Titanium is a lightweight modification that aims to rectify inconsistencies and provide small improvements in multiple aspects without any major changes to the core game look and feel.

The goal is to provide a centralized "vanilla+" version of BoD and provide the best experience of the original game for new players and veterans alike.

The amount of completely new assets is kept to an absolute minimum, and originals are used as a base if needed to preserve the atmosphere. There are very few artistic liberties and the design decision changes that are made, and even the ones that are made are based on restored content cut from the final game or modernizations that hide how outdated the game is.


Titanium replaces multiple core game files and may break mod compatibility! Titanium is not being developed with any specific mod in mind, but rather to be a base to be built upon. The mod reworks some of the entity structure and existing third party content like custom maps, may require adaptation.

Visual modifications are also likely to need adaptation as some models have been changed.


The mod is in active development
all features mentioned may NOT be present in first release
all features are subject to changes or additions!

Please refer to individual release feature list and patch notes.


  • Restored high quality 44.1kHz stereo music tracks
  • Normalized sound levels on some environmental sounds for a consistent experience
  • Adjusted some sound events to better match them with visuals
  • Added missing step sounds and adjusted existing sound volume levels
  • Restored sound effects and character shouts for attacks that were missing them
  • Sword of Ianna passive sound replaced with something less annoying


  • Reworked some models to push them to an equal, higher quality standard
  • Fixed elemental weapon trails
  • Powerful blunt hits cause skeletons to shatter
  • Restored missing sparks and other impact effects in several areas
  • Fixed objects that should be static but aren't and vice versa
  • Added shadow-casting properties to light sources that were missing them
  • Iconmod integration - Lord Kerman and Snow Troll icons restored
  • Fixed quivers disappearing when picking items up.


  • Restored Salamanders at Forge of Xshathra including corrected damage and experience values
  • Restored dark and gold orcs, which dynamically appear depending on their strength, throughout the entire game
  • Hotkeys for consumable items
  • Fixed weapon hitboxes for multiple weapons to better match their visual model
  • Lich, zombie and spider venom values are dependent on their level now, rather than fixed values
  • Introduced a new unique enemy - orc chieftain
  • Rebalanced lesser demons to scale properly into late game

Bug fixes

  • Running out of stamina attacks can no longer be interrupted by blocking
  • Fixed weird behaviour when locking on to an opponent with a weapon in hand, but shield on back.
  • Restored missing narrator monologue after finishing Temple of Ianna.


  • Less hacky implementation for snow trolls that is consistent with other monster types
  • Cleaned up multiple scripts to improve code read-ability, fix bugs and improve performance
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I have a suggestion for this mod. In Blade of Darkness your HP is fully restored everytime you level up, which kind of undermines the difficulty. Maybe you could add an optional toggle to this mod that lets you choose whether leveling up heals you or not?

Another related thing is that food items like cheese and stuff are all over the place and heal quite a lot of health. Maybe reduce how much HP they heal?

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So... when will this MOD be issued?

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I know I'm repeating myself. But I highly encourage you to join Blade HD Discord, it's a Spanish community but we have and English channel and people like Tomash there. You said it's a side project in your free time, so perhaps in the future you will need help and I'm pretty sure a bunch of users will be glad to contribute at least around testing/reporting phase (we are around 900 users). We talk sometimes about this mod and how looks like "the project", really excited about the enhancements and QoL improvements you're focusing on.

If this sounds good to you, we can even discuss to open a channel to follow updates and post your progress or something like that. In fact, we want to look to make Blade HD fully compatible with Titanium. Remember, you have our full attention and support!

Happy new year!

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Can we get any updates on this please?

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I can't believe how someone so talented is dedicating their free time to this game, look at the features done in meticulous detail, like the potion that is full when picked up then empty after being drunk, it's fantastic!

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Looks cool, can't wait!

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This looks great! .-)

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.this game deserves much more love and i thank you for doing this. any news on a release date?

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TheLeadHead Creator

Hi, unfortunately I cannot give any specific deadline, Titanium is being developed entirely in my free time amidst working a full time job and attending other hobbies. I plan to have an initial release, that will not contain all the features I wish for, somewhere towards the end of summer if possible. No guarantees tho.

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