Welcome to the introduction of the TransElite_X mutator. ... More at ... UT {GOD} Clan Well I should start off by explaining how this ins't just a translocator mutator. Instead this is actually 5 different types of configurable translocators. (Works in ALL Gametypes) TransElite Tranz-A-LoT Spider_Tranz EZ_PucKeR InSaNe_TL ***Thier is a Global Config which apply to each and every Translocator: -you have the option to allow Bots a Translocator. -They can either use your custom translocator or a basic standard one. -You can opt to use several Death Announcements for a Telefrag. -You can toggle the online telefrag fix which explodes players into peices or have them simply knock down. -You will have the option to also include a shield gun to your invintory. -you will be able to change the impact sound of the shield gun. -You have the ability to choose from (8) Trail colors. Or to turn them off completely. -Finally, You will be able to Choose from the aray of (5) specific Translocators....

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