It is the year 2049, Earth has been completely devastated by an unknown alien race, their invasion was caused by an incident that occurred in the secret research facility, Area 51.

In the devastated lands, a group of scientists, led by the survivors of the initial incident, manages to craft a time machine using every resources they have, with the intention to stop the experiment from ever happening in the first place.

You, Mark Davis, a member of the resistance who's highly trained but lacking in experience is trusted to lead the monumentally high risk mission. You remembered being transported just as the lab doors were blasted open by the attacking creatures.

Now you're alone, weaponless, in a timeline unknown to you, with only one objective in mind.
Stop the experiment, one way or the other.

Remod is a mod for The Conspiracy in Shadow 2 that brings :

- HD models.
- Detail textures.
- HUD changes.
- Sound changes.
- Text changes.
- Map entity changes.
- Map texture changes.

Remod already includes TCIS, so you don't need to need to install any other versions, just install this one on your HL installation and you're good to go!

.eXe - HK416 animation
Acid_Snake - HK416 skin
Acidscar - Oxygen tank
Alan N - HGrunt skin
Ambient.Impact - Various models
BMS Team - Controller
Bermondseyboy2 - SR25 skin
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - 9mmAR/USP animation
Crowbar - Reactor skin | Xen barrels skin
DarkStorn/Darkkiz - Shotgun shell holder
Duffman - Shotgun UV
Editor321 - HGrunt edits
End Of Days - M203 grenade/HGrunt/Tripmine model
F8pc - SR25 skin
Fearfisch - Toolbox hammer model
Firearms Team - Medkit bandages
GSC - Skeleton
GamingLord - Gib models | HGrunt voices
Ghost Ops Team - HGrunt model | SR25/Shotgun animations
H4wk - M203 grenade/Shocktrooper/Hornetgun/Tripmine skin
Harry - Glock UV
Hav0c - SR25 model
Hellspike - MK23 UV Chop
HoENE Team - AI Girl
IMbrokeRU - MK23 animation
Killing In the Name - HGrunt skin
Kimono - SR25 skin
Laca - HGrunt model
LeonelC - Battery
Liquidator - Barney/Houndeye/HGrunt Medic/HGrunt Torch | HGrunt second headgroup face | HGrunt skin
Logger - UMP model
Lonewolf - USP UV edit | USP skin
Meltdown - Toolbox hammer skin
Millenia - Knife
Murdock - SR25 model/skin
NC_Furious - SR25 skin
Napoleon - Detail texture base
Norman The Loli Pirate - Player head | Case
Paranoia Team - Medkit pills
Pete3D - Syringe | UMP skin
RECB Team - Knife animation/Ammoboxes
Redwolf - Shotgun model
Renard - Houndeye
Romka - Various models
Shifty - SR25 skin
Silvio Dante - USP model
Slider - RPG model
Soul_Slayer - SR25 model
Splinter - HGrunt skin
Sproily - Controller/Snark
Stoke - Shotgun shells/HK416
Sureshot - SR25 skin
TS Team - Grenade
Thanez - Shotgun skin
The Coffe - Scope sprite
TheLama - SR25 model
Toadie - HGrunt skin | Glock animation
Trusty Crowbar - Various models
Twinke Masta - M203/SR25/HK416/USP's Match | Tripmine UV | USP UV
Wannabe - Glock LAM skin | MK23 model/UV edit | MK23 skin
Water Phoenix - Scientist/Headcrab/Zombie/Gonome skin
Werewolf - Barney
ZikShadow - Remod author
el maestro de graffiti - Glock skin
fat_al - Gib models
flamshmizer - Glock LAM/MK23 UV
gi777 - RPG skin | HGrunt edits
havok101 - Glock model
james- - Glock UV
ooppee - Can
ruM - Medkit bottle
sHiBaN - SR25 model
will - Glock LAM model | MK23 model

Extract the remod_tcis folder that is inside the .7z into your Half-Life installation folder (Where hl.exe is located, NOT inside any of the other folder such as "valve" or "valve_hd")"

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life"

There should now be a "remod_tcis" folder inside you Half-Life installation folder along with any other mod/steam-related folders you may have inside.

Restart Steam, The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod should be inside the Games list.

If that doesn't work somehow, create a shortcut of hl.exe, open it's Properties, add " -game MODNAME" to the end of the target bar.

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\hl.exe -game remod_tcis"

The mod also adds simple detail texturing, if not activated yet, type "r_detailtextures 1" and its counterpart into the console.

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News 4 comments

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod

A mod that feels like its stuck in time a lot of moments.

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod Screenshots

I think at this point it's almost useless to talk about whether or not I encountered a mod when it first releases around early 2000s to 2010, mostly because the answer would always be the same in that I wasn't there when it was first released nor do I know how the reception goes for the earlier days.

I can definitely tell you of a lot of things in my mind during the whole remodding though, like where's the original TCIS if this mod was called TCIS2? Was the original a project that the author abandoned but thought of a sequel for that worked better as a mod? Was the original actually finished but never released to the public or was lost? No idea.

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod Screenshots

Let's talk about the good stuff first, as always.
There's a couple of new weapons in your arsenal, and they work alright for the most part with some hiccups. There's new enemies, some lifted from OP4, some lifted from Gunman, and they do sometimes act like how they're supposed to, with some of their attributes mixed up to change things a bit.

The slaves have 2 extra variants, the cloaked ones and the shielded ones, I don't quite know what is different about the cloaked ones aside from their glowy overlays, but the shielded ones are definitely a high class threat, repelling all bullets and melee attacks, you pretty much have to use grenades to kill them, making them a mini garg in a way.

Same thing with the shocktroopers and the gunman monsters, in that they are given some shielding properties to their skins, requiring precise aiming or some very heavy firepower to take them down without your health going down to the dumps.

The maps themselves have some good looking brushes, with good use of transparents and additives here and there, nice ceilings too at times.

The leveling up system is quite interesting, though seems a bit underdeveloped with how it seems to only affect your health.

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod Screenshots

The models used to replace the weapons are distracting however, most of the weapons are CS weapons, but their hands were not even slightly altered to fit the setting of the mod. It's kinda worse than The Real in a way, in that that mod actually tried to reskin the hands to fit the OP4 hands theme, as bad as their attempt was.

In terms of random custom content, it's like the author didn't have any proper editing software most of the time, the VOX used in Area 51 confuses itself between sounding like a male or a female even though Valve's VOX system already has sufficient VOX lines to replace the "new" ones.

Some of the models chosen for the new enemies didn't make a lot of sense as well, like the Gunman rustbots being used for the initial base areas despite looking like they belong in temples with how rusted and molded they look, it didn't help that their coding are set to attack civilians as well, which makes the initial area just plain silly in terms of logic.

There's also the HUD, the idea itself seems cool in theory, but the execution was just simply cluttered, having numbers and bars to point your health/armor but having them all over the place certainly confused me during my first playthroughs. It didn't help that the HUD elements were taken from other mods with little alterations, often confusing me due to how a certain HUD sprite could've worked in the mod it originally took from is different from how it works in this mod.

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod Screenshots

The enemies themselves can be quite frustrating themselves, damaging you significantly while you damage them barely, it doesn't help that often than not, they respawn infinitely.

Yes, you heard that right, they respawn, infinitely.

Finishing this mod was tedious, I had to conserve my ammo and run away from enemies a lot, often losing too much health and ammo in the progress. I understand that the original intent was to make the mod feel like more of a survival horror instead of a normal BM-disaster-style mod, not to mention to show what it would be like if you're truly being invaded by creatures that just won't run out, but in my opinion it just wasn't that fun.

You got yourself a portable medkit to save you from sticky situations, but of course, the execution is dodgy, mostly due to how the non-portable medkit still exist, and they share the same exact model. The portable medkit itself also has an ammo model that might confuse you whether or not you can use it separately since the model is a first aid spray with a bandage.

There's also the ammo models, separate ammo types that uses the same models (9mmclip and .45 shares, 9mmarclip and AK47 shares, 9mmbox and 762box shares), it just slowly gets on my nerves more and more the further I got.

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod Screenshots

There might be a reason for the frustration, in that this mod is actually meant to have coop, but even that execution is done poorly. For one, you apparently lose all weapons after loading a new map, which, when combined with the infinite enemies, would mean quite the grief even with a friend by your side. Thanks to the shoddy coop implementation, playing on SP means that you can't pause the game when you go to the menu.

The map design itself is trial and error galore, early on, you have to run back to a security room to disable an automated alarm that you couldn't have known to use if you weren't running around pressing everything in the short span of time you were given before you get a mission fail from the rustbots that attack the civilians.
Then you found a trap that once again would seal progress unless you look underneath the elevator shaft that once again is never hinted at unless you randomly press the elevator button out of nowhere.
Then there's this pressure puzzle where you have to turn valves only after you turn on the coolants, but of course the instructions that's put above the valve is obscured, rendering you another death with curiosity.
Then that blasted block in Egypt of all places...

I dislike the puzzles here, basically.

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod Screenshots

The story itself is also dodgy in execution, the story was supposedly starts in 2349, but the weapons and technology used in the past are 20th century stuff, which means that it would be around +300 years of alien invasion that somehow hasn't already ended in humans defeat yet. There's apparently a buried Egyptian temple underneath Nevada of all places, what is the significance of this place? There's a Gonome that's only seen twice that apparently is supposed to be important with a line saying he/she is upset that you killed their babies, but then they did nothing about it and helps the Gman at the end? And the Gman of course appears to save the day even though you barely did nothing but survive so far (no, not even a boss fight or anything, it just comes out of nowhere).

It's all over the place, I don't understand at all what is supposed to happen, it's almost like the dev ran out of time/motivation/etc and just winged it, poorly.

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod Screenshots

I'll stop ranting for now, there's quite a lot of things that I disliked about the mod, but I liked the brushes a lot, hence why I did the remod.

In the end though, I hope you enjoyed all the same.
Thanks for reading.

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The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod

The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod

Full Version

1.0 release of The Conspiracy in Shadow | Remod. This Remod already includes the original files, so you don't have to install anything else. Enjoy!

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Hilfe/Help : couldn't open tcis2.wad

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I just played the first few seconds of your REMOD and I'm just impressed! Well, I'm the original author of this MOD and it was just a funny luck to find this REMOD after 4 years after it's release!

1. It would have been nice to get informed about this REMOD, in special there is no word of the original MOD authors name or a link to the original work. ( Edith: Found it now at the end of the video, realy? ) The map-design and story-telling(except the text information's you get now) is still the original one! My Email-Address still exist and the MODDB side as well. The first release was in 2005 btw.

2. TCIS 1 do not exist because I lost it at an HDD crash, if you would have read my comments at the original release here:
you would know that.

3. I'm impressed of your teams work and honestly yes, it's better than the first release. I would have been glad to had you on my side while I'm modded TCIS 2. It was my first try to develop a MOD/Game and I did everything by my own. I had no idea of coding, level-design or something else. I learned a lot of this while I'm created TCIS 1 and 2. There was no DEV-"Team" at all, just me and few Alpha and Beta-Testers. It took near 5 years to get everything finished, if I add the time of part one then 7 years, and no, I wasn't frustrated to get it to an end, I just had no better programming skills at this time, and yes, I was lucky to finally got everything together.

4. I used Worldcraft 1 and then the Hammer Editor beside the HL-SDK. There was not much more tools than this.

5. I don't understand your opinion regarding the original HUD, seems to be a matter of taste. There are no elements of other games except the "Armor-Man", the HUD was made by me! Also for a lot of people it was one of the coolest things of the MOD. :)

6. The Coop-MOD was just for 2 peoples with special munition rooms in every level. Did I said that I had no idea of coding at this time? :)
But yes, you are right, it's better you are playing it in single player. :)

7. The story, well question: How long was the time difference in Terminator since the first part? Yes, the humans survived also a long time before they could go back in time. Same at my story... They idea of these different locations(Egypt, Labor, etc.) was that you are drifting in time. The cut-sequence should have explained that. You see your dead if you won't stop the project. The "G-Man" was just a kind of supervisor between room and time, therefore the choice at the end. I had to bring it to and end at some point... :)

The ship in the Egypt level should explain, that they are already here since a long time. The scientist just used the technology from this ship for there experiment. Well, yes, I had to tell this in the story somewhere. Like you did with the text information's. Did I said that I had no idea of game-development? ;)

So well, I like your REMOD so far and will play it through. I just would have been glad to get informed that you are take MY work and revise it!!!

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for me it lags

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator

Large high-detailed areas combined with higher poly models than the original can do that sometimes, not much that I can do about it. It might help to acquire the original version and copy over the models from that one.

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How much of this did you say you predicted?
I seem to have forgotten the last 83 times you told me

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Here is some gameplay from this mod, feel free to use the footage for whatever!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Perhaps your best improvement remods to date! Many of my grievances with the original mod have been ironed out and the inclusion of more story notes helped me navigate and reach the ending moreso then the original!

Great job!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I've enjoyed your other remods, but this by far seems to be your most impressive work. You turned what sounds like an utter pile of trash from your description of the original into one of the best half life mods i've played in a while. Potentially worth being put right up there alongside the likes of USS Darkstar and Poke646.

This really deserves more attention.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

As the original MOD author I can say they did a good job! Things which I learned after that project are implemented now. In special the missing story nodes to get further, the new models of persons and weapons, sounds, HUD and they fixed the endless spawning of the enemy's(thanks god :). BTW the level design, textures(as far I have seen) and story-telling is still the ORIGINAL and made by me!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Holy hell. You have REALLY outdone yourself with this remod! I can't say i've ever played the original, but from your list of flaws it seemed really bad.

Instead, since my only experience was your remoded version, I was baffled at what seemed like a real gem of a mod was completely unheard of. Your remod turned what should have been a pile of feces into a genuinely really good mod.

God bless your work here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I, as the original MOD author, just can say yes and I'm fully behind your words except that it was a bad MOD. They have added new weapons(didn't had the skill while I'm created this MOD), sounds, HUD, fixed the endless spawning enemies and the best thing, story notes so you know what has to be done. EVERYTHING else in special the backbone(story and maps) are still the same!

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