Smoke39 here. This was an old project of mine to generally spiff up Deus Ex. Although a bit scatterbrained and buggy, it served as a test bed for a lot of cool ideas, many of which I've re-used in the mod's successor (not yet released).

Originally released on the DXEditing forums and later the Off Topic Productions forums, Blade_Sword took it on himself to preserve my mod here on ModDB. His original synopsis follows.

Blade_Sword's original synopsis:

The smoke's mod had the same ambition as the shifter mod, by trying to "remove the suck" from Deus Ex, but in a different way as shifter, the mod is unfinished and works only with the original Deus Ex, not the DX mods

It adds a lot of features and changes much more the manner how the weapons work, the wearables and some augmentations.


-Some redone weapons (in terms of working) and adjusted damage for some of them
-The ability to use augmentation canisters to upgrade your augs

-Some changed ammo (EMP darts that replace flare darts ineffective against bots; it works only against cameras / turrets, beams and electronic switches)
-Some redone augs (you can use the spydrone to control computers) & Datalink can be upgraded to hack into terminals and computers from far away
-Augs can be disabled if one of our body parts are highly damaged (except the regeneration biomod)
-Limited supply bots (limited health and energy output)
-HL crouch jump & perform long jumps and high jumps.
-You can use crouch before landing to cussion a fall.
-Grenades with variable throwing range.
-Deadlier turrets
-Invisible laser beams
-Tear gas no longer kills you but instead screws with your vision & aim
-Ability to throw your knife with the weapon throw key when your skill is trained
-Modified the graphics of blood in water, tear gas & drunk effects.
-Wood splinters, shell casings, blood & entrails don't disappear
-added new sounds and more

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- Installation -

- back up in DeusEx\System if you really want to; it seems to redundantly
contain a bunch of text from DeusEx.u, overriding many of my changes

- unzip to DeusEx\System

- open DeusEx.ini in DeusEx\System and above the line that reads
add a new line with

- also in DeusEx.ini, make sure "DefaultGame" is equal to "DeusEx.DeusExGameInfo"
(if this pertains to you, you'll probably be messing up another mod by doing this step)

- open User.ini and make sure "Class" is equal to "DeusEx.JCDentonMale"
(if this pertains to you, you'll probably be messing up another mod by doing this step)

- Description -

Changes a bunch of details in DX to spiff up the game. Some things that have been changed
or added that aren't explained or necessarily apparent in-game are:

- You can now "duck-jump" like in Half-Life. Just crouch in mid-air and you'll be able to
climb onto higher things.

- You can reduce fall damage by pressing crouch half a second before you land, ducking
into the fall and absorbing some of the impact.

- If you run, crouch, and immediately press jump before releasing crouch, you'll long jump.

- Crouching and then jumping just after releasing crouch will execute a high jump.

- Dropping the combat knife at trained low tech skill or better will cause you to throw the

- Crouching with a rifle or heavy weapon will reduce recoil and scope view waver, and
increase the rate at which the weapon's accuracy increases while still.

- Damage dealt is converted to a number of skill points that go toward the next skill level
of the weapon used.

- If a part of your body takes enough damage, augs installed in that slot (excluding health
regeneration) won't work until you heal that body part sufficiently.

- An aug canister containing an aug you already have installed can be used to upgrade that
aug. A medbot is still required to do this.

- The spydrone can activate buttons and switches, use computers and keypads, and read
datacubes and other information devices.

- Charged items can be deactivated now.

- Ballistic armor and hazmat suit charges are reduced based on relevant damage taken as
opposed to idle use.

- IR goggles now 1: actually let you see people in the dark, and 2: allow you to see people
through walls a bit.

- Your swimming skill determines your weapon accuracy while swimming.

- Holding fire before throwing a grenade will cause you to throw it farther.

Besides those changes and additions, keep your eyes open and try different things. Some
bugs and logic have been fixed, though there's still some stuff I'd like to change sometime
in the future. There are also a few additions that are a bit quirky in a few situations.
Nothing major. Worst case, they just look kinda out of place. Also, don't bother trying to
play this in multiplayer.
- Version History -

- v0.2a

modified the install instructions for clarity and thoroughness
added a note about the swimming skill to the Description section

got rid of some accessed nones in DeusExWeapon.Tick() which were making the log file
become insanely HUGE and likely slowing the game down

fixed weapon reload bugs

starting a new game REALLY clears your inventory now

sniper rifle waver is no longer zero at low skill levels

changed progress bar colors from blue->fuchsia->red to cyan->blue->dark blue

having zero energy no longer prevents you from toggling augs that require none

firing the LAW while using its scope no longer leaves you locked zoomed in

health regeneration aug is no longer disabled by high torso damage

water blood should cause slightly less lag, and doesn't kill the beginning of the
ocean lab anymore (lots of carcasses in water there, blood now does not appear
in unrendered zones)

aggressive defense no longer defends against darts, flamethrower projectiles, etc.

ballistic armor degrades 4x as fast now
ballistic armor protection against explosion damage has been halved

AI now better acknowledges that headshots are quieter

you now have a quarter of the time to defuse mines
demolition skill affects the fuse of mines you place

tear gas looks nicer now
rather than killing you, tear gas now interferes with your vision and aim

dirty toilet water becomes clean when flushed

added sounds for:
-charging at a repairbot
-healing at a medbot
-installing/upgrading an augmentation
-drinking soda

firing the flamethrower no longer shakes your view

holding fire before throwing grenades makes them go farther

flareguns don't lose their fire sound after changing levels
mini crossbow dart texture now stays correct after changing levels with it selected

idle view wandering takes longer to kick in

you can no longer reload if your clip's full or if you don't have any extra ammo

firing the last 20mm grenade with auto reload on no longer locks the assault gun
firing bullets

JC no longer makes pain noises or drops decorations when damage is fully absorbed

you can now only use one of each charged pickup at a time

speed aug works properly now

EMP darts now affect turret guns (you used to have to shoot the base)

- v0.1a

first release

The people are propoerly credited in the read me

And I'm not the maker of this mod if there is any question, I am only the publisher

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Smoke39 v0.4a

Smoke39 v0.4a

Full Version

Previously unreleased work-in-progress updated version. Has some fixes, balance changes, and other tweaks, but may not be fully tested.

Smoke39 v0.2a

Smoke39 v0.2a

Full Version

This is the last version to be released publicly.

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Blade_Sword Creator

If I have a comment to smoke mod, because I'm only its publisher over this site. I'd say I do like most of its approach to the gun play.
I'm not fan of its aimbot enemies which makes some wearables and augs a bit too essential for combat because you basically can't avoid hitscan weapons.
Though these enemies are more dangerous than vanilla, but in this case I generally prefer shifter's AI or GMDX AI
Most Deus Ex mods tends to improve that so there is no big surprises there.
Considering how old this mod is, it's inferior to the later mods I mentioned, but because it's an alpha, and vastly unfinished I will judge it more with what it brings than what it actually have accomplished even if in terms of accomplishment it works fine.
For me smoke mod was the first attempt to demonstrate the spirit of the game (IE being an open gameplay game that could be played stealthily or more combatively bringing challenge to both kind of players)
It allows more the player to play the way they want simply by improving the guns of the game.
It's not perfect, but it works quite well IMO
The PS20 who was a piece of junk in the original game is more interesting than what it is in shifter, it throws a burning plasma ball and burns a single enemy, you can stack them which is great for an untrained pistol skill weapon. While it makes a cake of any grunt, more powerful enemies are either invulnerable or needs more fire power to be defeated. The flamethrower it much better (TNM have a very similar one with the same effects)
The fact that killing enemies with a particular weapons reduces the cost of the said weapon skill isn't a bad idea, but I think it forces people to use the weapons in question or otherwise training the weapon skill for occasional use is too costly, it's a bit better approach regarding what shifter have made with the skill points, but still, I think not having rewards for killing someone is better imo.
The improvements on the weapons are various, the spread of shotguns aren't variable for example (this includes the shotties and the plasma rifle) they all have a determined spread so if you loose accuracy you can even completely miss you enemy while you try to kill him. I think the assault shotgun and the scramble grenade quite became pieces of junk now.
The AS is too inaccurate, and the scramble grenade which became an hologram makes the enemies alerted and end up to know your exact position ... I do like decoy things but the weapon was screwed up.
On the sound department there is a few improvements, the assault rifle and the silenced weapon sounds are much better. The assault rifle is now a good weapon and its grenade launcher works fine, when swapping ammo on this one it doesn't reload, and each "weapon" have a proper reload count which is 1 for the grenades and 30 up to 45 for the bullets
The recoil of the weapon is better managed and have more influence than before. I think the pistols should have been reworked because they are a bit too weak, normal pistol is a revolver and the other one should have more ammo per mags.
Augmentations are a bit funnier to use like the spy drone who can use computers and terminals, it actually brings functionality to it.
The mod gives more usefulness to most items, it also makes the dragon tooth more compact while also being less powerful.
It's still the best melee weapon of the game, but it gives more point to invest in melee than how it was before.
An other thing related the the laser beams, in addition of having them invisible, putting a crate in front of them makes the alarm always sound while before it ceased and then we could pass without any problem, with smoke you need to disable them, I haven't recently tried the extinguisher / pepper trick but even if they work I think it's fine because you can't exploit that indefinitely while putting a crate and wait is much less risky in any case.
If I have a complaint to make in the weapons here it's more the non addition of non lethal stuff. though the EMP darts are a good tool for stealth players as it can disable lots of annoyances without needing the computer skill, it's a nice touch because EMP grenades and EMP weapons in general were only efficient against robots and too inefficient against other devices, here its powerful against both except the EMP darts that are only efficient against most security devices like turrets and cameras (like water arrows in thief 2)
Actually for non lethal stuff; GMDX and the mods like TNM and cassandra project have the most interesting additions to the deus ex arsenal.
Shifter unfortunately only adds lethal ammo, while being fun (dragon breath, flame bolts, exploding bullets) it doesn't bring new tactics for the most part aside of making the flamethrower available at any skill at some point.
There is little tactics surrounding the non lethal elimination while lethal gameplay is quite diverse. I also do like the approach of certain mods making shotguns being what they actually are (Swiss knives)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

You got technique, you need to get into modding more, perhaps create a mod sequel to the original story of deus ex? i would love you if you did this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Blade_Sword Creator

I think going into a full TC would require too much for me.
learning how to port my models to DX and program some of it would be good enough.
Besides if I was going to do something like that I would need a team of mappers, texturers, sound makers, modelers, voice actors, writers and all that stuff. because I can handle most of the item modeling and potentially some of the programming, but the rest wouldn't be possible by my own.
Mods like TNM, Revision and 2027 took years before becoming reality.
Even the HDTP and New vision projects.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Well that's the thing though, deus ex lives on forever, i mean look at all these amazing mods that are still being made 15 years since its release, but anyways if you ever consider it im your voice actor, i can play multiple roles with different voices, i did alot of voice acting in nihilum

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Blade_Sword Creator

I see, though I need at least to have a start before thinking about hiring people for such things.
Also it depends about how deep I can go and what the engine allows me to do.
I haven't created the smoke mod, just to clear things up, I have modding capabilities, yes, but it's a bit limited to UE2 and 3 for now.
Technically modding for UE1 requires me to learn about some tools, Some modders actually gave me some clues about how to do things but so far I never been able to replicate their stuff.
I will see what I can do in the near future.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thats good though, just remember you can never have enough deus ex mods, thanks for doing so much for this community man we appreciate it big time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Blade_Sword Creator

Thank you, for now I only published mods from other people here.
I only participated in two UT2004 projects for now

Reply Good karma+2 votes

EMP darts don't really work.
I shot like 15 of em on a security bot but it didn't get totally disabled.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Blade_Sword Creator

The EMP darts are just made to disable security devices, the damage setting is too low for the bots because it's not supposed to be used on them.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Good mod.Too bad it isn't compatible with hdtp demo though :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Blade_Sword Creator

It's incompatible with other mods that's where shifter is smarter ...

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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