Blade of Darkness holds true to the greatest of hack and slash legends, combining sorcery, knights, and swords with god forsaken enemies that deserve to have their arms slashed off with a broadsward. Blade of Darkness looked excellent in 2001, and still delivers its gore well today. Holding True to it's genre it offers modders both custom maps and scripts.

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by Harrison
Hi, all bladers! I have decrypted some part of format of binary *.BOD -files of characters and imported them (only meshes and skeleton groups) into 3DMAX. For example, meshes and skeleton groups of four heroes are shown here:

All meshes of characters in 3dMAX:

I think these files are quite suitable for creation new animation and its export to *.BMV files. Also, I have finished decoding the original *.BMV -files with animation and imported them into 3DMAX.

I think these files are quite suitable for creation new animation and its export to BMV-files.
Also, I have finished decoding the original BMV-files with animation and imported them into 3DMAX.
Now the animation of BOD can be edited in 3DMAX.

But these skeleton groups of characters do not have anchors for attaching weapons during the animation. I think this situation can lead to difficulties when animation of fight is making. Therefore now I am decrypting BOD-files in order to obtain these anchors.

More Information at these forums. (Russian Forum)

Testing Needed.

Testing Needed.

News 2 comments

An update to Dal's Revenge have been made It adds the feature of loading the next map when the first is finished.

Upcoming Surprises!

Upcoming Surprises!

News 8 comments

Prospero have show a few shots and details of a new upcoming project. And it Adds more RPG elements to the game with the best hack n' slash combat system...

News About upcoming Mods for Severance.

News About upcoming Mods for Severance.

News 2 comments

Upcoming Mods for Severance. The community still lives and resist to die!! ;)

Severance: Blade of Darkness Community Is Still Alive!.

Severance: Blade of Darkness Community Is Still Alive!.


Severance: Blade of Darkness Community Is Still Alive!.

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QQSI / WWTBAI (Alpha v.1.1)

QQSI / WWTBAI (Alpha v.1.1)

QQSI / WWTBAI (alpha v.1.0) Demo

This mod is an adjustment to the classic contest of the television Who wants to be a millionaire, but adapted to Severance's world. The prominent figures...

Diablozation II v1.1 Four Heroes

Diablozation II v1.1 Four Heroes

Diablozation II Full Version 6 comments

- Added new character Amazon with 2 types of weapons: spears and katars - Added new character Dwarf with 2 types of weapons: clubs and axes - Smaller...

original Stats (

original Stats (

Dark Fairy World Script

Original game file, without any changes.



Dark Fairy World Script

Higher damage dealt by enemies(corrected). Little faster level up the hero.

Diablozation II  v1.0

Diablozation II v1.0

Diablozation II Full Version 4 comments

Single-player add-on. Full version. See README_ENG.txt for all details.

Scheduling in Oasis

Scheduling in Oasis

Tutorial Mod Full Version 1 comment

Tutorial on instructor scheduling lessons in Oasis.

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where i can buy this game?

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Why I Like Blade of Darkness

This is the first guide that I have written. This doesn't mean that BoD
is my favorite game. I just felt like it wasn't getting as much attention as
it should be. Anyway, this is why I decided to write this guide.

- Graphics/Engine -
The engine of Blade of darkness is simply beautiful. The physics and
environment are just incredible. I've never seen a prettier sun shining at
while I enjoy the crisp, fresh air. Or I've never been in a gloomier dungeon
with such realistic torchlight. The reflections on water are perfectly cast.
Shadows are exactly the way they should be. Sometimes, you will find yourself
carrying torches for no other reason but to see your own, realistic shadow.
The lighting effects in BoD are the best by far that I've ever seen. If you
can find a game with light more realistic than this, please let me know.

- Gore/Realism -
Another great thing that BoD gives is the highly realistic, and
naturally sadistic gore. Again, if you can find a game with more realistic
gore, please let me know. There is so many ways to kill an enemy. Want to cut
of its head and watch blood squirt out of the neck? Then go for a high slash.
Or, you can go for the sides and cut off its arm to watch it die in agony. You
might end up cutting off the wrist and find it by a trail of blood sometimes
15 meters away! And you can even chop 'em up while there are dead on the
ground. Cut of a limb if you wish and use it to beat your next enemy. I know
that this is a bit sadistic, but it's fun too! I enjoy a good amount of
realism in a game.

- Music -
Wow. Music in games doesn't get much better than this. The music composed
for BoD is incredibly atmospheric. It fits the current situation perfectly.
The music is pulsating and exciting when you are in battle. When you are
exploring ancient tombs and deserted areas rich, ambient music adds to the
already wonderful environment. Some of the melodies are so wonderful, I often
listen to them when I'm not in the game. There are about thirty different
tunes in Blade of Darkness.

- Combat -
This is probably the best of Blade of Darkness. Each battle is epic.
With each enemy you have to take your time and plan your strategy of attack,
because running at them with your sword swinging will simply get your head
dismembered. A lot of people were drawn off by the games awkward and difficult
way of fighting. They complained about the uneasy controls. Well, I don't
think that it is awkward at all. It is very similar to a fighting game: attack
when the enemy is not blocking, block when the enemy is attacking. You will
need to learn your enemy's tactics and movements, and then find out what their
weaknesses are. Blade of Darkness is a combination of fantasy, rpg, fighting,
and adventure. Sometimes, I find myself looking for the next enemy just so I
can chop it up. I found the combat addictive and difficult at the same time.

- Why is BoD not that great of a game then? -
From all these great comments it would seem that BoD is one of the best
games ever made. But unfortunately, the game is greatly flawed. The major
flaw: lack of an involving storyline. The story is so weak you will often get
bored. You'll ask yourself, "What am I doing here? Why am I going from place
to place killing things?" Aside from that, there are no memorable moments in
BoD, nothing to get you excited, nothing to add depth to the gameplay. The
levels, although are neat looking, do not have anything interesting in them.
Find the key, activate the switch, etc… You will spend most of your time
wondering aimlessly killing things or enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

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Please don't stop updating this great game! :)

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where can I buy the game?

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It's available on GOG.

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Not anymore and it's been like that for a while:

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hope it get a second part soon. after 13 years

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lexusvar I want make a story Co-op game.
Looking suggestions and advice from who modified the game. What can be improved and it would be good to change.

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Any proper browser for playing with others?

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Best game ever made imo, Hands down.

Nov 17 2010 by Julez

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