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Stormbringer 1.4.2

STORMBRINGER 1.6.1 English translation
Stormbringer 1.6 English translation files

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You are running along a dark street, smelling of blood and burning, you must hold your ground! The Lord supports you and you will live forever, of course, and your sword has no mercy - they cannot stop you! Kill! Kill! KILL! Kill, so for those allies who follow you it will be easier, and then, collapse on a pile of dead enemies and live forever! Do not ask for mercy and do not give it to anyone! Blood fills everything around, it's good, it's easier to crawl, no! Not now! There is still a bit, a few more killings before the victory ... No! You do not want to wake up! Thousands of faces persuade you to close your eyes. You want to grit your teeth. Faces ask you not to do this. One more breath. Faces frown displeasedly. You can't breathe. It's not fair! Faces nod in agreement. You do not want back! Faces become look guilty, hide their eyes, gather in a round dance. Their dance turns into a sparkling funnel. A dry whirlwind picks you up.It's shining. A lot of light. You fall into cool water, dissect it with your powerful body, disperse waves on the sides. You are in your natural environment. Water is life. Life is... Life is everything around. You spread like a flowing river, meander through a magical land. The shores are filled with people you once killed. You know them all by name. They are waiting and calling you. They do not hate you. You are their brother, forever. You don't have to pretend anymore. There is no pain and fear. This is a magical land, it attracts you with its blue cloudless sky, its rustling groves, where there are no snakes and predators. You are drawn to her, you were born here, and you will stay here forever, nostalgia for a nonexistent homeland picks you up with a yellow leaf and circles you above the ground. And suddenly you see everyone who has gone before you - Lucius, the centurion Decius, Memnon and the Eternally Alive Trayan who is looking at you so sadly and guilty, oh Gods! There are so many! And even more of those whom you killed, they are also here... Behind them are still faces, thousands of faces, thousands of hands, thousands of words. You drop hundreds of questions, words swirl in the air, carried away by the wind. You take off from the earth and fly to heaven - now you are at home - it's just there, somewhere in an unimaginable distance, someone took pity and finished off your empty body... For this world has changed forever, because there was only...

Scorched ground

In the new world, old thing awaits you: massacre from horizon to horizon. War goes everywhere: from the icy wastelands of the North to the barren sands of the Sahara. Dozens of new units open up many tactical opportunities, and each faction now has its own military doctrine. Enemies have become more stubborn and merciless and defeating them will not be so simple.


Population decline, financial crisis and plague outbreaks are gradually killing an already weakened empire.

Black bitter smoke
Fighting armies can personally see crematoria on the battlefield

Mass killings, torture, bullying
Show the conquered where their place is and let them forever remember who their true lord is and of course, do not forget to enjoy their suffering!

Asymmetric war
The brutal hordes of barbarians, endless rebellions, unprecedented rampant banditry, social crisis - can you keep the empire from collapse? Or will it fall into the abyss under your rule? Or will you be the one to strike her decisively?

Angel of Death
Get terrible nicknames depending on your actions on the battlefield and world map: Lord of the chains, The Bloodthirsty, Black Heaven, Rooter... - what does it mean? You have to find out...

Poisoned wells, destroyed buildings, burned crops, desecrated soils, killed prisoners - you will see signs of decay on the actual battlemap, portrayed by ambient settlements! Also a series of buildings in campaign will represent the state of chaos and extinction!

Religious fanaticism
Plant your chosen faith with the help of new buildings!

Faces of death
On the battlefield you will be able to encounter piles of skulls and corpses, zoroastrian dahmas and mass burials!

Way of the Warrior
Destroy thousands of enemy soldiers and then take your fate.

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Stormbringer Gigantus has come to this world!


New huge map is ready! Long, addictive, viscous gameplay for fans of really long campaigns. Huge armies slowly move around the map, continuous attacks, sieges, oncoming battles, spontaneous uprisings and merciless invasions of barbarians, leaving behind only destruction and death!


The SBM will seriously test your qualities as a strategist, because the enemy has become absolutely ruthless and merciless. The battles also became more stubborn due to the increased tactical flexibility of the opposing armies. The supplemented soundtrack will immerse you in the thick of the bloody and terrible era of the decline of the Western Roman Empire. Build an invincible army and try to march victoriously across the known world! Fight everywhere! The gloomy cruel forests of Europe, the deadly sands of Africa, the foggy lands of Britain, the endless steppe wastelands, the ancient cities of the East - everywhere there are enemies ready to challenge the madman who decided to enslave these lands and pay for it with his own blood!


Patch 1.4
The main changes
The map of the stormbringer Gigantus was introduced
Visual display of strategic maps (SBM, SBG) has been changed
Fixed many errors of unit recruiting
Fixed errors of the boats
Added new units to a number of factions
The characteristics of units (damage to the spearmen, the protection factor has been increased)

Updated pictures of the Celts

Palmyrian heavy spearmen.
Highly resistant armored infantry is effective against cavalry and as a flank cover.

Light Takabara - aggressive warriors recruited from warlike eastern tribes.

Kardaka Comitatenses. Another attempt by the Persians to create a copy of the Roman troops.

Heavy takabara. Perfectly armed and prepared warriors suitable for deadly frontal attacks.

Heavy Persian spearmen. Excellent warriors effectively opposing any cavalry and most types of infantry.

German night raiders. Extremely aggressive light infantry, ideal for ambushes and transient skirmishes.

German militia. The poor folk called to war in difficult times.

Band of spearmen. Large groups of warriors trained in anti-cavalry tactics

Chosen German spearmen. Hardened veterans of many battles are a terrible threat to any cavalry.

Foederati - punishers. Numerous warriors are terrifying enemies.

Foederati militia. Hastily called up barbarians to protect Roman borders.

Foederati medium spearmen. The mass infantry of the border Roman territories armed with simple but effective weapons.

Foederati Foot Nobles. Chosen German troops in the service of Rome.

Stormbringer 1.3 for Barbarian Invasion has been released!

Stormbringer 1.3 for Barbarian Invasion has been released!

News 1 comment

Stormbringer is a massive overhaul of Rome - Total War: Barbarian Invasion, which changes the models and textures of every single unit in the game, adds...

Scorched Ground mod: The Kushan kingdom

Scorched Ground mod: The Kushan kingdom


Brief description of the faction. Known information. Origin.

Scorched Ground: The Saxons

Scorched Ground: The Saxons

News 1 comment

Brief description of the faction. Known information. Origin.

Stormbringer (Scorched Ground Demo) has been released!

Stormbringer (Scorched Ground Demo) has been released!

News 4 comments

Stormbringer (SB) is a full-fledged mod created on the basis of SG materials, but it is in turn a demo version. The campaign takes place on a vanilla...

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Stormbringer 1.6.1

Stormbringer 1.6.1

Full Version 49 comments

Stormbringer (SB) is a full-fledged mod created on the basis of Scorched Ground materials. It features Late Antiquity scenario on a Stormbringer Magnus...

Stormbringer 1.6.1 English translation files

Stormbringer 1.6.1 English translation files

Language Pack 3 comments

English translation files for Stormbringer 1.6 Unzip the folder and place it in the SB modfolder replacing original files

attila music for stormbringer

attila music for stormbringer


i adapted my bi mod to work on stormbringer,now you can have a consistent music,plus the music pack is below 200 mbs so it wont impact peformance on the...

Stormbringer 1.4.3 Patch

Stormbringer 1.4.3 Patch

Patch 8 comments

Patch 1.4.3 Bugfixes and balance adjustment STORMBRINGER GIGANTUS A rare glitch with geography. Fort siege. Glitch with geography. Critical crash. Ireland...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 24)
Edna1 - - 1,616 comments

I know the link can feel sus but is just a picture upload to show you the error i get and can't start the mod

but if you not wanna click it i just write horde_min_units: is not supported

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
oleglubecko - - 84 comments

прошу модератора удалить мои замечания по причине устранения их в обновах мода..в них уже нет смысла..спасибо !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Edna1 - - 1,616 comments

any chance is comes to remastered?

thanks god i still have the original on steam

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
dylancapone - - 10 comments

can you make an installation video? I'm slow:(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,997 comments

Can i see the music names on the playlist?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Guest - - 688,997 comments

Mainly roman_battle 4, 8, and 13

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
oleglubecko - - 84 comments

не знаю кто тестил фракцию сасанидов..как я не старался поднять экономику но доход в один ход поднять не удалось..всё болтается в пределах 10-12тыс..как я должен на эти средства воевать с римлянами и чудовищными ордами эфталитов ? а о повстанцах и узурпаторах даже разговора нету..я не в состоянии сформировать даже 2 профиссиональных армии..в чём прикол такой системы ? в создании сложности любой кампании должен быть заложен какой-то выход ,какая-то цель..пока я этого не наблюдаю.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 688,997 comments

к ребельской крепости Суонов Скандинавия нет сухопутной дороги-это так и нужно ?сравнил линейку пиктов с остальными фракциями--и заплакал..это фракция для выноса без шансов ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 688,997 comments

в старой версии мода арбалетчики римлян были важным юнитом,а теперь совсем никакие..вообще удивляет тот факт что тяжёлые копейщики один ход а топорщики-2 ..а почему собственно ? опять чтобы комп набирал заведомо проиграшных юнитов..такое впечетление что это правки исключительно Ланжана а не Скайнета..зачем долгое строительство казарм ? опять воевать бомжами ? это всё резко отличается от тех задумок автора в курсе которых я был..4 отряда копейщиков-новобранцев не могут заколоть генеральский отряд катафрактов.ну 2-3 ещё куда ни шло--но 4 это перебор..

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Lanjane Creator
Lanjane - - 358 comments

Both files (the mod and translation) have been reuploaded.
Version 1.3.1 fixes:
- Stormbringer Magnum campaign: Added 3 coastal settlements to Arabia, one settlement to Baltic region and one to British Isles (to support Celto-Picts)
- Terra Incognita divided to prevent map scrolling CTD
- Added rebel Arabs to Arabia regions
- Fixed Roman Exploratores spawned for Romano-Britons
Localisation fixes:
- Replaced Blemmye references with Eastern Roman Empire

Files are waiting for ModDB authorisation

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