It’s the distant future and mankind has expanded beyond its solar system. After spending several centuries traveling, expanding and populating, humans perfected the use of wormhole technology. But wormhole technology comes with a price: it consumes a natural resource found only in particular systems. Many more decades passed as humans built and placed the wormhole devices at strategic points in their little section of the galaxy, thus creating a network of “jump points.” During this time, Mankind had been aware of a war that spanned the galaxy, though known only by the effects their technology left behind. Through research and investigation, humans had learned that there was a massive war taking place between two powerful races: the benevolent Aeryopolis (silvery bird-like creatures that are described as looking like mercury), and the ruthless Kreen (bizarre looking creatures thought to have once had the ability to change their appearance at will. There is no current record of what...

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This is a very good mod!
I already played it when it first game out, and it rocked hard!

Back in a time when most mods where rather small and their assets most of the sub-par, this mod certainly stood out with it's high quality textures and level design.

Only a handful of other mods could compete with this back then.

Nowadays things may look a bit different, but on the other hand, nowadays most teams try to go indie instantaniously and want to get crowdfunded. Somewhat a bummer.

Thats one reason why i love mods like even more: they where made out of passion, without financial interests.

singleplayer ut mods are such high quality!


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