This is basically the ultimate shader mod. It is a compilation of effects from EVERY shader mod and has been insanely optimised to give improved performance. These shaders also give a higher-frame rate than vanilla and much higher than Sky4CE's shader mod. The easiest way of looking at the optimisation is "Pluck all the hairs from your body to minimise drag before you go competitive swimming. Except your eyebrows because then you would look like a tool." That means there is absolutely no graphical disadvantages in anyway and the performance is astounding in comparison to other available shader mods.

This mod is compatible with 95% of other mods and is highly recommended.

A list of features include:

All of these shaders were originally based on Sky4CE SkyGRAPGICS v2.0 RC4.1 and Stalker Forever Water Shaders v1.0, Float32 2.0 combined with the shaders that come with LURK 1.0552.


Step 1. FSGame.ltx
If you have not used a mod before in STALKER it is required that you enable the game data folder. To make this happen, look inside your STALKER root directory and you will find a file called fsgame.ltx. Open it up and it should be the second line you need to edit. It will appear (If you haven't edited it before) like this:

$game_data$ = false|true|$fs_root$|gamedata\ This is telling the game to ignore everything and just read the game files in the database archives. We need to change that. Change that line to appear as:

$game_data$ = true|true|$fs_root$|gamedata\ Now it will load any files you have in the gamedata folder instead of the same named files in the databases. Simple? Save and exit.

Step 2. Extracting

Extract the shader folder into your STALKER gamedata folder. If a shader folder already exists, delete it to ensure compatibility.

Step 3. Setting up

Make your way to gamedata\shaders\r2 and locate a file called "ShaderSettings.txt". From there you can enable and disable all the features included in the mod. Remember, there are many features that are disabled by default which you can activate yourself.


How do I install SSM over another mod?

Delete the current shader folder located in gamedata/shaders then replace it with the contents of this mod. I suggest you then modify your ShaderSettings.txt file or use a preset settings file to suit your needs.

Can you describe the preset files?
Full Performance - All extra shader effects disabled, more FPS than Vanilla
Balanced - A balance between performance and quality
Extreme - Everything maxed out.

I keep getting the error "Your video card doesn't support Pixel Shader 1.1 or higher"
There are three causes for that error to show up:
1. You did not configure ShaderSettings.txt properly and caused an error
2. You installed over the top of a conflicting mod and it somehow bugged out instead of replacing the existing shaders
3. I could have broken a shader file

So how do I go about fixing that?
Here are the solutions to the above scenarios:
1. Try either rolling back your ShaderSettings.txt file or restoring a preset or the original ShaderSettings.txt from the mod
2. Delete the current shader folder located in gamedata/shaders then replace it with the contents of this mod
If you can't figure out how to fix the problem, go to %AppData%\XRay Engine\reports and email me the crash ZIP file at

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STALKER Shaders MAX 1.05

STALKER Shaders MAX 1.05

Full Version 7 comments

Now with Meltac's dynamic depth of field and various other tweaks and bugfixes

STALKER Shaders MAX 1.01

STALKER Shaders MAX 1.01

Full Version

Improved the layout of the settings program and added more debug options to the end of the script.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 52)
Mummelpuffin - - 29 comments

Doubt anyone will see this, but is the ****-yellow flickering of lights in the world intended? They go from a bleak grayish color to yellow clown puke for like 0.2 seconds every few seconds and it's really frustrating me. Doesn't seem like there's any particular setting for it, just a weird interaction with lights already in the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 688,627 comments

It's when lightning is happening.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TOVOT - - 178 comments

ALSO: working very fine (complete or modular: I try to add only r2 bloom, blur and clouds, and work) in Dead Air mod:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PrincePAUL87 - - 6 comments

Hi, I know this might be a long shot but I just tried out this mod and have a couple of issues.

-First I was unsure about how to merge the blind_stalker.txt file as mentioned in regards to the option folder. I added the line to the function, however I am unsure I did it correctly. It still asked me to overwrite, so I tried doing that and it seems to work?

-My main issue now, and even before adding the optional stuff, is that my weapon seems to blur. I'm unsure how to fix this, but I am assuming there is a tweak that can be made to correct it. Any idea what this is I am talking about?

-Lastly, when using iron sights, there seems to be an odd shadow effect on the edges of the screen at times. It's not constant if I spin around, but it seems to come and go, even when standing in the open. Is this due to a specific setting or likely a GPU issue?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 688,627 comments

just turn of sun shadows

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,627 comments

Can I enable parallax map while using static lighting? It looks so good when I enable dynamic lighting but I can't run it well on my portable toaster. The only difference I see it the sky box. It makes my nights much darker and nicer looking.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kingo64 Creator
Kingo64 - - 18 comments

No, there are no additional effects in Static Lighting, only performance optimisations.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
chabbles - - 2 comments

Can this be installed with Complete 2009 mod ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
reconditex - - 2 comments

Hello@all, how can i change the grass shadow distance? normaly i can do that in the user.ltx ---> r2_sun_near
But with installed shadersmax mod, it do not work anymore.

Can somebody help?
Sorry for my bad english ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Cies80 - - 2 comments

poorly explained how to make this @%@# to work, I only get Pixel Shader v1.1 or higuer require. mine supports 5.0

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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