This is a small mod I´m mainly testing out for myself. I really like the way the alien can have elements of randomness to its behaviour, and since you can allow it to have more or less freedom, in roaming, in taking breaks, more freedom should equal more unpredictability. Sadly that might also make encounters with the alien more haphazard and infrequent, so I plan on tinkering with the degrees of freedom given to the Alien for a while, to see if I can find a proper balance of not knowing when you´ll see the alien next and where, and still being reminded that it isn´t gone, but always present.

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Has it really been a year already? Has the mod fared well?

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During this last year I haven't played Alien: Isolation that much, and I've had some health issues zapping most energy out of me as well, but the game still remains as one of my favourites, and I do see myself maybe trying to play it again just for the sake of the anniversary.

I really don't have any active plans for modding, after releasing my mod I've mainly been content with it, there have been minor tweaks to suit my own preferences, and I did have a project of trying to edit the senses but it didn't go too well, there is definitely work that can be done, but nothing too elegant and would consume a lot of time and effort.

Maybe I'll return to that later.

But for now I really want to thank you all for the support and kind words, it is gratifying to see many enjoying the mod and finding new joy in the game, and that is what modding is all about.

There hasn't been too much negative feedback on the mod in the past year, the major one I've heard is the same one I predicted and feared about; that giving the alien more freedom will mean more sparse, occasionally rare encounters, and to some that is a good thing that can enhance the horror, to others a bad thing. I always knew this mod would be aimed at the demographic who felt the alien encounters were a bit too forced in the original game, and I'm glad I've managed to create something they seem to enjoy.

I'd also like to thank MattFiler, who has been dedicated to modding the game and has never lost hope, his hard work and determination is an inspiration to watch, I wish him even more success in the future!

(Do check out the progress MattFiler has made, like recently adding textures into the game.)

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