*DISCLAIMER*- This Modification is set outside of the normal Witcher game series and novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. In going to a new land, Fans who are not interested in anything other then the Continent, this mod is most likely not for you :)

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Planned features in Mount and Blade Bannerlord Monsters' from Men: A Witcher's Tale

  • Dynamic new continent of Zohovar
  • In depth faction conflict and diplomacy
  • All new Mercenary Mechanics
  • Dynamic quest boards in villages and towns for hunting monsters and bandits alike
  • New weapons and Armor
  • Returning Factions such as Nilfgaard and Skellige
  • In depth Quests
  • New Magic system
  • New looting mechanics
  • Custom Map Icons & Custom Scenes
  • New Races such as: Elves, Dwarves, Vran and a new race called the satyr
  • New Modes of Multiplayer

All features are do to change as we do not Know how moddable the game may be.

TEAM Funds Patreon.com

Hatboy's College Fund.Hatboy's College Fund.

TEAM: Myself: design, model, and texturing, Brett ogburn: scripter, video production, Journey sanchez: concept artist and idea development, Kattie sogard: concept artist, Dreads: headings, EfeKaracar : logo and Milkmanz for Idea input and chat moderator. Credit to AmateurHetman for Concept art. Credit to Peerun for Terrain design. Credit to Tumajan for Jan Tumas Helm,Nicolas Crevon FOR HIS PLATE ARMOR, David Rutkowski for his work on the Nilfgaardian armor, CREDIT TO CDPR for many assets used in creating this mod

20170109 084750 FotoSketcher

  • A small intro to the mod.

War between the Wild Hunt is over, Geralt of rivia slain and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon gone. The northern realms could not withstand Emperor Emhyr's countless legions. Black banners flew over Novigrad and all of the north. Weary of rebel raids, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis returned to nilfgaard; To settle discrepancies foreign and domestic. However, despite the efforts made In skellege The white frost poured into this world, plaguing the realms with ice and snow, it's people being taken as slaves to the wild hunt. Ships readied to sail under the orders of Morvran Voorhis, Commander of the Alba and Imperator of the nilfgaardian northern realms after Contact was lost with Emhyr var Emreis. All men women and children truly loyal to Nilfgaard gathered in port cities and set off to find a new home. *Northern Kingdoms,1276

Geralt of Rivia's death Urged the people of skellige and their Queen to flee their Ancestral home. With the wild hunt murdering Crach and men along with anyone who denied to leave the isle of Undvik were slain by the wild hunt. Cerys the first queen of Skellige Decreed any ship able to sail must gather all the men women and children the vessel may hold and abandon Skellige in search of safety for her people. *Ard Skellig, 1274

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Feature 1 comment

First off I want to show off the work done by Cory Averill. as well as show you the armor on our assets

cory averill full view2

cory averill 3 20 18 sheet2

cory averill chest front

cory averill chest hp

And as I said to have them shown on the game model.

The set will be used modularly similar to the way we create armor, with the ability to add and remove pieces to create new sets,and for you the player to customize.

I want to thank cory for his hard work and put his info down so you can contact him

Email: Coryaverill3d@gmail.com
Portfolio Website: coryaverill3d.com

Map explorer

Map explorer

News 4 comments

Here is a map for all of you who would enjoy listening to a sample demo of our Music composer Pat Mahoney as well as peruse the world we are slowly but...

Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

News 7 comments

Frequently asked questions about Mount and blade Bannerlord Monsters' From Men

Music Dairy 1

Music Dairy 1

News 1 comment

Hi guys, I wanted to make a article showing off the work of our awesome music composer Pat Mahoney and tell you a little something about him, If you like...

New Tourney System

New Tourney System

News 5 comments

In this article we discuss the new implementation of the tourney system we have thought of and give you an idea about the benefits of it.

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love all the armors guys:) this is going to be an amazing mod to play from the looks of it

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I always wanted to play in the witcher universe withone of the many characters, like for example see how a human would do in trying to face monsters or other factions. Great concept, cant wait for it!

Let's hope Bannerkord won't take much longer...

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I don' get idea behing this mod at all. It's not Witcher, it takes place in totally different land, from what i see there will be only Nilfgard, Skellig and Wild Hunt, most factions are totally orginal and not connected to Witcher-universe. Even the gear we see is not lore-friendly or canon in any way (except skellig or niflgard armors). Why you even call it Witcher? i dont understand, it have nothing to do with Witcher (i know it's "wild hunt won" scenerio).
Dont't take this as hate, i find your designs top-notch, yet why you are trying to recreate witcher-universe? Why not call it just "orginal" world? for example take Prophesy of Pendor, it's inspired from other works, yet they didn't call it LOTR in different edition.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hatboy102 Creator

Also the game isnt ever stated or called "Witcher" It's called Monsters' from Men: A Witcher's tale do to the story that is written for the game

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Hatboy102 Creator

Because the game takes place directly after the Witcher 3, and with it the the consequences that took place in this world, we wanted to make a mod with our own story yet something that enveloped itself within the witcher game at its core. There are 4 factions that are new, but 3/4 that are from the original series, The main theme of the game is the survival of the two favorite factions and life in a new land.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

How can this be continuation of Witcher 3 if it takes place in totally different place which even isn't stated in any book, game or even some concept. it's total fanfiction.

"Monsters' from Men: A Witcher's Tale" - emmmm... this name has "witcher" so it's pretty clear about what it is. Also in description you say it's witcher mod.

About armors, just look at for example Blu rose Knight. It looks like taken from different universe.
Shenobi Footman - what is this? Shinobi? definitely suits slavic-fantasy of Witcher world.

When the Bannerlord and this mod will come out, people will say - "It's Witcher mod wow!" then after comming to game they will see something not resembling that world at all.

And in the end, from my subjective point of view - how can this be cool? Using witcher world and removing from it most cool stuff, that we know, remember and like from games and books. What will we get? New Witcher orders slaying shinobis? on a land looking like foot? Why not stay on continent and take part in war with Wild Hunt? Witcher world is huge as f... and games didn't take even half of it, and yet you decide to leave everything.

In the end, it's your project, and i'm some random guy from internet. But i can't guess how you, as i think witcher-fans can just throw away for example Kaer Morhen, who don't want to siege that fortress? We will go to new land which nobody resembles, nobody knows anything, and nobody cares.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Hatboy102 Creator

I mean if you don't want to play the mod im not forcing you, we made this with our own ideas in mind. It was this or Zerrikania but we liked the idea of what else is in Andrzej Sapkowski's world. So yeah there are different cultures, just like how zerrikania is middle eastern and not slavic, however all of our armors stay within 12th-15th century medieval.

I personally didn't want to try and please the die hard, cannon craving fans who would yell at me for any inconsistency on the continent or the misplacing of a noble in the nilfgaardian monarchy, So i made my own story, with the narrative driven by the witcher and the cast of characters from the old world exploring, My friend on concept artist on the team gave me this analogy "Imagine your setting is like columbus or the spanish in general coming to the americas for the first time, but instead of in the journey being in exploration, it's in fear. and the native americans are a host of cultures and relatable stories.

Now to be blunt, I put the page on MOD DB for myself as a means to organize my work and my teams, and so that people who also want to play, try, or really do anything they want with my mod, can. However i do not care if you play it or like what i'm adding, I wouldn't make it if it was only for the lovers of something that can't have a hint of originality. People can feel free to make a strictly WITCHER game tho, because as i state at the very top of the page-This Modification is set outside of the normal Witcher game series and novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. In going to a new land, Fans who are not interested in anything other then the Continent, this mod is most likely not for you :)

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I must say that the armors you're creating look absolutley astonishing, i have one question though, will you make them fit both genders once you have accses to the skeletons or will they look the same on both?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hatboy102 Creator

We will use a body slider to slightly adjust them to the female body,but as it was in our medieval times, Female armor wasn't the most available to we want it to look somewhat awkward yet nice on the female body

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