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Stay Alive! is a FPS Survival Horror Single Player Mod for Half-Life 2 where terror and horror lurk around every corner. Little or no light adds to the feeling and atmosphere. Ambient sounds both near and far add to the anticipation of horror. Safe areas provide the player with enough time to recover and prepare for more! Fight your way through the zombie horde and the Combine, who are trying to contain the outbreak at all cost!

STAY ALIVE! Find your way to the "Safe Haven" and last stronghold for humaninity as the world we live in is being overrun by zombies!

-Levels of zombie infestations and Combine troops around every corner
-Ambient sounds add to the atmosphere of the game
-Use every weapon in order to survive
-Safe areas provide the user time to heal and recover
-Lighting effects add to the mood of the game
-Every chapter provides a new situation and setting for the player

Cascade Mountains, Oregon 2017; in a secret US underground lababorty scientist worked on a Top Secret project known as Project Eden, in a effort to cure the United States from a radical virus. The entire east coast of the United States had fallen victim to the radical virus known as "The Alpha Strain".

This powerful mutated influenza virus started to spread throughout New York City, and within days it had infected the entire eastern seaborne. In the coming weeks of what came to be the known as the "Epidemic of 2014", the United States government quarantined the entire east coast and enclosed the eastern states with a military controlled fortification that stretch from the upper most tip of Maine down to the southern most tip of Florida. Borders with Canada were sealed off and a military blockade was established along the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The US government tried to control the Alpha Strain, but all efforts were in vain. By 2015 the virus mutated and became more infectious and started to spread across the Middle Western states of America. The entire United States became a battleground and no one was safe from the Alpha Strain. The virus continued to infect the greater population, and millions of lives were lost.

In 2016, the surrounding countries and even the island countries of the Caribbean had fallen victim to the Alpha Strain. The United States developed Project Eden in order to save humanity from a viral extinction.

New York City, 2018; when Project Eden was complete the US government started to issue vaccinations to a selected population throughout the United States. Within a week the selected populations were cured and all the symptoms of the virus disappeared. Soon a state-wide vaccination was issued and the population returned to a healthily status, and life went on as usual.

In 2019, the Alpha Strain returned and once again infected the greater population. It seemed that the Eden Vaccine only suppressed the virus and its symptoms. The virus mutated to a level never seen before, and started to turn victims into something else. Chaos started to erupt throughout the United States, neighbors turned on neighbors, friends turned on friends, and families turned on each other. Reports of mutilations and severe cannibalism spread across the United States, the government had no other choice but to stop the virus at all cost. Military fired on infected and innocent civilians alike to cover up the mess; no one was sparred. The United States was declared a biological hazard war zone. Word spread of the cover up by the United States government and the orders to kill on sight. A stronghold and "Safe Haven" was established of uninfected citizens and military personnel somewhere hidden deep within the state of Alaska. The Safe Haven's location was broadcasted throughout the US, offering citizens a chance to live in a peaceful utopia and Alpha Strain-free world and start over again.

"To those who are still in the Biohazard Zones... Safe Haven awaits you, where you can start all over again and live in a beautiful utopia free from the Alpha Strain Virus and the chaos of the world. Stay alive! May God bless you and keep you safe." End transmission...

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Stay Alive!

Stay Alive!

Full Version

This mod from evan0605 is a single player survival/ horror mod. You must survive a zombie infestation.

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Friggin **** this is. its impossible to like this mod. this is more of a fun mod than a kinda serious mod, why the hell so many zombies. This was even shittier than coastline to athmosphere(I actually liked the maps).
Cta would just spam you with combines and leave you to ''deal'' with it.
peolpe need to know where and how many npc's to use or they fail like this mod.Thx-_-

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That's exactly what we need.
An unprofessional zombie mod, maybe made by kids who think:
"yay, let's make a zombie mod cause zombies are sooooooo cool, totally awesome."
K, go make a zombie mod, but think about INNOVATION and don't just fill a room with AI-less zombies.

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noooooooooooooooooooo no more combine more zombies

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"Stay alive v.1"
Developer review- Being a mapper and moder my self i know how hard it is to map produce advertise, model, and make trailers. their was allot of mapping to do and little coding, i saw no trailer (for v.1 that is)and no new models. and ever sense when has everyone stopped using info nodes? as a developer i give it 4/10

Gamer review- one more zombie game to add to the list i guess. no real jump moments and the gun placements were just dumb, i couldn't see what was going on, and my flash light kept dieing on me! i enjoyed the background picture on the menu then the game it's self. 2/10

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Version 2 is looking good!

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I thought at first that it was a dream or perhaps a game the player was having. As I went on, I began to doubt it. When I reached the street level, I quit and uninstalled the game.

MY two cents:

This game is utter ****. **** off kthxbai and don't come back. Making an assload of boxrooms and boxstreets full of zombies and combine does not make you cool. How did this hunk of **** get on moddb in the first place? whatever, im out. Get the **** off moddb and don't come back, losers.

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What the thing is this mod? Its a red room full of zombies scattered around! Hey look! Lets put a bunch of zombies over there, make a SQUARED labyrinth and invent a heck of a story. This mod fails.

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Smoking only give you the illusion that what your creating is

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420, anyway.

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why does there have to be combines around every corner? -__- kinda fail man....

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