I'd beaten both all original DooM IWADs using the Hard Doom mod and I have to say it was a blast. I always found that there wasn't enough of the original DooM content in the mod. It was DooM, but not DooM. So, I'm taking a different approach. The same monsters, different taste of Hell.

The mod itself has received positive reviews in the ZDoom forums and on idgames.

Mod designed to operate with no other mods that modify the stock monsters or other actors.


ZDoom Development Thread: Forum.zdoom.org



-HD Sounds by Perkristian


I'm too young to die

-No Auto Use Health for inventory health pickups

-Normal Icon of Sin spawn rate

Hey, Not too rough

-Normal Icon of Sin spawn rate


-General: Zombies have multiple variants to add variety to your former brethren. Projectiles come out of where they would logically come from, not the middle of the monster’s face. Monsters also all have the correct blood color, and projectiles come out of where they’re supposed to, rather than the middle of their face.

-Lost Soul: Randomly replaced by Forgotten One (Lost Soul that follows you during attacks). Lost Souls do not bleed when shot.

-Zombie Man: Attacks with rapid three round bursts at close range (vanilla accuracy), more accurate single shots at long range (50% better accuracy). No longer continuous fire.

-Shotgun Guy: Random SSG Zombie replacer, 1 in 4 odds of spawn. Normal one fires same amount of pellets as player.

-Chaingun Guy: Random Double Chaingunner variant, 1 in 4 odds. Double chaingunner drops 2. chainguns upon death. They both fire more accurate bursts at long range, full auto at close range.

-Imp: 50% chance of the imp ball chasing you down like the Revenant's missile. The tracking ball is slower than the standard imp ball. Additionally, there is a 20% chance an imp will be replaced with a variant that throws a Baron plasma ball, of which, does not home.

-Demon: Randomly replaced by Blood Demon (Exact same attributes, except double the health). Also, they have a base damage of 4 rather than 6.

-Spectre: Same

-Cacodemon: Attack that launches 3 rather than one in a spread pattern like the Enhanced Caco -

Pain Elemental: Now has a melee attack with same range and damage as Cacodemon

-Arachnotron: Fire rate that matches the player's plasmagun

-Revenant: Fire 2 rockets, one from each shoulder

-Mancubus: Has randomly chosen patterns of projectiles. No more rehearsed patterns to get past their fireballs.

-Hell Knight/Baron of Hell: Random attack of 1,2, or 3 plasma balls.

-Spider Mastermind: Increase health to match that of the Cyberdemon

-Wolfenstein SS: Automatic fire rather than slow fire

-Stealth Monsters: Spectre style, cause that invisible crap annoys the hell outta me.

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Next Update


The next update will be released after I've made a few more sprite edits and have fixed small sprite quirks here and there with the zombie variants. I'm also playing with a few more ideas for features.

After looking at the sprites I noticed small quirks with the firing sprites and a few walking sprites. Though it may seem like a relatively quick fix for the sprites, I don't have the time to investigate them all as of yet. I'm also adding a few more decoration enhancements here and there so that the demonic invasion will have a bit more interactivity. Things like destructible hanging bodies and stuff like that. Be advised that I haven't modified any of the blocking and mass characteristics in the actors themselves, so there won't be any kinds of conflict in level design or otherwise related topics.

Have an excellent holiday ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the current version!

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TDM - V 1.9.5

TDM - V 1.9.5

Full Version

The most recent and stable release. See the ReadMe file in the ZIP.

Taggart's HUD

Taggart's HUD

Full Version

This is a simple HUD that I had created from multiple sources and resources. All proper permissions were achieved, and there is a Credits text file for...

Guest - - 688,770 comments

@JohnnyTheWolf - I agree, but I didn't want to make anything unbalanced. Ultimate Doom was designed with the single barrel in mind when it comes to shotguns. That being said, I didn't want to give the players an advantage that wasn't accounted for the in the design of the original game.

I won't be changing that.

(Yes this is the developer. I forgot to log in before making the post)

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JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,058 comments

Since Supershotgunners can be encountered in Ultimate DooM, it would make sense if they were to drop their weapon.

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dzero247 - - 100 comments

i always did like playing this and wish there was an actual update to this

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