While the TEC, Advent and Vasari are embroiled in their own struggles for survival a new threat has emerged, intent on spreading it's infectious plague throughout the universe. The sickening ruthlessness in which entire populations are infected or destroyed is alarming to the TEC, Advent and Vasari alike. If the Plague wasn't enough they were immediately followed yet another race calling themselves the Nephilim. The initial encounter with the "Nephilim" held promise they would unite in defeating the Plague. However, Initial attempts at diplomacy have failed as the Nephilim seem single purposed in their pursuit of the Plague.

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A quick recap of 2013 and what's coming for 2014 with Sins of the Fallen (Lots of new features).

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Sins of the Fallen

A quick update on the mod, 2013 and what's in store for 2014.

It's all about customization

Sins of the Fallen is a fully customizable mod for Sins of a Solar Empire. In fact it pioneered the concept of splitting factions into multiple mini-mods creating a truly flexible approach to creating unique gameplay experiences. Want a total conversion feel with Fall of Kobol or Transhumanity- no problem, just activate those factions.

Sins of the Fallen is one of the largest mods for Sins of a Solar empire boasting 6 unique expansion factions added to the already existing 3 vanilla factions . This works out to 16 choices when selecting your faction and loyalist/rebel decision.

2013 saw new Titans, corvettes and abilities added for Rogue Loyalist/Rebels, Hypercorp Loyalist/Rebels, Plague, and FoK factions. Each faction also got a host of new Research subjects supporting the new Rebellion features.

It's not just about the factions

Multilingual Support
Sins of the Fallen supports 3 additional language translations for string text: French, German and Spanish. Yeah they're Bing translated but guess what... That's what Stardock does too!

Planets, Planets and more Planets
Sins of the Fallen boasts the largest number of high quality planets in any sins mod. Choose from 5 different optional systems adding new planets, gas giants and moons to any map in the galaxy.

New for 2013 is the Kobol system which initially has 10 new planets but will grow larger in 2014.

Optional addons help increase the fun by adding things like capturable moon bases or alien artifacts to find, adding optional effects and giving starting flagships to each faction.

New for 2013 are the addons for disabling Titans and Superweapons, Adding Bonus Density to maps and Effects.

Don't like TEC as the militia every time? Solved- just activate an optional militia for your desired faction (requires the corresponding faction to be loaded). This works great for setting up a total conversion with FoK.

Arggghh! Pirates!
One of the new additions this year is Light (default) and Heavy Pirates. Heavy pirates include capital ships with their Raids (Thanks to SZO) while light pirate raids will work like usual.

Another new addition to Pirates is the ability to set Rogue as the Light or Heavy Pirate variant.

What's in store for 2014

First and foremost is to finish Nephilim . I've already acquired new assets that will be awesome for the faction and will be designing their abilities for a release sometime next year.

More Artifacts
I don't want to spoil the surprise- so lets just say more artifacts with more interesting gameplay implications!

Random Events
More random events unique to Sins of the Fallen!

A new NPC that will replace the pirate AI with a completely new look/feel and capabilities (including research available to the pirate class NPC). Thew new NPC assets will also be available to replace as the Militia type.

Bug fixes and enhancements
There never seems to be an end to finding missed issues (thanks to many of you) or improvements I want to make ;)

Thanks to everyone for their support and feedback over the many years. It's been a lot of fun making this mod with you.


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Been amazing watching this mod evolve over all this time.
You rock, zombie, seriously.

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Great going Zombie. Sounds very nice. :)

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Thanks for the update Zombie. Always a pleasure to hear what you're working on. I'm really agog at what you've achieved with SOTF so far, and am really looking forward to what comes in the future. You're an inspiration to many of us.

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The one and only Mod i rock on my system keep up the awsome work!

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Hey guys, I love this mod, but it crashes with multiplayer. Any one else having issues? Anything I can do to help report this so it gets fixed?

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name of Rogue announcement song pls!!!!

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