Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA) is a stand-alone mod that combines Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert. While classic mode gets as close to the original game-play and balance as possible, Enhanced mode provides improved game balance and a lot of fun new stuff. DTA features many customization options for Skirmish and multiplayer (where you can play as GDI, Nod, Allies and Soviet on over 100 maps), challenging original singleplayer missions, as well as co-op missions. Since this is a stand-alone mod, you don't require anything but the mod itself to be able to play: the original game is not required.

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Version 1.1109 was released yesterday, but since our site is offline you haven't had a change to view the changelog.

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As some (most?) of you have already noticed, yesterday we released a new update, version 1.1109. However, as our homepage at CNCXS is down with us having no information on when it'll be back up again, you might be wondering about the changelog.

So here it is. Note that this changelog was written by Bittah so everything uncredited was done by him.

  • Added: 2 new scripts for the map editor; one for disabling building bibs and one for enabling naval yards for maps.
  • Added: New multiplayer maps; "Dante's Desert", "Red Valley" and "Circle of Death" (Credits: Lin Kuei Ominae, ChronoSeth, Rampastring).
  • Added: The launcher will now inform you how many players are online in the tray area when you minimize the game after starting it in CnCNet mode (a text balloon will appear whenever the number of players changes) (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Added: The launcher now shows the size of an update before you start downloading it (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Added: The launcher now checks whether all of the game's files are are present and original (meaning not corrupted or modified) and will offer to redownload them if any differences are detected (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Changed: The launcher's update progress bar now shows the total progress of the update instead of the progress for an invidual file (Credits: Rampastring).
  • Changed: The Comp Stomp version of Frozen Wasteland is now 4 vs 4 instead of 6 vs 2.
  • Changed: Mines now cost 500 credits instead of 200.
  • Changed: The MCV now has a greater sight range in Enhanced mode.
  • Changed: The Hovercraft MLRS has now 50% more hitpoints.
  • Changed: You're now taken directly to the LAN lobby whenever you start DTA in CnCNet mode (Credits: CCHyper).
  • Fixed: Buildings will no longer create a disco show during ion storms (they used to constantly flash during ion storms).
  • Fixed: The hunter seeker is now animated while flying towards its target.
  • Fixed: The V2 missile will no longer randomly fly in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed: The map "Carpark" fixed and has been readded (Credits: Lin Kuei Ominae).

CnCNet multiplayer has been fixed aswell; it was offline yesterday because our launcher didn't support CnCNet 4.0, a new version released yesterday. Speaking of CnCNet, we got some active players with our original release at Christmas, but there have been players online mostly around weekends. Some of you might have visited the lobby but have seen no one online, and have waited for a while in the lobby for someone else to show up. With this update you don't have to waste your time in the lobby anymore; you can go the lobby, minimize DTA and go do something else, since there's a tray icon notifying you when the amount of DTA players at CnCNet changes:

The new tray icon notification when the amount of DTA players at CnCNet changes.
Tray icon notification

The tray icon isn't present only when the amount of players at CnCNet has changed, however. At any time when you have DTA running in the background in CnCNet mode, you can hover your mouse cursor over the DTA tray icon and it will display the amount of DTA players online:

The tray icon when you hover your cursor over it.
Idle tray icon

Those are pretty much the highlights of this version. If you get any issues with the update or have some feedback, be sure to comment about it here on ModDB.

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