Before we go into details on the mod, I want to give all of you an update:
One of the major factors this mod went dormant for quite some time was because my friend/voice actor/co-story writer Tim "Bulwark" Pederson was going through some issues with his setup, which made him unable to voice act for a while. I recently messaged him and he told me he is situated at a better place with an even better setup. This is good news! Especially because I know a lot of people loved his voice acting in Dark Reality: Twisted Nightmares.

Sometimes I broadcast map making, when I do, I will update the mod and Tweet so you can see :)

Also, feel free to follow my Twitter account, I will be releasing updates on development progress and will let you know when I go live on YouTube:


Or email me:

The FIRST anthology series in Amnesia! (Anthology series examples are The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Tales from the Crypt, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and many more, where they feature a new story and characters each episode.)


-50+ different stories
-20+ minutes of gameplay each "episode"
-Interesting and horrifying stories
-custom models and enemies
-detailed maps
-good stories
-voice acting
-Custom Music

Narrator - Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen (Dark Reality: Twisted Nightmares he played Robert)

|Episode list|

e1 - An Unexpected Visitor

Description = Lee Bakersman is like many others in the small town of Rockview. He moved there to find peace and quiet. Lee and the rest of his community will soon realize they are not alone, but being watched by the unknown...

Cast -

Nightscout (Frances on Dark Reality)
as Lee Bakesman

e2 - The Bridge

The Bridge was a Creepypasta story Kevin was working on, but decided it made a better Amnesia mod!

Description = A witness to the paranormal, which took the lives of his loved ones, Georgia born Kevin is a twenty-three year old Meteorologist in a small town just outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Kevin is living a life away from the horrid memory of his parent's deaths. When his past starts to hunt him down it is time that Kevin figures out what really happened to his parents. With the aid of his friend, Natalie, they must return to his home town and find out the dark secrets that lies within that small town of Georgia...

Cast -

Kevin Horvath (Paranormal Survivors)
as Himself

Natalie Helmen
as Herself (POSSIBLE)

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News 8/31


I have some good news! I opened a Twitter account, @KDHModDev! Feel free to follow and ask questions as I will try to answer them ASAP. Also feel free to email me,, I will check that occasionally and will try to respond as fast as I can.

Now to get into news about the mod:

Development has been done almost daily. This is great because I am feeling a bit motivated to work on it again. Currently I have a section of the house completed, but am still lacking an actual story. I have the gist of the story and where I want to send it at this time, but I will keep you posted on it.

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TheGamerPro9071 - - 315 comments


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KevinHorvath Creator
KevinHorvath - - 179 comments

Yes it is, development will be a bit slow but the first episode should come out sometime within the next three/four months, hopefully. The level still isn't done and the story is still being processed, but that are things I can do rather easily, considering these are short stories.

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TroHea - - 972 comments

20min each Story... WTF 16hours (lol for me only 8)

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PotatoDoge - - 127 comments

i think this one likes stanley parable

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KevinHorvath Creator
KevinHorvath - - 179 comments

never even heard of stanley parable until you mentioned it. im just a fan of rod serling

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Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

Thats nice.. Can't wait!

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Stayd - - 144 comments

50 stories is a pretty ambitious number. Good luck, I'm looking forward to it.

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G-H-O-S-T - - 117 comments

50 or more stories?! And 20 minutes at least for each episode! Wow! Good luck with this! Tracking!

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CheesyDeveloper - - 1,555 comments

"-50+ stories" Holy **** dude! If that's correct, then wow. Good luck with this! I'll be waiting for it :)

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KevinHorvath Creator
KevinHorvath - - 179 comments

Yeah that's correct, they are easy to make, as they feature less than 3 maps

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