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Have you ever wondered why the majority of popular games have some sort of zombie mod for them (Counter-Strike Zombie Mod, TES4: Oblivion 28 days later and so on) and when it comes to everyone's favorite Rome: Total War, Google faints and has nothing sensible to respond to the request Rome Total War Zombie Mod? It is high time to deal with this problem!

We want to create a vision of the zombie Apocalypse on the RTW engine in the ancient period (ye! the Greeks, the Carthaginians and the barbarians against zombies!), to create a good mechanism for the spreading of the zombie-virus, infecting and destroying mankind [not just to add a zombie faction that will be able hire zombies].

The Zombie Apocalypse will be "the same as usual" that means that zombies are stupid-infected-undead brain-eaters, same as in "The Walking Dead" series

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This article is created to support the Zombie Mod Beta version that is not yet released. However, everything described in this article is already included in the mod and you will see it in Beta.

What is this all about?

The Zombie mod provides a vision of the zombie Apocalypse on the RTW engine in the ancient period. We have created a good mechanism for the spreading of the zombie-virus, infecting settlements and destroying mankind [not just to add a zombie faction that will be able hire zombies]. This article is devoted to explain this mechanism.

Is the zombie faction playable?

Yes, it IS! Zombie have their own faction called "Contagion". Contagion is not capable of hiring/upgrading any units or building anything. All they are capable of is attacking armies and settlements on the strategical & tactical map. They gain new armies (units) by infecting regions on the strategical map.

symbol256 contagion

What do zombies look like?

Zombies are stupid human brain eaters. The can not use weapons but may still wear some armor.

Are zombies different?

Yes, there is a great variety of zombies. Moreover, zombie have some AoS (area of spawn): for example, in Italy you will mostly meet roman peasants & zombied legioneers e.t.c; in the east you will meat zombied sparabara & cataphract cavalrymen e.t.c. Moreover, there are zombie animals like dogs, elephants e.t.c.


How does the contagion spread?

First of all, zombie plague and standart game plague are different things. Settlement may be get infected by both the zombie virus and the standart game plague. We will speak about the zombie plague.

There are two building in game that are connected to the zombie infection.

Zombie outbreak

biohazard active

This building automatically appear in settlement when it gets infestated by the contagion. Population gets infected and zombie groups appear near the settlement (the amount depends on the size of the settlement). Moreover, this building decreases public order, health and total trade amount in settlement.

This building can and should be demolished as soon as it appears in the settlement.

Permanent infestation

biohazard passive v2

Settlement gets permanent infestation when zombie capture it (for the first time). This means that region will produce little farming output, trade will go really bad, population health will become low. And, ofcource, public order will be decreased due to the poorness of the region.

This building is permanent and can not be demolished. Do not let zombie capture settlements or will face low income & public order.

There are 4 ways on how does theinfection spreads in game:

  1. Direct infestation
  2. Zombie spreading
  3. Random infestation
  4. Infected enemy agents

Direct infestation

This is the most simple and obvious way. Direct infestation happens when zombies capture the settlement (for the first time). Building permanent infestation appears in the settlement and a lot of zombie spawn near the settlement (depending on the size of a settlement).

When zombie capture the settlement, where the permanent infestation is already exists, nothing happens.

Zombie spreading

When zombie get close to the settlement (8 cells distance) there is a chance of 100% that settlement gets infected. In this case, Zombie outbreak building will be automatically created and some zombie will spawn near the settlement (depending on its size). To prevent this kind of infestation & zombie spawns, declare martial laws in your settlements (read about martial law below).

Do not forget to demolish the Zombie outbreak building or you will get more zombie spawns.

Random infestations

Each city has a 3% chance to get totally infestated each turn. In this case you will loose the control over your settlement (contagion will own it) and get massive zombie spawn near the settlement.

To prevent your city from getting random infestation declare martial law.

Infected agents

Spies may get infected when they visit infected settlement (your settlement or settlement of some other faction). Then they may be used to infect enemies settlements.

How do I fight the infection?

In the new infected world you are going to face massive zombie crowds. So always keep huge and strong army to defend your borders from zombies.

However, keeping huge armies is not enough to fight the infection. In order to protect your settlements from random infestations, zombie spreading and infected agents you need to declare the martial law in your settlements.

Martial law

martial law

Declaring Martial Law in a settlement has several standart effects:

  1. 50% to law (bonus)
  2. -25% to happiness (minus)
  3. -10 to trade (minus)

However, it highly reduces the chances for getting the zombie virus.

  1. 0% (instead of 3%) to get random infestation
  2. 20% (instead of 100%) to get infestation from zombie spreading
  3. 5% (instead of 20%) to get infestated by enemy agent

Good luck in the new post-apocaliptic ancient world!

You can help us make this mod better

You can help us make this mod better

Feature 1 comment

Severals ways on how to help us bringing this awesome mod to life.

Zombie Mod Installation Guide

Zombie Mod Installation Guide

Feature 8 comments

Step-by-step guide on how to install the Zombie Mod (on Steam & Non-Steam versions of Rome Total War).

RSS Files
Zombie Mod Public Beta

Zombie Mod Public Beta

Full Version 20 comments

Updated version that includes missing textures! Finally, we have decided to release some version of the Zombie Mod. Installation & gameplay guides ...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 67)
Buyid_Emir_of_Shiraz - - 53 comments

Hello, I love your mod!

Two quick questions: Do you plan to add in the Indians of the Mauryan Empire and do you ever want to transfer this mod to Rome: Remastered?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
MrTango - - 17 comments

Hoping this mod comes to the remaster, it should hold up performance better with multi-doomstack battles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Dutcher - - 120 comments

Just recently found out about this mod. read that devolpment has stoped.
So not sure if this thread still gets checked by the originaly author.
But i have this weird issiue:
When i load a new campain the loading screen is all fine. but once the campain is loaded the loading screen takes between 1 and 5 min to transfer vagely to the campain view. Moving the mouse has a 20 sec delay, some campain moddels/textures are all over the place while others are just fine.
Im using the steam install and ajusted the launch options but i cant find anyone with a similar issue and/or fix.
if someone has any idea where i could start looking for solving this issue please let me know. dying to play this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dutcher - - 120 comments

okey i got to the point of the campain starting. but it crashes A LOT.
End turn, crash, trying reload autosave, crash, reload autosave again, fine, end turn, crash again. could go on and on with examples of trying difrent things.
would have loved to play this mod, sadly its unplayable. Atleast for me for some reason.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dutcher - - 120 comments

Reinstalled Alexander and the mod but getting a difrent error now:
Generic error
failed to find texture zombie mod/data/model_stat/residences/textures/prometheus_roman_cities.tga

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 696,404 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 696,404 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

xXangelos8Xx - - 79 comments

IS this for alexander. It didnt work for vanilla to me :C

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 696,404 comments

I'm constantly crashing for no reason, the Rome Total War has stopped responding thing is the only thing that pops up for me. Sometimes I crash at the second turn sometimes I crash at X amount of turns or I will crash at the loading screen leading to the battle. But when I load the save its not corrupted I can still continue but it's just frustrating to constantly have to reopen the game and reload the save.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TheIan95 - - 2 comments

same for me

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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