounds - raise sound limit to 6000
- Extended Levels ported - allows up to 255 levels
- Extended Objects ported - ext obj id's start at 586
- Triples stack amount for keys and scrolls
- Moves Cain in Act V near the treasure chest
- Enables World Event to spawn "Uber Diablo" for Annihilus drop - user configurable
- Adds MultiLanguage Support - user configurable
- Adds Infinite Respec and Infinite Personalize - user configurable
- Add User option to change Quest Ring Reward type from Akara and Ormus to Unique rings
- Improved magic affix drops - cleans up many junk magic/rare affixes, so they wont drop once you get
past a certain level, but still drop in low levels. It's not perfect but its an improvement.
- Improves stats on magic/rare prefix-suffix - items like rings/amulet/charms etc. Stats aren't
perfect but are better, and there is still some room left for chance.
- Custom Red Portals - allows player to go direct to treasure hunting locations (lvl 85+) in same act
- Larger Stash - 10x10 stash, 10x8 cube, and 10x6 inventory
- Mercs can equip: boots, belts, gloves, ring, and amulet
- Improved staffmod drops - (Now its possible to get +8 or +9 skills on one item)
- increase /players X limit to 127 (level up faster, if your player can handle it)
- Make Perfect hit chance possible - 100% chance to hit -
Player must have high attack rating to achieve this.
- Allow user to cap monster resists to range between 50-99% (Disable Immunes)
This is skipped for Pandemonium Quest level monsters, they retain full resists
- add ExpMod option to Remove mlvl/clvl difference of 10 experience penalty
- Game can force magic item drops to get both prefix & suffix
- Some intro screens are bypassed when you start the game
- Menu button for battle.net removed
- Improved drops for automagic 'automods' based on level
- Game forces 6 affix rares - weap/armo ring/amulet - each time they're dropped.
- Game forces 4 affix rare jewels each time they're dropped
- Includes a drop mod to give perfect stats for: Armor, Set, Superior, Unique, and Runeword Items
- Multiple Copy enable - Run multiple instances of the game
- Allow class specific weapons to Pierce Immune monsters defense
- Remove Penalty of 1/3rd shield block when player runs
- Infinite Imbue by Charsi
- Infinite Socketing by Larzuk
- Larzuk Always gives 2 sockets on magic items, instead of 50/50 chance of 1 to 2 sockets
- Potion vendors now sell small rejuv's
- Lysander sells books & scrolls
- Ladder only runewords enabled for Single Player
- Experience penalty after level 70 removed
- Ancients experience penalty cap removed
- Countess can drop high runes
- Increased rune drops
- Balanced Increase for skull drops
- Ability to mana/life steal off of every monster. Set to 10% for the currently
unleachable monsters
- Cow level can be entered even if Cow King is killed
- Cow Portal can be opened with only town portal book
- Balanced Drop rates for Unique, Set, and Superior Items
Increase base chances for Unique Items by about 4x (You still want 100+ MF for Unique runs)
Slight increase to magic Item drops (20%)
- Drop Magic Items as Identified - less junk sorting

- Restores All Disabled Superunique Monsters back to the game
Act 1
Adds "Flamespike the Crawler" (Razor Spine) Near the Waypoint to the Inner Cloister
Act 4
Adds "Taintbreeder" (Stygian Hag) near entrance to the Outer Steppes
Adds "The Tormentor" (Burning Soul) to the Outer Steppes
Adds "Darkwing" (Venom Lord) to the PLains of Despair
Adds "Riftwraith the Cannibal" (Corpse Spitter) to City of the Damned
Act 5
Adds "Hell's Belle" (Hell Temptress) -- in the Halls of Vaught
Adds "Blaze Ripper" (Death Brigadier) -- In the Frozen Tundra
Adds "Magma Torquer" (Demon Sprite) -- Guarding Entrance to the Ancient's Way
Adds "Vinvear Molech" (Vile Witch) -- Guarding Entrance to Glacial Trail or Arreat Summit
Adds "Axe Dweller" (Blood Lord) -- Guarding Entrance to Worldstone Keep Levels 2 or 3

Cube Recipes

- Gem Upgrades/Downgrade
Upgrade a Gem by placing 2x Gem --> Next Gem
Downgrade a Gem with Antidote + Gem --> 2x Previous Gems

- Rune Upgrades/Downgrades
Upgrade a Rune by using 2x Rune --> Next Rune (up to Zod)
Downgrade a Rune by using Rune + Antidote --> 2x Previous Runes

- Easy Unsocket (Destroys Gem/Rune)
Item + Eth Rune + Identify scroll --> Unsocketed Item
- Improved Unsocket (Preserves Gems/Runes)
Item + Shael Rune + Identify Scroll --> Unsocketed Item + Gems/Runes

- Weapon/Armor Upgrades - (For Magic and Rare Items)
Basic Item + Tal Rune +1 Stamina Potion --> Exceptional Item
Exceptional Item + Sol Rune +1 Stamina Potion --> Elite Item
- Weapon/Armor Downgrade - (For Magic and Rare Items)
Elite Item +2x Antidote --> Exceptional Item

- Custom Red Portals - (usable after you complete the current act)

All use Flawless Gems

Fl Emerald + TP scroll --> Portal to Andariel (Act 1)
Fl Emerald +2 TP scrolls --> Portal to Pit level 1
Fl Emerald +3 TP scrolls --> Portal to the Countess
Fl Emerald +4 TP scrolls --> Portal to the Mausoleum
Fl Topaz +1 TP scroll --> Portal to Duriel (Act 2)
Fl Topaz +2 TP scrolls --> Portal to Ancient Tunnels
Fl Topaz +3 TP scrolls --> Portal to Maggot Lair level 3
Fl Amethest +1 TP scroll --> Portal to Mephisto (Act 3)
Fl Amethest +2 TP scrolls --> Portal to Forgotten Temple
Fl Amethest +3 TP scrolls --> Portal to Ruined Fane
Fl Amethest +4 TP scrolls --> Portal to Disused Reliquary
Fl Ruby +1 TP scroll --> Portal to Chaos Sanctuary (Act 4)
Fl Diamond +1 TP scroll --> Portal to Worldstone (Act 5)
Fl Diamond +2 TP scrolls --> Portal to Throne Room
Fl Diamond +3 TP scrolls --> Portal to Arreat Summit
Fl Diamond +4 TP scrolls --> Portal to Drifter Cavern

Video Demos

Uber Tristram

Pandemonium Quest

Custom Portals

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RSS Articles

UVLoD + GoMule X


This is a user contributed mod to GoMule by movomo, who had posted some questions asking about making GoMule compatible with UVLoD. So he went a head and updated this program to support Expanded Stash + Expanded Merc for UVLoD and other mods using these features.

I know a lot of people ask for infinite stash to be added to UVLoD, but since this isn't added, GoMule X is the next best thing. You can save all your items and share them between all your characters. Its like a 3rd party program that provides an infinite shared stash.

Thanks movomo !!!

1) Download the original GoMule

2) Download GoMule X addon

3) Change the Project Preferences Option in GoMule X to "Extended" under Storage layout"

GoMule X Expanded Stash - screenshot

GoMule Expanded Stash

GoMule X Full Equip Merc - screenshot

GoMule X Full Equip Merc

Running the Countess for Runes

Running the Countess for Runes


The Countess becomes the single best source of Runes in the game

World Event - UVLoD

World Event - UVLoD


- UVLoD version 1.36 enables World Event to spawn Uber Diablo -

Short Tutorial on Opening Uber Portals

Short Tutorial on Opening Uber Portals


- How to Open Pandemonium Portals and Portal to Uber Tristram -

Diablo Soulstone Quest  Tutorial

Diablo Soulstone Quest Tutorial

Other Tutorial

A Short Tutorial on Diablo Soulstone Quest for Uber Vanilla v1.23 v1.34

RSS Files
UVLoD v2.02

UVLoD v2.02

Full Version 1 comment

UVLoD v2.02 Re-release. Support for v1.13c, v1.13d, v1.14d and D2SE.

UVLoD v1.40

UVLoD v1.40

Full Version 16 comments

Official Release v1.40 - Maintenance Release - Bug fixes + New Installer

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