Set long before the time of the epic Game of Thrones, 4,699 years before the time when Valyrian Dragonlord Aegon Targaryen took the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and became King of the Iron Throne, before there was even an Iron Throne. This is set during the Age of Valyria. The Fifth Giscari War had just ended in Essos, and 2,000 years ago, the Andals fearing that Andalos may be the next conquered city by the Valyrian's and their dragons, as well as the slavery that would have followed - The Andals fled Essos and landed in the Vale in Westeros, and thus began the Andals Invasion of Westeros. Now the Andals are a powered to be reckoned with, currently in the middle of their Conquest of Westeros. Many Kingdoms are fighting them, as well as fighting amongst themselves.

This is a time when the Seven Kingdoms we're nothing more than dozens and dozens of Houses, all bickering for control of their territories. Explore all those kingdoms, or journey over to Essos and see all the Dragonlords of the Valyrian Freehold, even House Targaryen, whom is considered to be of minor influence.

The Realms of Fire and Blood is an intense world that is full of political intrigue, treachery and mutinous Kings, Lords and Nobility. What will you do? Will you swear your allegiance to your Liege Lord as their Bannerman, to serve whenever called upon? Or will you take your own Kingdom, creating a dynasty to last the test of time? The time to choose is now!

We wish you good fortune in the wars to come!

The Realms of Fire and Blood is largely based upon the novel, "The World of Ice and Fire", by George R. R. Martin.

Looking To Volunteer or Discussing the Mod?

We are looking for volunteers in donating their time, for creating the following:

  • Scene Development
  • Asset Development/Scripting
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Textures (As Needed)
  • Storytelling/Dialogging

For those that are interested in volunteering or talk about the mod, you are more than welcome to join our official discord server, which is, here:

~ We wish you all good fortune in the wars to come!

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Mod Update

News 2 comments

Hello My Fellow and Faithful Subjects. I wanted to apologize for being out of contact, I've been having family trouble and then I had computer issues that took a bit to get squared away. It's been a few days and this is what we've got accomplished:

  • Completely Remodeled/Redecorated Discord (Channel Layout, information posts, the whole nine yards), and added more aesthetically pleasing role requests.
  • Restoring all the Website Support Services (Website, Bug Tracker), and I also revamped the Development Roadmap, this is available on the website.
  • Restored our Social Media Presence.
  • Revamped our Patreon Listing as well as updating the tiers after hearing questions about donating to the mod.

Now onto Development. After quite a bit of soul searching, keeping in mind what I want for the mod, what I envision down the road, and after consulting with my team, I have decided to back-peddle a bit and change our Base Mod from Brytenwalda to Viking Conquest, and the following is my reasoning:

  • Brytenwalda is certainly a good mod, there is no question. However, the module system is quite old and antiquated, by several years. Whereas as the Module System for Viking Conquest (Due to it being an Official DLC) continues being actively developed, with the latest update being just last month.
  • Viking Conquest is much more polished, stable, and balanced especially since the Reforged Edition was released.
  • Viking Conquest also has the ability for players being able to steer ships, which in the Game of Thrones Universe is essential when you are trying do a playthrough as an Ironborn Reaver.
  • Viking conquest also has the Expanded Religion System that was started in Brytenwalda.
  • And; One of the biggest things I love most about Viking Conquest is that their Menu Presentations are so much more aesthetically pleasing, such as the scenic view when you enter a village or town.

What this means is that there will be a steeper learning curve as I will need to figure out what is different about this module system behind the scenes. I would ask for patience as I lead the Realms of Fire and Blood down a different path.

Additionally, in the coming weeks, I will be looking for individuals with backgrounds in 2D/3D Modeling, Texturing, and Scening Development. If you fall into these categories, message my Hand; Dawdlepuss or myself through our Discord Server.

May you all have good fortune in the wars ahead.

~Queen Cesilia

A Little Update

A Little Update


A little update on The Realms of Fire and Blood and what we have achieved thusfar, with so much more yet to come.

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MRRamming - - 20 comments

First let me apologize for the length of this comment

How prominently will Valyria feature in this mod?

What perks can we expect from playing as a Valyrian?

Will we be able to forge Valyrian steel weapons and armor will they weigh less than regular weapons and armor as to weapons will we get more than swords and daggers and as of armor how strong can we expect it to be? And on that note will Valyrian steel items weigh less as stated in the lore of ice and fire?

will we be able to ride a dragon? I know flying units are hard to implement but I know it can be done I've even played a mod where you can control an eagle as a scout there's even a mod set in the late industrial era with planes and tanks if you manage to successfully implement flying dragons you will be a legend in the mount and blade community

will each culture be able add unique improvements to villages and towns? I think that feature would incentivize players to try out different cultures

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CesiliaTargaryen Creator
CesiliaTargaryen - - 111 comments

Hey! I apologize for taking so long to reply to your comment.

1. The Freehold will be in the mod, so I'd imagine it will have a big presence.

2. I'm not certain on the perks yet, as I haven't gotten to Essos yet, still working on Westeros.

3. Yes, I will be adding a certain for Valyrian Steel Crafting, and yes, more than just swords. I have even given thought to Valyrian Steel armor, but thats just an idea at the moment.

4. As to dragons, nothing has been decided as of yet.

5. I've already developed a system where each culture/nationality will have different starting points.

Thanks for your questions!

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lucasturey12 - - 8 comments

When can we test a beta version of the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CesiliaTargaryen Creator
CesiliaTargaryen - - 111 comments

TBD on that. There really is no estimation. If your interested in follow mod development, join our discord:

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MRRamming - - 20 comments

When do you think the mod will be avaliable on the steam workshop?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Eri-Sta - - 4 comments

Alright time to try new Mods <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ezequiel-dg - - 12 comments

It all looks very beautiful! I just LOVE the design of the wall, keep up the good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CesiliaTargaryen Creator
CesiliaTargaryen - - 111 comments

Thank you, I will pass your message along to the map designer.

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Guest - - 692,478 comments

Just make it fun and accessible. I dont want to feel bored by spending 5 years upgrading my serfs or being smacked by stupidly hard difficulty,

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
CesiliaTargaryen Creator
CesiliaTargaryen - - 111 comments

Fun is what I am looking for here, and I love everything about this mod's time period. Thank you for your comment. Feel free to drop us a line in our discord here:

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