This is a small mod I´m mainly testing out for myself. I really like the way the alien can have elements of randomness to its behaviour, and since you can allow it to have more or less freedom, in roaming, in taking breaks, more freedom should equal more unpredictability. Sadly that might also make encounters with the alien more haphazard and infrequent, so I plan on tinkering with the degrees of freedom given to the Alien for a while, to see if I can find a proper balance of not knowing when you´ll see the alien next and where, and still being reminded that it isn´t gone, but always present.

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There was a potential problem with the mods earlier, that they wouldn´t read from the default file as intended. Should work now, as I went the safer route and copied the lines completely to become clones of the default file.

Degrees of Alien AI Intensity Mod (v2 Fixed?)

Hi. I downloaded this and I could tell the alien acted differently. However, I'm wondering if you can explain specifically what you changed. I know the alien has a wider roam area, but what else? Was his activity in vents changed? And how does this work with the difficulty levels? Does your mod have the alien act the same across difficulty settings? For what it's worth, I'm on nightmare.

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somethingelse666 Author

In the game, normally, you would see that some areas and missions are more intense or relaxed, famous places like the medbay has the alien more actively hunting the player for instance, while in other situations the alien might be more passive, though still prowling around on occasion.
This mod changes the game to use the same level of intensity for most areas that have the alien, but you have the choice in picking between mild or intense or absent versions.
The difficulty setting will add on top of that, compounding the level of intensity throughout.

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Thank you for the response. I wanted to report, I've been using the mild version, on nightmare. I'm in Gemini Labs. I notice the alien is on my tail almost always and likes to camp in vents very close. I swapped in your absent version. And while the alien wasn't showing up instantly, he still showed up. So, I don't know if the mod is working as intended. I understand he'll still appear for scripted events, but this is happening when I'm just roaming around.

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somethingelse666 Author

When I made the intense and mild versions, I simply copied the existing mild and intense templates over the other templates, the absent one has custom numbers, but the alien will show up if it hears sounds, if it has encountered you in an area, etc, but also eventually yes, it will show up, it is allowed to do so, just not very often (the multipliers I used were in the quadruple digits).
So with the absent one you'll still need to walk around or crouch, I'll see about it if I could maybe make the alien even more shy with the absent version, but apologies for no speedy updates :(

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Hi there! Does it affect DLC modes too? I've tried this in Last Survivor and got myself eaten by the Alien after 1 minute :)

Also got my *** kicked real fast during level 5 medical.

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Also i'd like to know if i'am supposed to use that with unpredictable mod?

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I know this is very late but I like it intense but also would like it to spend time in the vents. Anyway to edit this myself?

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