Welcome to the ancient Americas! Long ago the gods created the world, then they created men so they could worship them. Under God's leadership, men built great civilizations which flourished on places as inhospitable as deep lakes, big jungles, and high mountains. Now dark times have come, war, plagues, hunger, death, and destruction have covered the world, the Gods seem to have abandoned men. Now mortals wait, with hope in their hearts for the return of the so long gone Gods.

marker Overview

The Return of the Gods is a new mod project for the Age of Mythology and its expansions. The mod will intend to create a world for the ancient American civilizations, portraying their history, ways of life, customs, beliefs, warfare, and of course, mythology.

marker Features

The world of Return of the Gods will come to life through new civilizations, units, random maps, campaigns, and gameplay features.


So far 3 new civilizations have been planned, each one of them with major and minor Gods, mythical units and technologies, unique units and technologies, and gameplay features.

  • Aztecs
  • Mayans
  • Incas

Random Maps

More than 15 random maps have been programmed.

  • Anáhuac
  • Andean Pass
  • Aridoamerica
  • Caribbean
  • High Peru
  • Deep Jungle
  • Mayan Highlands
  • Tititaca
  • Oaxaca
  • Yucatán
  • Xibalbá
  • And more...


The mod will feature plenty of heroes, myths,s and human units in order to enrich civilizations.

  • Amaru (Inca myth unit)
  • Camazotz (Mayan myth unit)
  • Cuachicqueh (Aztec unique unit)
  • Halach uinik (Mayan hero)
  • Huey Tlatoani (Aztec hero)
  • Kamayuk (Inca unique unit)
  • Jaguar Knight (Aztec unique unit)
  • Blowgunner (Mayan unique unit)
  • And a lot more...

marker Development

The mod is still a project and no release version has been concluded. Currently, the mod is being developed by a small team, In order to speed up the process applications for new team members are available.

Available positions:

  • Modeling
  • Animating

Applications are available in English or Spanish, they should be directed to ABI3 through message or to the email:

They can also be directed to Yiome at his discord: lnferno#8267

Want to cooperate but don't have any artistic or programming skills?

- Become a patron! :D

marker The team

Founders: ABI3, Inferno

Art: ABI3

Texturing: ABI3

Modeling and animating: Inferno

Programming: NateE

Mapping: HrdsHrdrck

Sound and Music: Ozamking, JeHathor, TrenchDog

Campaign scripting: Snoke

Historical advisors and research: diegotoscano, Balam Ajaw

and future teammates :D

Special thanks to Yan García for his help in getting Nahuatl language dialogues.


instagram @rotg.aom

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Anniversary Patch Preview!


February 20 is the date when The Return of the Gods was released to the public! and we want to celebrate with all of the people that have supported this project over this long way.

The Return of the Gods team is hard to get the Aztec culture 100% finished! this means a lot of texture, programming, and model work!

marker Patch Notes:

1) Chinese civ theme music now plays as a "sound" file just like the Aztec one, so the 2 will no longer overlap.

Although it means the first minute or so of gameplay may not have music.

2) Amoxoaque rightly classed as "LogicalTypeFavoriteMythUnit" so it will be counted towards the post-game stat (credit to Tapejara).

3) Tianguis upgrades to buy Commoners/Fishing Boats are disabled in Lightning mode (credit to Tapejara).

4) Several missing hotkeys added (credit to joeybadz).

5) Trees spawned from the Amoxoaque special attack perform their birth animation again.

6) Jaguar Night revamped to keep the jaguars from acting tame. The Jaguars do -25% damage v. Villagers.

7) Fixed a bug in Capture Mode that could "charge" players for a large prisoner while granting them a small one.

8) Fixed a bug with Temple of Healing/Healing Spring that sometimes caused them to heal units much slower than they should.

9) Docks can no longer erroneously attack fishing ships (credit to TIGERBOSS).

10) Tlalocan and Volcano GPs no longer have ExpandCheckPlacementHull set, so they should be easier to place.

11) Tlalocan animations and related icons done!

Tlalocan can be cast over water where it:

- Provides 10 population.

- Trains Tlaloque at a 10% discount.

- Can heal ships.

- Is a drop site for fish.

Land-based Tlalocan's bonuses are unchanged. Both are indestructible but capturable.

12) War Canoe Pierce armor: 30% -> 20% (inline with other arrow ships).

13) Quicklime Slinger: Range 24 -> 20, LOS: 29 -> 24.

14) Burning Pitch effect on Quicklime Slinger range: +3 -> +5. New effect on Quicklime Slinger LOS: +3.

15) Initiation Rites & War Ceremony effect on Nobles' training time: -20% -> -25%.

16) Jaguar Knight shadow HP/Attack increase in Heroic Age: 10% -> 15%.

17) Great Abundance: Percent increase (was 33%) now staggers by age. Archaic: 15%, Classical: 25%, Heroic: 33%, Mythic: 50%.

18) Aztec units now have proper corpses when dead/decaying.

19) Quinametli hitpoints: 1000 -> 900.

20) Sacred Dogs now take 1 population.

21) Cuextecatl Warriors: Have +20% attack against siege units and Destroyers.

22) Warrior Societies: Now also reduces the train time of Aztec unique units by 20%.

23) All villager units gather from Tree (Amoxoaque) slightly faster than other trees (still slightly slower that Gaia Forest Tree).

Wood gathering upgrades increase this rate appropriately.

24) "Runner" is now a fully-distinct 4th unit category from Infantry, Archer, or Cavalry.

Papalotls Runners, Eagle Knights, and Khopesh lose their Infantry class.

Throwing Axeman/Hypaspist have 1.5x bonus against Khopesh.

Damage Bonuses of Aztec Noble units and all anti-cavalry units have been tweaked to treat a Runner as a "cavalry lite" unit.

Anti-cavalry techs (Greatest of Fifty/Swine Array/Crenellations) likewise treat Runners as "cavalry lite".

25) Aztec AI players no longer need to be set to Shennong (setting to one of the Aztec AIs is sufficent).

26) Tezontle Walls: Now increases Hack/Crush armor by 15%/11% respectively of Settlements too.

marker Gallery:

Tlalocan in-game


Volcano Model


Tlaloc artwork sketch


marker What's next?

We don't have an official release date yet but this will be by late February or early March!

First Return of the Gods Aztec Tournament!

First Return of the Gods Aztec Tournament!


The Return of the Gods team is hosting tournaments to showcase our Aztec civilization!

First ROTG Major Patch

First ROTG Major Patch

News 2 comments

Today we are sharing the first major ROTG updates with you all guys!

The Return of the Gods Steam Release!

The Return of the Gods Steam Release!

News 9 comments

Today's the day! The long-gone gods have returned! Aztec Gods have returned! The Return of the Gods Aztec culture mod is out on steam workshop!

Aztec 4th age in sight!

Aztec 4th age in sight!

News 10 comments

Today we share the final Aztec age article, this time depicting how the Aztec Fourth age will look like.

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The Return of the Gods Beta (Dec 2022)

The Return of the Gods Beta (Dec 2022)

Full Version 2 comments

The Return of the Gods Beta files for manual installation updated as of December 2022.

The Return of the Gods Beta

The Return of the Gods Beta

Full Version 6 comments

The Return of the Gods Beta files for manual installation.

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Age of Mitology\EXTERN(1):XS:error0014'cPowerForestfire'is al ready defined how do i fix this?

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ABI3 Creator

can you be more specific with the problem you are getting?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hello Guys. I'm truly impressed with this MOD. As a fellow AOM fan I can only say congratulations for the great work! As a fellow modeler, I want to offer my help with editing's (XML for new unities etc.). I've my own personal MOD with a new civ. to play with friends (I don't put it online because its >90% from AoMHeaven) . So, if you are looking for someone to expand the team, I'm your guy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ABI3 Creator

Hi Arkant!
thanks a lot! we are glad you liked our work!
we could use some help with modelling and new units! you can email us to so we can keep talking about it! ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

how to download this game? there is no link or download button....

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ABI3 Creator

The link to the Stam Workshop is located in the Steam Icon Image on the Return of the Gods Steam article.

You can find here the direct link:

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Please make this mod official
This is so GREAT and Amazing! I wish to play with Aztec.

I have a few example and ideas for changes in New mod :

1) Greeks :
-Make Ajax, Teseus and Jason great push attack (like Ajax in campaign)
-Make Hercules, Achiles and Atalanta moral attack (like Arkantos in campaign)

2) Norse
Make a New 3 heroes :
-if you play with Loki, you can sumoning a hero Frost giant (from campaign), and He can do frost damage
-if you play with Odin, you can sumoning a hero Valkire with spear and without horse (from campaign), she can healing
-if you play with Thor, you can sumoning a dwarf hero, and this hero can upgreade one units armor for next generation in every 2 or 3 minutes.

3) Egyptian
You can sumoning a New hero in your Town Center, and its Amanra (from campaign), and she can also jumping and doing extra damage and she will has Area and every black African soldier (Zulu and another one on horse, from Town center), when they are in her Area, they can not die from time when its time going down, i mean if they are in Amanra`s Area they acting like every other normal units with they healtbar.

4) Chinese
-nerf chinese gardens. If you play in Arhaic Age you can generate only wood, in Classic age wood and pray, in Hero age : wood, pray and food, and in last age (myth age i mean its name) : wood, pray, food and gold.
Also, in first age you can build only 2 gardens, in second age 5, in third age 8, and in last age 10 gardens
- redesign titan Pangu, Make him more details and holding axe in his hand
-and the most important things, redesign buildings color look like, color from 4th age go to 3th age and for 4 age make better color design for buildings with more color (Green, gold, yellow, without ugly wooden roof)
-and made New (second campaign) with Chinese where they will conect with Norse tribe from the north Mongolia, Greeks (Alexander the Great army) in Himalais Mountain, and Atlantian Who comes from eastern sea. and after this Chinese will sending their expeditions on east and West. On West they come from south sea (indian Ocean), they believe they will meet Greeks but they visit Egiptian land with Greeks army (from red sea). Eastern expedition come to mesoAmerica and after one mision coming Aztec campaign

5) Aztec

-Make campaign when they have contact with Chinese, Egyptian, Atlantian and Norse
-Upgreade Gods powers
Other things are great and amazing with Aztec


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ABI3 Creator

Hi, we aren't planning any changes to the original civs so we won't make those suggestions.

as for the Aztec campaign, we are currently working on it. The god powers are also being worked to be improved.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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