This mod's main focus was to expand vanilla game depth, add richer details and custom content while staying faithful to faction colors scheme and dynamic pace of good old RTW. All factions unit rosters were spiced up with new late-game units and regional troops, and battlemap balance was tuned to a degree for smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Hellenistic Legacy (HL) and Lanjane's Barbarian Empires (LBE) differences:
LBE: Vanilla roster of factions, but 13 various provincial campaigns and 60 historical battles. Closer to vanilla in general and more like a "Vanilla Plus" experience.
HL: Even more new units, adjusted some models and skins. Only 2 campaigns, but more challenging ones. Roman families replaced with 3 new factions, added cultures system, new buildings and some new mechanics.

Summary of what the Barbarian Empires has to offer:
- 13 Custom campaigns with different setups and presets, including regional ones
- 60 fine-tuned and tested historical battles
- RSII environment for battlefields
- BI buildings for campaign and battlemap and new stratmap buildings
- more than 450 units with lots of regional and auxiliary troops
- more than 1500 new skins and more than 200 new unit models
- hundreds of handicrafted unit cards in polished vanilla style. Support thread
- new stratmap settlement models
- new custom ancillaries
- new reskinned horses based on Pinarius models
- a lot of new officers, almost all units have officers, some of them customized for special units
- working Prologue which can be played using all new features
- and more!

Official thread for the mod


Below is a short version of installation instructions. If you want to read the full one, including various tips and FAQ, there's a PDF Manual available as a separate file: Download


- Mod requires RTW-Alexander file RTW-ALX.exe to run!
If you don't have the file, download it from here and put inside RTW folder, where other exes are.
Before you proceed with the installation, make sure you have RTW-ALX.exe in your core Rome: Total War folder, otherwise the mod will not work. You don't need full Rome - Total War: Alexander installed, just the .exe file will be enough.

- This page contains two different mods
Original Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod and standalone expansion Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy. They are using separate modfolders and won't conflict with each other.

- Music mod is strongly recommended
- Download and install Rome - Total Music! It enhances the audio experience and provides around 4 hours of additional music, tailored for each culture of the game. It was originally designed as a supplement for this mod, but released as a separate universal mod, working on vanilla too!


2.1. Download Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod
2.2. Unpack the archive, copy folder NL to your core Rome: Total War folder
2.3. Make sure you have RTW-ALX.exe in your core Rome: Total War folder (see above)
2.4. Start the mod using NL/Start Barbarian Empires.bat

Make a shortcut for RTW-ALX.exe on your desktop, right click for Properties and add the following to the end of the "Object" field, don't forget the space " " to separate these from the text already present in the field:
-nm -ne -show_err -noalexander -mod:NL

if you are using Steam:
Right click Rome - Total War: Alexander in your library, Properties->Set launch options and add the same line. Avoid "-ne" if you don't like the borderless window mode, though I recommend to set the game resolution to the same as your desktop and enjoy the more convenient option of Alt-Tabbing the game which borderless window provides.


3.1. Download Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy
3.2. Unpack the archive and copy NL_2 to your core Rome: Total War folder
3.3. Make sure you have RTW-ALX.exe in your core Rome: Total War folder (see above)
3.4. Start the mod using NL/Start Hellenistic Legacy.bat

Make a shortcut for RTW-ALX.exe on your desktop, right click for Properties and add the following to the end of the "Object" field, don't forget the space " " to separate these from the text already present in the field:
-nm -ne -show_err -noalexander -mod:NL_2

if you are using Steam:
Right click Rome - Total War: Alexander in your library, Properties->Set launch options and add the same line. Avoid "-ne" if you don't like the borderless window mode, though I recommend to set the game resolution to the same as your desktop and enjoy the more convenient option of Alt-Tabbing the game which borderless window provides.


4.1. Download Rome: Total Music
4.2. Unpack the archive to your Rome: Total War folder (Data over your original Data. Don't worry, it won't break your vanilla game, see more info on Rome Total Music page!)
4.3. Delete the files events.dat and events.idx in your Data\sounds folder of vanilla game (make backup)
4.3. Each time you want to play the game as another culture, select culture by running set_music.bat and pick the culture by pressing a number from 1 to 7 (you'll see the options)


- Avoiding occupy/enslave/exterminate random crash
To avoid engine bug which is known as occupy/enslave/exterminate crash, use the following trick: always play with "Follow AI movements" ON in the game menu, and when you just won a big battle when AI reinforcements try to deblock siege and you killed both garrison and reinforcement army, and battle should result in you conquering a settlement, quickly press Esc just after post-battle loading screen when you return to the campaign map and save the game before occupy/enslave window appears. Usually this trick will prevent the CTD in 99% cases. To be always on safe side, try to avoid this type of battles as the game has an issue with these.

- Extending the RAM limit for the game engine
Try patching the game .exe file with NTCore's 4Gb patcher (for RTW-ALX.exe), as it is reported to help with big mods by allowing the game to use 4Gb RAM instead of 2Gb RAM. Though the engine is old and may still have problems if game uses more than 1.4Gb RAM, it may still be helpful in some cases.

- Gameplay tips

Initial building costs and construction times are high, but they can be progressively decreased by building trader buildings first, as it decreases both time to build and cost of other buildings. Use it as an advantage! Also use generals with recruitment cost discount traits as governors because unit recruitment costs are high too (not the upkeep costs though).

- White rectangles instead of unit info pictures

There's a game engine bug that will show unit info pictures in town as white rectangles sometimes. This bug is inconsistent, and may happen randomly, as the game uses wrong RAM address to read these icons. To temporary fix the issue, select any field army (not the garrison army), and press right mouse button for any unit. Info picture will be shown as usual. Now, while the info is still open, select the problem settlement and check the info for settlement units. They will be temporary fixed and shown normally. Also you can try to open building tree browser tab, click latest stable/barracks/missile building in a tree and then right mouse click on the first unit string in the unit recruitment list.

- Handling the borderless window mode and changing the game resolution

The mod is designed to use borderless window by default, and the mod resolution is set to 1920*1080. If you use a PC with FullHD monitor you shouldn't have any problems. But if you have a Windows 10 laptop, you need to change the Windows interface scaling first, because it's set to 150% by default on laptops, and it will result in game menu being screwed. Change it back to 100% and enjoy the game.
To have a max fun from borderless window, you need to have your game resolution the same as your desktop resolution. If for some reason you can't change resolution in game, go to NL(or NL_2)\preferences\preferences.txt and find the lines for STRATEGY_RESOLUTION and BATTLE_RESOLUTION and change them to the same as your desktop. If you still don't like borderless window and want fullscreen mode, just remove the "-ne" from either the shortcut, launch property or from the .bat file (you can open and edit .bat file in a simple Notepad).

- Using multiple mods when using Steam

If you are using multiple Rome - Total War mods, you can add them all to Steam with different launch options. Just use button "Add a game" at the bottom of your game list, then "Add a non-Steam game", then find and select Rome-Total War Alexander .EXE file (yes, the Steam one!). This will allow you to have a virtual clone of your Steam game as additional shortcut in your library and launch the same Steam EXE with different options for different mods, having full benefits of Steam overlay, game time count and F12 screenshots.

- Cleaning the campaign cache
If you do any edits to the recruitment or install minor patches, you need to clean the campaign cache for the changes to take effect. Just running campaign_map_reset.bat from the mod folder once is enough. You don't have to do this at every launch, only when changes are made.

If you found any bugs or have a suggestions, please find me in Discord, PM me in ModDB or send a email to I will try to offer any sort of help with the mod.
You can also post your findings in the official TWC forum thread, if you prefer forums.

Happy campaigning!

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Hello dear players. I know many of you waited patiently for months for the promised update for Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy mod. However, the challenges of the past year and the well-known events which we are all tired of, have the development of the mod delayed severely. At some point, though, the update grown from a simple pack of bugfixes and improvements to a huge full-scale new version, where the amount of changed and added files counts in hundreds, if not thousands. Good news are, you'll like the changes a lot. Bad news though, I can't promise to release the project soon. It may take another month or two - and since the Rome Total War: Remastered will be released at the end of April, and many will switch to modding/playing it, the release of Hellenistic Legacy may be just too late for some of you. I'm sorry for that.

I don't have a team to help me with the project, and I do 95% of work for the mod alone. Being a perfectionist doesn't help either. I know that currently released version of Hellenistic Legacy has many flaws, and in the new update most of them are already fixed, while a lot of new content is/will be added, and existing content is/will be enhanced to match the most recent units details and quality. This all requires time, though, and ambitious goals like this make it impossible to just release a beta and be happy with it. I will, however, publish a series of articles with the previews of the changes and updates, so expect some cool content showcases! Some of the previews/WIPs are already known to RTW Discord Community regulars, but some will be brand new content created recently. As for this article, I'll briefly explain some of the gameplay features changed/added in the new version of Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy.

There are dozens of new units added to the new version. Each comes with polished UI, factional textures, LODs and other goodies to match the quality of the rest. Old units were updated with new small visual 3D enhancements, like 3D shields, shoulder belts, scabbards, javelins attached to the shields, shield bosses, new plumes, new officers and sometimes with completely redesigned look. It was hundreds of hours of work!

Carthaginian Noble Ctizen Phalangitai

Carthage faction was reworked. It received many new units, three tiers of officers and standard bearers, and its recruitment was redesigned completely. Some of the new units can be previewed in the gallery if you scroll it a bit. Liby-Phoenicians received their own subroster, with their own archers, swordsmen, spearmen etc. You can also check the updated looks of Carthage in the video voiced by Skynet Bunker (see media section!)

Carthage Noble Citizen Militia

Armenia faction was also redesigned and filled with new units, thanks to the help from Drtad (GudeaTW) who kindly offered the roster ideas. You'll now see the units like Nakharar Noble Cavalry, Azat Lancers, Ramik Spearmen, Khaldian Hillmen and others! Also Armenia received a new faction symbol reflecting the Yervanduni dynasty banner.

Armenian Royal Bodyguard Cataphracts

Baktria received new skins and designs, also the famous Baktrian Cataphracts with palm leaves attached to their back. New faction symbol of Baktria, goddess Lakshmi, refers to the coins of Basileus Agathocles, and reflects the major importance of indian influence in the life of this kingdom (later Indo-Greek kingdom). The player will receive an opportunity to have some indian auxiliaries if he conquers India, as well as nice economy bonuses!

Baktrian Cataphracts

A lot of questions from players were about the tough rebels in the mod. While some liked the challenge, many did not, and the biggest complaint was that certain smaller factions like Dacia, Parthia, Armenia have difficulties expanding their territories. This aspect has been reworked by adjusting the starting positions of factions, and adjusting the starting rebels depending on the starting player location (i.e. if you start as Iberia, the surrounding rebel armies will look different for you than they will look for the AI Iberia if you start as a different faction) - this is done by a simple starting reshuffling script which came out very nice and handy. As an addition, I've added unique battle flags for all 20 rebel factions in the mod, as well as unique empty city rebel flags and unique rebel faction captain banners. While not so a game-changer, this boosts immersion a lot, as now you will know that you fight not just generic rebels but certain "minor factions" related to yours, or anyone else's.

Rebel city banners

The big gameplay changer was the landbridges feature. A grand total of about 14 or 16 landbridges was added throughout the map, to make sure the AI can expand where it wants without the need of building a fleet. While controversial, this feature was the only solution to fix the poor naval invasion AI on Rome Total War Alexander engine. And thanks to this change, some really unexpected invasions may now occur, like Carthaginians invading Britain, or Romans invading Scandinavia! I had a lot of fun testing the AI campaigns and seeing the AI progress. Campaign victory conditions were also overhauled, to make more sense for a certain selected factions, as their real life ambitions in most cases weren't about the coloring of 80% of the map, but about pursuing certain strategic goals, and expanding in certain directions.

Romans invading Illyria through a landbridge

Crazyroman added lots of traits from XGM, so now the characters are not so dull and generic as in vanilla Rome Total War. I've also added a special trait related to current season in the campaign. If it is winter, there will be penalties to commanding skills, but bonuses to economy (management skills), and vise versa. At summer, more casualties could be recovered from the battlefield if your armies are commanded by family members (doesn't work if it's just captains). This inspires to keep the generals garrisoned during winter, providing additional income, and to have main battles fought during summer season, like it was in history.

Armenian Nakharar Nobles and Azat Lancers

Battle gameplay was one of the biggest changes. All units now have better morale and fight longer. Arrow accuracy has been lowered, and arrows no longer have armor piercing attribute, as it leads to predictable late game and OP veteran archer troops. Every single unit was reviewed and it's stats readjusted to match the units looks and nature. Every unit received proper ground bonuses for certain terrain conditions, depending on the culture and origins of the unit. For example, barbarians have bonuses in woods and snow, but penalties in the desert, while eastern units fight better in the desert, but have difficulties expanding to northern barbarian lands. Now you will have to plan your army compositions when organizing certain campaigns, and recruit auxiliaries which fit the terrain better where you have such an option. With various new added mercenary types, this will be viable!

Khaldian Hillmen, the last of the Urartian tribes

There's a new building in campaign now, Auxiliary Barracks. It allows you to recruit auxiliary units which have a strong historical bonds with your faction, aka semi-integrated auxiliaries. For example, as Carthage you could train iberian auxiliaries there, as Epirus - italic and illyrian auxiliaries, et cetera. This type of building serves as a colony of the most reliable allied forces in the region where you need them. Also the elephant units will have now an option to be retrained even in the provinces where there's no elephant resource, thanks to the highest level of Auxiliary building, but this level will be quite expensive and the feature is pretty balanced.

Tons of new mercenaries were added to the campaign, especially in the eastern, steppe and barbarian lands. These regions were lacking in many aspects, and now they look more diverse and capable, and there's a reason to go there and grab new nice looking soldiers to your armies.

Cappadocian Cavalry and Nabataean Rider Mercenaries

Some other notable changes in the gameplay are:
+ Population growth was halved throughout the map, so now there will no longer be a boom in economy and boring population management like in some of the previous versions.
+ Removed 4tpy script, as 2tpy reflects the faction progression in the campaign more "historically", as well as it allows better dynamic in the family tree.
+ Lowered building costs and construction time accordingly
+ Rebalanced ship costs and recruitment times
+ Tweaked building bonuses

...and many more!
I'm very sorry for the long radio silence - as you all may have noticed, I'm clearly better with modding than with advertising my hard work. Just posted the article to let you know that the work on this mod hasn't stopped, and that I still use every bit of a limited spare time to give more love to the mod. Expect more news and updates in the future!

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy v1.0.3 is released!

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy v1.0.3 is released!

News 1 comment

It has been a long time since crazyroman and me released a standalone addon Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy. Time to change this!

Trade and Taxes mechanics of Hellenistic Legacy

Trade and Taxes mechanics of Hellenistic Legacy

News 7 comments

This article describes newest features of future release of Hellenistic Legacy 1.0.3.

Colony recruitment for the next update of Hellenistic Legacy

Colony recruitment for the next update of Hellenistic Legacy

News 3 comments

Explaining colony recruitment for the next update of Hellenistic Legacy!

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Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy

Full Version 70 comments

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy is a standalone addon for Lanjane's Barbarian Empires by Marios (Crazyroman) & Lanjane. It adds 3 new factions...

Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod

Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod

Full Version 93 comments

Rome - Total War: Alexander mod enchances vanilla experience with lots of new campaigns, historical battles and 450+ units

Barbarian Empires Documentation

Barbarian Empires Documentation

Guides 2 comments

Barbarian Empires Manual (EN/RU versions) Covers some basic info about the installation and frequently asked questions.

Barbarian Empires Localisations

Barbarian Empires Localisations

Other 7 comments

This archive contains Russian localisation files for Lanjane's Barbarian Empires (v1.0.4) and Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy (v1.0.4) mods. English...

Rome: Total Music

Rome: Total Music

Music 20 comments

This mod will change your Rome - Total War immersion level once and for all! It adds about 300 carefully selected music tracks (~4 hours music in total...

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The mod is great (hellenistic legacy) but there is something that I do not understand and it is the colonies, although the issue of having two negative bonuses for culture is entertaining beyond that, it does not seem like a very good idea, apart if they are colonies they should not give you the option of being able to use standard units of the faction roster or something like that, in itself it is extremely problematic that there are regions that only let you recruit a couple of units and at a little high levels to which they probably will not be because the population is a bit ridiculous low and the AI ​​is not going to let them develop, but the fact that you have to spend time in the recruitment phases makes the issue of units per city a little insane and ridiculous, but hey is a lesser or minimal evil. Mine hahaha what if I consider a problem is the population issue, it is too low and frankly it is not fun to deal with low-level units all season or to remain stagnant because it is impossible to take advantage of a depopulated region lada and undeveloped (and worse if there is no recruitment), and from what I have played unless you play at a minimum number of units this is a constant, to finish you are not considered to have an optional campaign where the complete roster of units of all the factions is available on the entire map? Because the truth is, first the work of the models is wonderful and it is a shame that because the units are so regional they are almost always relegated to being garbage units at the campaign level, for example in the barbarian empires with phartos only and played with javelins and yes Perhaps Persian cavalry and with or esparabara or the auxiliary swordsmen I do not even touch it because, with pure Carthago scutari, Macedonian cam pikemen and if the AI ​​developed the enclaves perhaps cleruchos, in basic Rome the Spartan hoplites for me are units trash and the same with the Sogdian infantry in the barbarian invasion (by the way in the barbarian empires I modified the settlements of the rebels with level and population so that they would grow with the exception of a couple that have no way to modify them, and the truth is that the campaign is More dynamic and complicated lathe, well it is also true that I gave them 19 million but without touching the population the money was useless, first sorry if that could bother you but I can tell you about it in case it is useful), the point is that the theme of regional units can be good and it is fun but it would be interesting to be able to use the full potential of a faction throughout the map and not simply stay with the fact that you can get things Interesting in a region but not able to use them, for regional issues you can leave that if the Iberian axes or the Alans horsemen and the typical mercenaries as regional units, you know more about classic Rome

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Lanjane Creator

Hello and thank you very much for such a detailed comment! First of all, depopulated regions are the game design issue of original Rome. The devs designed the game in the way that any unit, once recruited, substracts the unit size number of people from the city population, but they didn't teach the AI to take this fact into consideration, and as the result AI doesn't care about population at all and spams just any unit available like there's no tomorrow. This problem is fixed only in the Remaster (or in M2TW).
I made a lot of edits to the mod in the developer version, which is not yet released, and the campaign is much more dynamic - by adjusting recruitment options and starting population - but I can't tell when this version will be publicly available, unfortunately.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Could you do something for your full ver. of the mod to be launched trough alexander folder, i just wanna play this online via game ranger, and there is no solution to play this online with friends, vannila is meeh, so we could just rename alex folder and put moded ver of alexander which is gonna be barb. empires, i try to do something and fix those error messages, after i fix those - mod just crush to desktop no err message at all, and im asking is this kind of thing is possible, thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lanjane Creator

Hello! The mod is modfoldered, and there are many references to modfolder (NL) in the text files because of that. To de-modfolder it, in theory you should edit all such references, and I'm not even sure if that's enough or not.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nm and thanks for answering, it would be such a cool stuff if we could play some of those ver especially full ver i somehow don't like HL cause all the cav have gone this is rtw one and a half and where is the fun to play against dumm dumm ai all the time, thnx again and you should reconsider to release an online ver to play against fans of your mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello Lanjane!

With all my respect to you, your work and decisions i think if patch-mod is allready done, it is mistake to delay its release. Actually things will go in opposite direction. Many fans-followers will migrate to Rome TW Remastered thinking that work on this mod is abandoned. I wish you all the best and good health first! And thank you for making rtw enjoyable and fun to play.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hello are you planning to release the update before the end of summer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lanjane Creator

Nobody knows for sure. Man Proposes, God Disposes.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I wish you good luck and health may the ancient gods bless you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi Sir!
I'am interested are there greek units that can be reqruited only when specific temples are built. For example Rhodes, Rhodian hoplites tough with higher morale, conquered only by helenistic factions with helenistic temples same culture and so on, Syracuse, Athens, Corinth...I mean are there specific units dependent on temple/culture instead baracks. Thank you for paying attention to comments.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lanjane Creator

There are no greek units tied to the temples, and there are no Rhodian Hoplites. In general, even for other factions, you don't have to build temples to get access to all the set of units. Even the barbarian "temple" units, like Foresters, Woad Warriors are also available from the regular barracks/stables/missiles building, but specific temples usually allow to recruit them 1 level earlier than without the temple. For example, you can still get Germanic women warriors in any settlement as germans even if you don't have temple of Freya, but building this temple unlocks them earlier. This is done to help the player and give more freedom of choice.

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