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Welcome to Shogun Supremacy(SubMod) for Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition, all changes made thanks to Morghs M&B WB-WFAS Editor.

Big thanks to Aruda the creator of that great mod.
This is a full file so no need to download Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition(for your comfort).

Just copy the file to your module folder like you do with any other mod.

This mod i played hours on hours, mostly as a clan leader(love that feature), anyway those are just some things that added my play of that mod a little more flavor, this submod remind Shogun 2 total war(hard fan as well), it just felt right for me to give those two games some combination.

List of changes\edits:

-Renamed & re-equipped troop trees*
-New troops*
-Items stat adjust*
-Bigger party size for farmers, caravan and outlaw parties(rebels)*
-Overall changes*

Renamed & re-equipped troop trees*
"Yari Ashigaru- replace the "Spearman
"Bow Ashigaru- replace the "Skirmisher
"Samurai- replace the "Ji-Samurai
"Katana Samurai- replace the "Retainer
"Veteran Katana Samurai- replace the "Veteran Retainer
Officer still Officer(added pistol to his inventory)
Hatamoto troops still Hatamoto
"Mounted Katana Samurai- replace the "Mounted Retainer
"General BodyGuard- replace the "Mounted Officer
Bow Samurai- replace the "Marksman" (from here the Bow Samurai can keep up with the bow branch or to go to "Matchlock Samurai" that use firearms)

Furthermore i tweaked some of the items on troops needless to point, you will see some troops with little diffrent(or added) items just so you know.

New troops*-
Light Cavarly-
Yari Cavarly-
Yumi Rider-
Fire Cavarly(replace the "Yumi Rider" for some clans)-
Ikko Naginata Cavarly Monk-
Hired Monk Gunner-
Exiled Mounted Rebel-

Items stat adjust*-
Melee weapons were given +1 to 3 points in swing\thrust(exept Tanto ,Ninjato and Wakizashi).
Arrows ammo decrease but damage is higher:
Target Arrows 35 ammo 3 damage-
Arrows 30 ammo 5 damage-
War Arrows 25 ammo 7 damage-
Ceremonial Arrows 20 ammo 9 damage-
Foreign Arrows 20 ammo 10 damage-
All Jingasa helmets given +5 body armor to make the Ashigaru units survive a little longer.
All horses now have + 50 hit points.
All food prices went down by half(still the same amount).
Nanban Handgun stats chagned to- Teppo Handgun, 100 Accuracy, 45 speed, 215 shot speed, ammo 1, dmg 69.
Firearms reaload faster(instad of 16 speed rating it went to 26 speed rating).

Bigger party size for farmers, caravan and outlaw parties(rebels)*-
Farmers party now go between 30-40 in size(got servel Ronin in the party).
Caravn party now go between 35-50 in size(got 10+ Hired Gunners in the party).
All Rebels(including looters) go now betrean 10- 25 in party size(have a chance to have 1 or more Ronin in the party as prisoner).

Overall changes-*

Making the Nanban Handgun working as a pistol.
All Yari Ashigaru speed(of attack) incrase by 10.
Ashikaga Shogunate troops are now slightly stronger then other clans.
Can now buy Horo in evrey marketplace.
Re-colored map.
All firearms can now be used on a horseback.
Most of the troops now have battle banners on their back.
Ronin Party(Manhunters) now have 20+- party size.
You now start the campaign with 4 Ronin at your party.


Future plans:

-Making Naginata troops(branch) for each clan
-Adding special elite\uniqe unit for each clan(or making it the Samurai uniqe for each clan)
-Fixing bug when some troops spawn with no weapon
-Get feedback from you

Your truly TheSwan44.

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Shogun Supremacy(SubMod)

Shogun Supremacy(SubMod)

Full Version 17 comments

Welcome to Shogun Supremacy(SubMod) for Gekokujo - Daimyo Edition, all changes made thanks to Morghs M&B WB-WFAS Editor. Big thanks to Aruda the creator...

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Is this save compatible?

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I was really glad by the time this module was released... I'm just hoping to see some updates... I still play this module btw...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This may sound crazy but only update want from original is to get rid of the sitting bug. It drives me insane every time in a castle talking to noble and no one is there. Does anyone know how to turn off or remove?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

What a nice piece of hardwork! Keep making this kind of mod.
I suggest you to make mod based on the minor country's histories.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

when I'm in a siege there are doors that do not open and I have to kill the defenders through the fissure of this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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My takeda spear ashigaru just punch the enemy

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can you do anything about convincing new Lords to join ?
I have conquered 4 different factions and still no Lord is willing to join me (same for every of my different games and even with cheat adding reputation/relation).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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shimazu ashigaru matchlock have bows in battle ! not guns !!

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