SWFOC - Revised offers enhanced tactical depth, polished visuals and new units without changing
the original Empire at War experience.

New Update 1.4 released, check it out!

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from this mod:

- More tactical planning: You now have a multitude of unique buildings with unique properties
to choose from - on which ones are you gonna spend your precious building spots? Buildings

- Improved Rock-Paper-Scissors: Units are now balanced in a more logical way - without changing the
original Empire at War experience.

- Improved visuals: All projectiles were overhauled and many units were rescaled to represent their
real size more accurately.

1.1 Projectiles

- Improved defenses and space battles: A defensive approach is much more viable now. To keep the
game dynamic space battles can take on a much larger scale.

- Ground attack aircraft: Each factions recieves 4 unique ground attack aircraft each fullfilling their
own role in battle which adds a new level of complexity and decisionmaking.

1.1 Projectiles

- Many new units: There are many more faction units and mercenaries in both GC and Skirmish now,
breathing new life into Empire at War.

1.2 Units

- More streamlined progression in GC: The road from Tech 1 to Tech 5 is more streamlined which not
only increases the fun in early-midgame but also improves the faction balance by a lot.

- New tactics: There are numerous new ways to approach the enemy now including clever usage of ground
aircraft, espionage and holding galactic key-positions to name but a few.

Hunting aircraft...

- A multitude of minor improvements...You can read about all features here.

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All features at a glance

Feature 4 comments

Tactical changes:
- Slower hyperspace-travel for more tactical decisions
- Space unit cap of 30 for the empire and 40 for everyone else
- 10 seconds retreat timer for everyone, retreating units no longer take 4 times more damage -retreating should be a more viable option now
- Higher view distance for units to allow more tactical reactions
- Weather effects have a much stronger impact on the performance of your units now

Changes to income:
- Mining colonies now provide a substantial increase to income making them key positions in galactic conquest, more planets are marked as "mining colonies"
- Much higher planet base income
- New ways to earn credits: Gambling, labour camps (Empire), bonuses
- Credits from bonus objectives increased to encourage completing them

- Streamlined tech-research for longer early-/midgame
- Added the GC-maps from Empire at War for people who want to experience the conflict without Zann-Consortium

- Improved Rock-Paper-Scissors system
- Slightly weaker bombing runs, rebel bombardment buffed
- Massively buffed space stations, but also increased cost to encourage building them on key positions
- Fighter bays for mon calamari cruisers and Ackbar
- More cumbersome, but heavier hitting artillery
- Stronger turbolaser defenses, infantry should not get hit now!
- Superweapons now take longer to build and cost more to justify their power
- Kedable and Krayt capital ships now require a planet capable of producing such vessels

- Faster and better looking projectiles while keeping the original feeling
- Underworld lasers now orange, V-Wing/Venator lasers now blue
- Some units were rescaled to reflect their real size
- Slightly smaller hardpoints
- Infantry killed in action will take much longer to decay now

- New Sounds for many units/projectiles
- For now: Heavy/Light Turbolasers, Large Laser Cannons, AT-AT, AT-ST, Anti-Air, AT-AA, Artillery Fire/Explosion, Droideka, Pulse Cannon, Underworld Turbos, Ioncannons
- Changed main menu theme back to "Imperial March"

Minor changes:
- Categorized new units, build tabs should be less overstuffed now
- Maximum of 50k credits for skirmish battles
- Disabled LucasArts and Petroglyph intro
- Skirmish station/tech upgrades moved to tactical-upgrades; you can now produce units while upgrading your station/teching up
- New/Fixed descriptions for all units
- AT-AT and AT-ST firing now as seen in the movies

New Units/Buildings:

Neutral Buildings:
- Grand Arena (gambling)
- Communications Array
- Uplink Station (Espionage)
- Vehicle Workshop (Unlocks ground attack aircraft)
- Small/Big Orbital Construction Dock (New space units)

Neutral Units:
- Z-95-Headhunter
- V-Wing
- Pirate Fighter
- Pirate Frigate
- Sith Interdictor

- Podwalker
- Swampspeeder

Empire Land:
- Temple of the Dark Side
- Imperial Prison
- TIE-Attacker
- TIE-Ground-Bomber
- TIE-Ground-Interceptor
- Acclamator Invasion Ship
- Stormtrooper Platoon
- Imperial Sniper
- Sith Adept
- Jumptrooper

Empire Space:
- Eclipse-Class-SSD (balanced!)
- Executor-Class-SSD
- TIE-Advanced
- Victor II

Rebel Land:
- X-Wing-Attacker
- Y-Wing-Ground-Bomber
- A-Wing-Ground-Interceptor
- Corellian Assault Corvette

Rebel Space:
- Orbital Jamming Station
- MC80-HomeOne
- Carrack Cruiser
- Venator
- Mandator II

Underworld Land:
- V-Wing-Attacker
- Skipray-Ground-Bomber
- Starviper-Ground-Interceptor
- Crusader Assault Ship

Underworld Space:
- Munificent
- Providence
- Lucrehulk

- MC80, Stormtrooper Platoon, TIE-Advanced and 1.2 legacy unit icons: Mega Icon Pack by Admiral-Ace
- Sith Interdictor, Carrack Cruiser, Victor II, Munificent, Praetor, Providence,
Mandator II and Lucrehulk models: OldRepublic models pack 4.0 by Nomada_Firefox
Thank you for releasing these fantastic icons and models!

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SWFOC - Revised 1.4 [Recommended]

SWFOC - Revised 1.4 [Recommended]

Full Version 37 comments

Standalone 1.4 - Recommended Version / Update Info Below

SWFOC - Revised 1.2

SWFOC - Revised 1.2

Full Version 9 comments

Standalone 1.2: Balancing - Audio - Minor Stuff - Units/Buildings

SWFOC - Revised 1.1

SWFOC - Revised 1.1

Full Version 2 comments

Standalone 1.1: Audio - Visuals - Minor Stuff - Units/Buildings

SWFOC - Revised 1.0

SWFOC - Revised 1.0

Full Version 2 comments

Standalone 1.0: Tactical - Gameplay - Balancing - Visuals - Minor Stuff - Units/Buildings

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mod is great overall but there is an awful glitch where enemy fleets can arrive at one of the players planets without triggering combat, now your options are wait till they leave or attack, whn attacking your own world your space station will either appear as an enemy space station of th level you had built it to, or just not show up in the battle and be listed in your losses when its over

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I cannot get it to work after following the installation instructions. I ain't got no other mod.
What do?

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Found one bug in the GC map "Conflict begins". Planet Bonadan haven`t ways. I can`t capture it and finish campaign.

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i want to download but it stops me saying it contains malicious malware ideas on this

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Question: some said merc's earlier and i wanted to ask is it possible to add lore friendly units that build only on certain planets if you own them? would make holding certain planets more worth while.

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Laskar Creator

Right now I don't have much time to work on the mod, but this is certainly an interesting idea.

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Is there any way to download it on Steam? Because, I really want to play this mod.

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Laskar Creator

Simply download it here and follow the install instructions, it also works with steam ;)

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