IMPORTANT : FOLLOW THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY AND FULLY OR YOUR GAME WILL NOT WORK! In addition, please DO NOT use the build weather addon for now - it has a bug that has yet to be fixed.


Step 1: Download and install a fresh copy of STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl patched to version 1.0006. The Steam and GOG versions are perfectly fine.
Step 2: Open the "Base" folder, and drag everything inside into your install folder. This is usually something like "C://GOG Games/ STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl".
Step 3: Read through the optionals folder. There is a readme included for every addon so you can see what you might like. Read each readme for an addon before you install them.
Step 4: Open the bin_x64 folder and create a shortcut to XRengine.exe. Launching the game from steam or GoG Galaxy will not work.
Step 5: Add the -steam parameter to the end of the "Target" field in your game shortcut properties. If you don't do this, the game won't launch! (This applies to all copies, even DVD, as it tells the engine that you are playing the Worldwide/English version of the game.)

Common issues and solutions:

If you are getting a "openal32.dll is missing" error, then please download and install OpenAL:

Welcome to Memories of the Zone - a highly customizable vanilla plus modpack for STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. This addon started as a personal passion project, as Shadow of Chernobyl is one of my favorite games of all time.
I wanted to pretty up the game a bit, as well as make sure I had all the latest bug fixes and stability tweaks available.
It took a long while to get these mods to play nice, so I hope you enjoy the fruits of this labour as much as I will. The zone calls, fellow stalkers!

This mod, in the base install, includes the following mods:

- OGSR x64 engine for enhanced gfx and performance
- Zone Reclamation Project for further bug fixes
- Absolute Nature texture pack
- Absolute Structures texture pack
- Photorealistic Zone 2 texture pack
- Original Weapons Renewal 3 for better weapon animations, textures and models
- STALKER Weather Overhauled v3 for enhanced atmosphere and climate

+ a number of tweaks, additions and personal fixes (for example, working EAX without the need for a sound card! Try it out, its great)

In addition, there are various Gameplay, Sound and Visual addons available in the Optional folder for you to customize the experience further to your taste.
Want to be as vanilla as possible? Going for your first playthrough? The base install will suit you just fine! The only optional I would suggest then is the Clear sky Sidorovich.
Otherwise, it's all up to you! Options have been provided to give returning players some extra challenge without going over the top.


- The amazing STALKER modding community (especially the authors of the mods used in this pack) who made all this possible. Without them, this pack couldn't exist. A special thank you to the following mod authors for their amazing work, parts of which are integrated into this project:

1. The OGSR engine by the awesome OGSR team. They are the reason you can play SoC in x64 bit with all these great features! Show them some love:

2. The incredible Zone Reclamation Project, the other core backend of this mod that was worked on tirelessly by the community for years and receives support to this day:

3. Cromm Cruac for his amazing work on the absolute texture pack:

4. The incredible TZP team for their work on Photorealistic Zone 2 texture pack

5. r_populik for the awesomely detailed OWR 3 mod:

6. Trojanunch for the epic STALKER Weather Overhaul:

7. The legendary AMK team for AMK ballistics and other optional AMK addons:

8. Autumnal Wanderers for Medicine Mod integration and optional textures:

9. STALKER Sound Overhaul by Darius6:

10. The Complete Team for various textures:

11. Frostbite for converting the Sidorovich model:

12. MrStalkerHacker for HD Models SoC

13. FWR Team for build textures, FWR:

I may have gotten it all working and done some fixes, but they are the real magicians! Show them some support!

- All the lovely people on the C-Con Discord. You guys are great. Join the Discord here (You can also access a repository of stalker mods and ask mod related questions here) :

- My testers. You know who you are ;)

- E'ruiq, who has been a great help in helping me fix a few UI related bugs that were affecting the mod, as well as providing feedback and suggestions. Check out his profile here, he's awesome!



- ZRP Alternate All Spawn (more loot in hidden places, tougher enemy spawns)

- AMK Ballistics (much higher weapon damage and overall more intense firefights)

- Medicine Mod (All consumables have sounds associated with them, and using one will cause you to holster your weapon until the sound is complete. Additionally, food and drink no longer heal and medkits heal over time.)


- Sound Overhaul (enhanced ambient sounds from a popular SoC sound mod of the same name)


- AA2 Style Eye Candy ("De-autumnized" Autumn Aurora environmental textures)

- Alternate HUD (with/without minimap) In the style of builds with complete style textures.

- AMK Marked One Character Portrait

- Alternative Arm Textures

- Clear Sky Sidorovich Model

- Disable Head Bob

- HD models for NPCs (screenshots included in download, based off the original HD models for ShoC mod.)

- Reshade Preset

That should be it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues! I'll be happy to try and help.

Good hunting, stalkers :)

- Use "Generic Sound Driver" + EAX for enhanced audio.

- Grass density, range and shadows are quite performance intensive. They would be the first option I would change if you get bad FPS.

- If you use AMK Ballistics + the Alt All Spawn, be sure to bring a lot of meds with you ;) you'll need it.

Download Link:

I have posted a google drive mirror as MODDB servers are too slow in my country:

Gameplay Videos:

Sneaking into Agroprom:

Fighting Mutants:

Car Park Assault:

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Hey all!

It has been one year since the initial release of our project! Many things have happened, both in terms of our project and real life since then. Thank you all for the support we've been getting this entire year!

But anyways, in other news: The Memories of the Zone project is being temporarily frozen until further notice. woopersnaper, the project creator is too busy with life to be working on modding right now, and didn't want to hold the project up anymore when he's unable to. Right now, I, jjzargo will be taking hold of the project, try to build a team and complete it. And maybe woopersnaper might join in later on.

But this will take some time to do, especially when I'm already busy with another project for STALKER. Chances are, development will continue in 2022. But until then, we will all have to wait.

Thank you for reading.. and good luck out in the Zone, Stalker.

- jjzargo, Memories of the Zone Team.

MOTZ screen1

Memories of the Zone - Mini update on the project!

Memories of the Zone - Mini update on the project!

News 5 comments

A mini update/announcement on the future of the project!

Update 1.2

Update 1.2


Various graphical enhancements, plus one minor fix. No new game needed! IMPORTANT: 1.2 is incompatible with the "AA 2.1 Style Eye Candy" addon. Please...

MOTZ has been released!

MOTZ has been released!

News 25 comments

MOTZ is now ready to play! Please read the article fully to see installation instructions, mod details, videos and download links.

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HOTFIX - needed for both versions

HOTFIX - needed for both versions


VERY IMPORTANT - final hotfix for now, fixes ui bugs and a texture issue.

Version 1.2 update

Version 1.2 update

Patch 7 comments

Various graphical enhancements, plus one minor fix. No new game needed! IMPORTANT: 1.2 is incompatible with the "AA 2.1 Style Eye Candy" addon. Please...

mouse wheel fix

mouse wheel fix


This optional patch re-enables mouse wheel weapon scrolling.

Memories of The Zone v1 1 repack

Memories of The Zone v1 1 repack

Full Version 29 comments

A highly customizable Vanilla+ modpack based on the OGSR x64 bit engine and ZRP, as well as various other graphics mods, enhanced sound (working EAX without...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 262)

Good mod for a "powered" vanilla experience.
I have disabled the eax as it is too general and not localized only in suitable(indoor) places.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Brilliant mod! It really does seem to be the definitive "Vanilla Plus" experience.

I'd like to suggest a couple more "optional" mods to include: Blowouts mod, and Artifact Activation.

I tried merging the Blowout mod with MOTZ myself, but I did something wrong and caused crashes.

Both seem perfect for a "vanilla plus" mod like this, as an optional addon. Blowouts and Artifact Activation are popular features in many big mods like OGSE and Oblivion Lost, and they were originally supposed to be in Shadow of Chernobyl. Of course the random blowouts were eventually implemented as a standard game feature in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.

Artifact Activation makes artifacts much more interesting - rather than just being loot that you can sell, or something that you can wear to get a small stat boost, you can choose to sacrifice an artifact and use it like a bomb or trap, creating a vortex or springboard or electrical anomaly in the middle of a combat situation.

And artifacts being able to generate these sorts of anomalies would explain why there is a lucrative trade in smuggling artifacts out of the zone - it's hard to imagine the outside world being so interested in them if all they did was reduce bleeding from wounds (at the cost of causing radiation sickness!)

I'd love to be able to play MOTZ with those features. I'm sure there's lots of other people like me that enjoy the blowouts and artifact activation in mods like OGSE or Oblivion Lost, but don't like how those mods massively alter the game's balance and difficulty and quests.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Lost Alpha also has blowouts and artifacts upgradable detectors.

And Autumn Aurora 2.1 has a beautiful artifacts detection(invisibles and not collectables if not detected).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yeah good point, blowouts are in Lost Alpha as well. In fact, pretty much EVERY big mod has random blowouts, because it's something that was originally supposed to be in the game (and which was made an official feature in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat).

The same goes for Artifact Activation - it's in the game's official "Capture the Artifact" multiplayer mode, and then mods like Oblivion Lost and OGSE reenabled it in singleplayer.

Although I like Autumn Auorora's invisible artifacts that need a detector, it's also a massive change to how the game works, so perhaps a bit too much for a vanilla plus mod like Memories of the Zone. It would probably mean copying a huge amount of stuff from Autumn Aurora, and changing every map in the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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Very nice modpack, if you're looking for a vanilla plus experience, look no further, the x64 engine port makes it so much better looking and optimized.

Jun 5 2020 by Skullfort

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