Welcome to the introduction of the TransElite_X mutator.
... More at www.thegodsofdeath.net ... UT {GOD} Clan

Well I should start off by explaining how this ins't just a translocator mutator. Instead this
is actually 5 different types of configurable translocators. (Works in ALL Gametypes)


***Thier is a Global Config which apply to each and every Translocator:
-you have the option to allow Bots a Translocator.
-They can either use your custom translocator or a basic standard one.
-You can opt to use several Death Announcements for a Telefrag.
-You can toggle the online telefrag fix which explodes players into peices or have them simply knock down.
-You will have the option to also include a shield gun to your invintory.
-you will be able to change the impact sound of the shield gun.
-You have the ability to choose from (8) Trail colors. Or to turn them off completely.
-Finally, You will be able to Choose from the aray of (5) specific Translocators.

***for each translocator thier are an array of options for configurization:
-Show the Chargin Bar
-Use the Trail
-Chage the shot sound
-change the ambient beacon sound.
-change the hit wall sound
-Enable or disable the 'Translocate' Visual effects
-Change the 'Translocate' Sound.
-Adjust the Fire Rate.
-Adjust the Beacon Toss force
-Adjust the Amount of Charge
-Adjust the Recharge rate
-Variable Beacon Toss Trajectory

***Also Lastly You will be able to change the Textures of the Translocator and the 'Beacon' for online play.
This includes using your favorite texture for the skin or simply using the one that comes with that specific Trans.
Defaulted to use custom skins, If you wish to use the standard skin for the translocator simply uncheck use custom skins checkbox.

So remember, once you have made your decision which translocator you are going to use and have made the settings
choose to use that translocator on the global config page.

I Put this version of this particular mutator togather, and am the creator of the TransElite, EZ_PucKeR, and InSaNe_TL.
But, I am not the inventor of the Spider_Tranz nor the Tranz-A-LoT Also the mutator codewas derived from -=Musc@t=-'s version of the
TLMutator_3.01 Although I have heavely modified them I ulitmately tried to be able to keep the origional settings configurable. So in due respect
I would like to give credit to:

-=Musc@t=- for the TLMutator_3.01 Code
Porkmanii for the TransSpider Code
Gramps for the Idea of the Tranz-A-LoT
EvilJes├║s for the Beam-me-up Tranz which the Tranz-A-LoT was based off.
**** These are Great Game Content Creators They DESERVE Just as much Credit for this Mutator. They also get Credit on the main
mutator Global Config page (see screenshot)

Known Issues:
**The ability to scroll (previous weapon button) to the translocator was overrited by the shield gun so opting to deselect the use of the shield gun
will correct this .. unless you just use a hotkey for the Translocator.
**Using the Spider Tranz in first person mode will require to use the Translocator hot key to switch to the 'Trans Cam'
**Certain Beacon Settings will not apply to the Spider Tranz as this is a totally different type of beacon, in fact, its not a beacon its a spider.
you will still be able to change the skin n' such, But you will not be able to:
-Change the Toss Force
-Use a Trail or change color of the trail .. (since thier isnt one) ,,, that should be it.
Also, It's not reccomended to let the bots use the Spider_Tranz.

Download link on Top Bar ^

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Full Version

Welcome to the introduction of the TransElite_X mutator. First and foremost information Servers will need to add this line to thier ut2004.ini file as...


WOW ! :D

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Well good job mate, i hope you will fix the download soon cause i want it!

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