It’s the distant future and mankind has expanded beyond its solar system. After spending several centuries traveling, expanding and populating, humans perfected the use of wormhole technology. But wormhole technology comes with a price: it consumes a natural resource found only in particular systems. Many more decades passed as humans built and placed the wormhole devices at strategic points in their little section of the galaxy, thus creating a network of “jump points.” During this time, Mankind had been aware of a war that spanned the galaxy, though known only by the effects their technology left behind. Through research and investigation, humans had learned that there was a massive war taking place between two powerful races: the benevolent Aeryopolis (silvery bird-like creatures that are described as looking like mercury), and the ruthless Kreen (bizarre looking creatures thought to have once had the ability to change their appearance at will. There is no current record of what...

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In-game Shots and the Linux Installer


Happy Holidays everyone! Those of you who side with the penguin are going to like this one. We're proud to bring you a Linux installer for Spatial Fear...

Spatial Fear v1.2 Released!

News 3 comments

It's been a while since we've released something hasn't it? I know you've all beeen waiting a long while for this one, so here it is without any mumble-jumble...

Mods of 2003

Mods of 2003

Feature 6 comments

With 2003 almost behind us, it is time to look at the year that was 'modification explode' and scope out what captured gamers imaginations, hearts and...

Announcing Spatial Fear v2.0

News 14 comments

It's been two entire months since I last reported the state of Spatial Fear v1.2. There is, of course, a reason for our inactivity in public releases...

A Spatial Fear update, mmmm


looking over those images I displayed the day before, I thought to myself "You know Chris, you could do better."  So I set off and gathered these jewels. ...

Spatial Fear


This mod caught my eye and had to see if a good team could make a fun and well balanced single player mod on UT. They did it and did it well! Look to...

Spatial Fear

Spatial Fear

Feature 12 comments

You play as a female Science Officer aboard a General Deployment Unit, the Antimatter Discharge. Your duty was to assist in deploying a man-made wormhole...

Spatial Fear: Prologue version 1.2 progress

News 1 comment

Hello all, I'd say it's high time we chime in for a v1.2 progress report, don't you?First off, we have a few new team members here at Liquid Element...

Site re-design and more!

News 2 comments

The Liquid Element site has been completely re-designed from the ground up. The new design fits our image much better, and is a bit less clunky. I hope...

even more gallery images


Today, several new images have been added to the gallery on our moddb profile, and our site's gallery. There are new images of Jael, and several creatures...

Spatial Fear in PC Zone UK

News 4 comments

If you were to browse through the latest issue of PC Zone UK (April Issue), you would no doubt see their review of Spatial Fear: Prologue.Although they...

More Images


I've just added a plethora of images to the gallery, so go check them out :)

Fileplanet's "Best New Mod" poll


If you haven't already voted in fileplanet's "Best New Mod" poll, and you liked SF: P, then feel free to rock the vote in our direction :)

Linux Version announced!


Hi all. We at Liquid Elemant are not ones to ignore our community. So in response to an increased demand for a Linux version of Spatial Fear: Prologue...

Spatial Fear Released!

News 4 comments

That's correct folks, Spatial Fear: Prologue version 1.1 (Unreal Tournament) has been released! There are two installers to choose from: the upgrade installer...

Spatial Fear v1.1 Release Date


Hello, fans. The final patch/enhancement for Spatial Fear: Prologue is being finalized this weekend and should be ready for download Tuesday or Wednesday...

Site redesign and move


Hi everyone. I though I would drop in and inform you that our official Spatial Fear: Prologue site has received a redesign and has moved directories...

Spatial Fear has been released!


hello everyone. I am very proud to announce that Spatial Fear: Prologue has been released! You can find the download mirror links on our website.

I think I'll post a bit of news here :)


Hi to everyone visiting our entry in the Moddb, this is an official notice that this is not our official headquarters (hehe, that was a bit redundant...

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