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Don't waste your time in these mods because they're awful.

- A House
- A House 2
- Albtraum
- Alone and Forsaken
- Amnesia Jane Live Story Part 2
- Amnesia: The Forgotten Castle
- Amnesia: The Nightmare
- Amnesia: Tortures of Soul
- Amnesia: TenenteMors Revenge 2 and 3
- As Expected
- Better Go Alone
- Black Mansion
- Brain Washed
- CinnamonToastKen Escape Part 1
- Darc Castle
- Didomaggik
- Diet Sodapoppin
- Epic Turky
- Event Horizon
- Find Stephano
- Gloomy Mansion
- Goodbye With Home
- GabryGames- MOD fan
- Grandfather's House
- Great Enlightment (So gay)
- Grueling Adventure
- It Begins Slowly
- Jane Live Story part 1
- JM Castle
- Kept in Nightmare
- Laberinto Infirma
- Larry's Life
- Mane Six Mod (The stupid dirty ponies)
- Marcell Davis Horror Castle
- Martin Survival
- Max's Nightmare 1
- Max's Nightmare 2
- Maxx Survival
- Modern Amnesia
- No one will remember him
- Number 1
- Osvaldo-l'enigmista
- Pewdiepie Revenge
- Pewdiepie and Stephano
- Pewdiepie's Brother
- Pewdiepie's House
- Pewdiepie's Survival
- Phengophobia
- Pitch Black
- Redemption
- Rotting Prison
- Scary Barrels
- Scary Barrels 2
- Scp-087-B Amnesia Edition
- Shulle
- Stephano And Gonzalez
- Stupid Barrels
- The Dark Secret
- The Dark Troll
- The Dolan's House
- The House
- Time To Die
- Troll Story
- Useless Creepy World
- What is going on?
- xTenenteMors Revenge VS Player of Amnesia

Thats all.. But if you have any opinion, suggestions or questions, lets comment here and i reply it :)
You also tell me what i forgot and i will put it.

~Blood-Evangelion (A.K.A. EduBerseker and BigRedBird)

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578 members Arts & Literature

For us folks who like to stay Free and use the Blender 3d program over every other costly options!



159 members Geographic

Finally, a Filipino group on Moddb! This group is open for Filipinos, Fil-Ams, Fil-Chinese, and other people who live in or love the Philippines to join...



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For all fans of horror games. Those who wish to share your best horror experiences, connect news articles, share images, and find demo's.

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Amnesia Modders

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A group for Amnesia modders and players alike to promote works in progress, discuss editing techniques, and create new content for Amnesia: The Dark Descent...

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Fans of Silent Hill

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This group is for the fans of silent hill games to stay up to date with all things Silent Hill.

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AMC - The Walking Dead

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AMC - The Walking Dead / The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic television drama series developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the comic...

K-J Game Competition

K-J Game Competition

534 members Entertainment & Press

(Game competition here on This is just a normal group for people who can win great prizes. All competitions will have different marks on...

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,819 comments

❄ Merry Christmas! Blood-Evangelion ( ) ❄

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null_deadaccount - - 262 comments

[yee intensifies]

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Bad_Peek Creator
fiuuuuuuh - - 1,139 comments

"Hey!" Greetings

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Bad_Peek Creator
Bad_Peek - - 366 comments


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fiuuuuuuh - - 1,139 comments

Optimal compliment

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Guest - - 698,724 comments

what does it mean?

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,819 comments

Happy New Year!

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,819 comments

Merry Christmas Blood-Evangelion ^_^

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,819 comments

How are you for the time? :P

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Bad_Peek Creator
Bad_Peek - - 366 comments

I'm fine. :)

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