This is a small mod I´m mainly testing out for myself. I really like the way the alien can have elements of randomness to its behaviour, and since you can allow it to have more or less freedom, in roaming, in taking breaks, more freedom should equal more unpredictability. Sadly that might also make encounters with the alien more haphazard and infrequent, so I plan on tinkering with the degrees of freedom given to the Alien for a while, to see if I can find a proper balance of not knowing when you´ll see the alien next and where, and still being reminded that it isn´t gone, but always present.

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How the original game should have been! Don't play the game without this mod!
It's so much more realistic and tension.

Since the Alien come more sporadic and walks around the Sevastopol not just close to where you are you can allow the tension to build up between each encounter.

If you play without this mad the Alien will stay around you way too much and you get bored of it and it's not even scary after a while.

It really makes the game even more terrifying. Thank you for this mod.

Such a small thing, but what a difference it makes to the game! I installed this mod after several playthroughs, and while it retracts some of the challenge with the removal of the alien's 'rubber banding' (I recommend playing with the difficulty a notch higher than you're used to), it more than makes up for the shortfall in sheer immersiveness.

You can hide and the alien will go away, leaving you free to explore Sevestapol a bit more freely, though this actually breeds the most dangerous thing of all in Isolation: complacency. No sooner do you lower your guard than the next door opens to reveal the xeno right in front of you.

The mod does exactly as promised - it makes the alien behave in a far more natural way. Remaining undetected will reward you with some peace and quiet, though if it knows you're there, if it gets one sniff of you, then expect to be hunted for much longer and more intensely.

If you want a hardcore challenge then there are other mods to improve the xeno's senses, but if you want a true, realistic Alien experience then look no further. This mod is for you.


very good mod


A nice little mod that adds a different flow to the second, or later playthrough. There are some short comings, as in the encounters become more sporadic, however it does play nicely into the theme of the game and the atmosphere the old alien titles had.


Really nice mod! I hope the mod scene for this game picks up. It does exactly what you think it does: gives the game's alien more freedom of movement so it can act in a way that feels more natural.


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Such a game changing mod! The alien no longer circles around you like it was your pet, moving along with you to whichever new section you visit. Its behavior is much more sane, less pointless and erratic. You'll see him less often but... it disappears from the motion tracker and you don't know from which direction it will come.


This mod is great at improving the gameplay.


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