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This mod has a long history, starting as a submod for popular russian mod Macedon Expansion.
It's main focus was to expand vanilla game, add richer details and custom content while keeping original design and style, like if CA released a free-LC.

All factions unit rosters were spiced up with new late-game units and regional troops, and battlemap balance was tuned to a degree for smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Main features:
- 13 campaigns with different setups and presets, including regional ones
- 60 historical battles from Battle of Kadesh to battle of Adrianople
- RSII environment for battlefields
- BI buildings for campaign and battlemap and new stratmap buildings
- more than 450 units with lots of regional and auxiliary troops
- more than 1500 new skins and more than 200 new unit models
- hundreds of handicrafted unit cards in polished vanilla style. Support thread
- new stratmap settlement models
- new custom ancillaries
- new reskinned horses based on Pinarius models
- a lot of new officers, almost all units have officers, some of them customized for special units
- working Prologue which can be played using all new features
- and more!

Official English thread for the mod

Official Russian thread for the mod



- Mod requires RTW-Alexander file RTW-ALX.exe to run!
Download it from here and put to RTW folder
Before you proceed with the installation, make sure you have RTW-ALX.exe in your core Rome: Total War folder, otherwise the mod will not work
You don't need full Rome - Total War: Alexander installed, just the .exe file. I'm sorry that I couldn't provide this file along with the mod files, because it's violating the rules of
- There are two separate mods here: original Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod and standalone expansion Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy. They are using separate modfolders and won't conflict each other. Also they have a full russian translation included in the file Barbarian Empires Localisations
- Rome - Total Music is strongly recommended!
It was originally designed as a supplement for this mod, but released as a separate universal mod


2.1. Download Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod
2.2. Unpack the archive, copy folder NL to your core Rome: Total War folder
2.3. If you are NOT going to install Rome: Total Music then check if there exists a file NL/Data/descr_sounds_music.txt. If it is there, it has to be deleted.
2.4. Start the mod using NL/Start Barbarian Empires.bat

Make a shortcut for RomeTW-ALX.exe on your desktop, right click for Properties and add the following to the end of the "Object" field, don't forget the space " " to separate these from the text already present in the field:
-nm -ne -show_err -noalexander -mod:NL

if you are using Steam:
Right click Rome - Total War: Alexander in your library, Properties->Set launch options and add the same.


3.1. Download Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy
3.2. Unpack the archive and copy NL_2 to your core Rome: Total War folder
3.3. If you are NOT going to install Rome: Total Music, then check if there exists a file NL_2/Data/descr_sounds_music.txt. If it is there, it has to be deleted.
3.4. Make a shortcut for RomeTW-ALX.exe on your desktop, right click for Properties and add the following to the end of the "Object" field, don't forget the space " " to separate these from the text already present in the field:
-nm -ne -show_err -noalexander -mod:NL_2

if you are using Steam:
Right click Rome - Total War: Alexander in your library, Properties->Set launch options and add the same.


4.1. Download Rome: Total Music
4.2. Unpack the archive to your Rome: Total War folder (so data over your original data. Don't worry, it won't break your vanilla game, see more info on Rome Total Music page!)
4.3. Each time you want to play the game as another culture, select culture music by running set_music.bat


- Most important!!! To avoid engine bug which is known as occupy/enslave/exterminate CTD, use the following trick: always play with "Follow AI movements" ON in the game menu, and when you just won a big battle which should result in conquering a settlement, quickly press Esc just after post-battle loading screen when you return to the campaign map and save the game before occupy/enslave window appears. Usually this trick will prevent the CTD in 99% cases.
- Try playing with NTCore's 4Gb patcher (LAA enable for RTW-ALX.exe), as it is reported to help with big mods though it may not be required.
- Initial building costs and construction times are high, but they can be progressively decreased by building trader buildings first. Use it as an advantage! Also use generals with recruitment cost discount traits as governors because unit recruitment costs are high too (not upkeep costs though).
- There's a game engine bug that will show unit info pictures white if there's more than 40 units available for recruitment in the settlement in campaign. This bug is pure cosmetic but annoying yet you still can view unit info pictures correctly in building tree browser tab, when you click latest stable/barracks/missile building in a tree and then right mouse click on the first unit string in the unit recruitment list.
- ne option from the shortcut is about Borderless window mode. If you don't like it, or your video card/monitor doesn't support that mode or it looks weird for you, remove -ne from the shortcut properties. Example: "C:\Games\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-ALX.exe" -mod:NL -nm -show_err -noalexander. The game will run fullscreen and will rescale to fit your screen correctly.
- If you are using multiple Rome - Total War mods, you can add them all to Steam with different launch options. Just use button "Add a game" at the bottom of your game list, then "Add a non-Steam game", then found in the list and select Rome-Total War Alexander .EXE file from Steam version. This will allow you to launch the same Steam EXE with different mods, having full benefits of Steam overlay, game time count and screenshots.

If you found any bugs or have a suggestions, PM me or send a email to
You can also post your findings in any of the official forum threads.

P. S. campaign_map_reset.bat is used for clearing the campaign map cache. Don't delete this file, it will be useful for later patches if any.
Happy campaigning!

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Hellenistic Legacy 1.03 is released!

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy 1.0.3 is released!

Main download link on ModDB updated

It has been a long time since crazyroman and me released a standalone addon Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy
Time to change this! The new version contains all the nice additions from Lanjane's Barbarian Empires 1.04 and WIP 1.05, and also offers tons of its own benefits, such as overhauled AOR and economy, carefully thought-out additional provincial campaign, wooden walls from DTW, culture system known from XGM, lots of new units and tons of other improvements!

Main download link: Hellenistic Legacy 1.03

This is a fully modfoldered mod working on RTW-ALX.exe only. Installation is simple: copy NL_2 modfolder to Rome - Total War folder, and run the provided NL_2/Start Hellenistic Legacy.bat file to run the mod.
It is HIGHLY recommended to install music addon Rome: Total Music to have the best experience playing this mod. Link to the download and installation instruction is here: Rome: Total Music
The new version is not savegame compatible with previous release saves.

Full changelog is listed below, describing all the improvements since latest release 05.06.19

New wooden walls from DTW!

- Instead of the 2nd vanilla tier walls now there are the new DTW wooden walls with siege engines etc. Note: Thanks to Suppanut for helping out with this.

Wooden walls from DTW

- Stone walls and large stone walls now look different for some cultures.
- Last tier epic stone walls have been removed.

New features:

- Added full support of "religion" from BI as a cultures mechanics (seen in other mods like XC, XGM, DTW and others)
- Added various traits related to culture/religion mechanics and colony buildings which allow converting to your culture
- Added RTWE provincial campaign from Lanjane's Barbarian Empires, with a new culture system fully implemented and improved garrisons diversity!

RTWE campaign

- Added complex mechanics based on trade and taxes global bonuses and penalties (described in article on ModDB here: Trade Hubs and new economy mechanics
- Added new recruitment mechanics where multiple buildings are required for recruiting units. See more here: Colony Recruitment feature in Hellenistic Legacy
- Added various new buildings: Granaries, Tribal/Elder Council, Trade Hubs, Recruitment Phases based on colonies etc.
- Added info in building descriptions about additional factionwide capabilities
- Shortened battle UI tooltips

New units:

New units

- New featuring macedonian unit: Aspidophoroi Hetairoi, armed with sword and javelins
- Indian AOR: Indo-Greek Hoplites, Indian Spearmen, Indian Archers, Indian Elephants, Gandharan Cavalry (available for everyone in India)
- New barbarian units: Mercenary Noble barbarian swordsmen, available in various places (Gaul, Galatia etc), Noble Swordsmen (Gaul); Getic skirmishers, AOR peltast unit available to Dacia, Thrace, Scythia, Germans, Pontus, free peoples; Celtogermanic Cavalry, heavy skirmisher cavalry for Gauls, Germans, Dacia, Thrace, Britons, Celtiberians, Romans (as auxiliaries) and rebels; Levy Slingers (germanic militia unit, available to Germans and Rebels)
- Thracian AOR: Thracian Noble Cavalry (Available to Thrace, rebels); Hellenothracian Phalangitai (Thrace); Thracian Noble Falxmen (available to Thrace and Rebels)
- Illyrian AOR: Illyrian Infantry, Illyrian Brigands, Illyrian Hoplites (available to Greek Cities, Rebels, Thrace, Macedon, Gauls, Dacia in illyrian regions)
- Eastern and Syrian AOR: "Eastern" levy phalangitai with outdated equipment - old style phrygian helmet. Available in the east, Syrian Spearmen, AOR infantry unit available for Seleucid, Carthage, Egypt, Pontus, Armenia, Parthia, Numidia and free peoples; Baktrian Agema Hoplites (Baktria)
- Iberian AOR: Scutarii Spearmen, AOR infantry unit available for Spain, Carthage, Numidia, Gauls, roman factions, free peoples and Greek Cities; Heavy Spearmen; Iberian Heavy Cavalry; Asturian Axemen

New units

- Elite macedon infantry: The Peltasts and Agema of the Peltasts, two units specific for Philip V warfare period (Macedon)
- Desert AOR: Gaetulian Infantry, Garamantine Infantry, Tribal Spearmen, Tribal Clansmen (Numidia, Rebels), Desert Tribesmen (mercenaries)
- Egyptian AOR: Machimoi Archers, Machimoi Infantry, Machimoi Thureophoroi (replacing Nile Pikemen, available to Seleucids, Egypt, Macedon, Numidia, Greeks, Rebels, Carthage), Meroite Guard
- Greek AOR: Ionian Hoplites, Epilektoi Hoplites, Greek Colonists Militia, Pergamene Hetairoi (mercenaries), Aetolian Cavalry (available to Greek, rebels, Macedon, Thrace)
- Italian AOR: Samnite Spearmen, Samnite Warriors (mercenaries)
- Multi-purpose hellenistic units: Thureophoroi, Hemithorakitai (chainmail using thureophoroi), Hypaspists (Baktria, Egypt)


- Fixed bug with Gandharan Cavalry appearing in armies of eastern rebels in campaign
- Fixed minor bug with the recruitment of Legionaries
- Fixed a few issues with Suppanut's battle formations
- Fixed missing voice for Illyrian Brigands
- Fixed bug with regular arrows making damage to siege engines
- Fixed bug with villages in campaign where wrong rebels and culture were set
- Rendered correct sprites for carthaginian light officer (scutarius officer)
- A couple unit description fixes

Balance/Gameplay Tweaks:

- Complete overhaul of AOR for units, with all region requirements carefully handpicked by crazyroman, now unit recruitment makes much more sense!
- Removed early bodyguards from all factions, now they all use late ones (due to it was unfair to make non-roman factions have to rely on roman reforms)
- Better AI of archers (they now have lower attack but AP attribute, so they take highly armored targets as a priority now, not avoid them like it was before)
- Better attack of archers
- Better attack, mass and anti-mount bonuses of phalanx units
- Rebalanced armor values to more accurately represent actual unit looks
- Gastraphetes units now use animation from BI (weapon in right hand) and are slightly more effective
- Improved stamina of all units so they won't become tired so quickly now
- Decreased heat penalties for units
- Faster generals horses and heavy horses
- Fixed scorpions not shooting bug
- Removed a lot of cheap bonuses from buildings to make campaign harder
- Added a lot of new rebel unit types and assigned AOR recruitment of these units to slave faction
- Scythian female units now have skin variants for Germans, Britons and rebels. Those factions can recruit them in eastern part of the map, and at the last tier of military buildings recruitment becomes unlimited (AOR units become regular ones). This both makes higher tier military usable and solves the issue of replenishing losses of your units in late game.

New buildings

- Some barbarian factions now share units from neighboring barbarian tribes as AOR options. For example: Falxmen, Noble Falxmen, Dacian Warguard, Getae Horse Archers now available to Germans if they conquer Dacia
- Costs fixes: Higher cost for ports; Tweaked costs for some units
- Rebalanced shield values for all units to improve battle balance
- Rebel faction renamed to Minor Civilizations, added a new faction symbol for them
- Scythian Guard unit now throws javelins and uses axe in melee
- Added rebel versions of: Scythian Guard, Eastern bodyguard cavalry, Scythian bodyguards
- Added Greek Cities version of Thorakitai unit
- Added Seleucid version for Syrian Infantry
- Improved diversity of some rebel armies appearing in the campaign
- Adjusted the stats of Legionaries, First Cohort Legionaries and Armored Legionaries to be different correctly
- Removed various units to keep rosters more compact and historical
- Overhaul of Garamantine Warriors (changed unit class, added visible javelins)
- Overhaul of Cretan Archers and added small shield
- Overhaul of Samnite Mercenaries (Samnite Warriors). Added javelins and bigger shield
- Overhaul of Greek Archers (added small shield)
- Overhaul of Chosen Archers (now 3 different units with different stats, looks and availability)
- Added longshield skirmishers for other barbarians, not just Dacia

Cosmetic Changes:

- Improved quality of a lot of existing units skins, UIs and models
- Adjusted models for post-marian roman soldiers, including various small tweaks and improvements like better swords, shoulderpads etc.
- Improved models of Hoplites, Militia Hoplites and mercenary Thorakitai
- New civilian models/skins for battlemap view of the settlements
- Fixed some minor issues with models and skins
- New look/overhaul for a lot of units: Elite Skirmishers (Dacia), Armored Legionaries, Legionary Cohort, Legionary First Cohort, Triarii, Hastati, Vigiles, Praetorian Cohort, greek heavy peltasts (Euzonoi), Celtic Essedae (chariots), Merc Phalangitai, Seleucid Silver Shield Agema (Argyraspid Thorakitai), Greek Epicletes, Pontic Bronze Shields, Ptolemaic Basileus Agema, Auxiliary Archers, barbarian warlord for Britons, Gauls, Rebels, hellenistic bodyguards

New roman units look

- New skins for carthaginian light officer (scutarius officer): romans, Greeks, Gauls
- Thracian musician officer for thracian units
- Improved model of greek officer (greek captain), fixed shield clipping issue
- Fixed some minor issues with models and skins

Trade and Taxes mechanics of Hellenistic Legacy

Trade and Taxes mechanics of Hellenistic Legacy

News 6 comments

This article describes newest features of future release of Hellenistic Legacy 1.0.3.

Colony recruitment for the next update of Hellenistic Legacy

Colony recruitment for the next update of Hellenistic Legacy

News 3 comments

Explaining colony recruitment for the next update of Hellenistic Legacy!

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Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy

Full Version 19 comments

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy is a standalone addon for Lanjane's Barbarian Empires by Marios (Crazyroman) & Lanjane. It adds 3 new factions...

Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod

Lanjane's Barbarian Empires full mod

Full Version 65 comments

Rome - Total War: Alexander mod enchances vanilla experience with lots of new campaigns, historical battles and 450+ units

Barbarian Empires localisations

Barbarian Empires localisations

Other 2 comments

This archive contains translations for the latest Lanjane's Barbarian Empires (v1.0.4) and Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy (v1.0.4) mods. Currently...

Rome: Total Music

Rome: Total Music

Music 13 comments

This mod will change your Rome - Total War immersion level once and for all! It adds about 300 carefully selected music tracks (~4 hours music in total...

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Lanjane Creator

New version of Hellenistic Legacy is released! There are lots of improvements and an important bugfix for a critical issue with recruitment which happened in 1.0.3 deep into the campaign.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Is this update save game compatible?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lanjane Creator

Hi Cyrus!
It is, but since I edited some province borders, it may result in some visual glitches with the province ownerships in current campaign. If you want to avoid this glitch, make a backup of your map_regions.tga from NL_2\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign and do not overwrite this file with the new one until you finish your current campaign.
This is just a cosmetic glitch though, but still

Whatever your final choice would be, you would also need to run campaign_map_reset.bat for the recruitment changes to start working.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi, its me again as you can probably Tell xd
already Said i love this mod so thats why i come here seeking to understand It better. Issue now is: how do i recruit Roman units outside Italy and Scicily? I built everything (or at least i guess i did) that is required to recruit those units in Gaul territory and Greece but i only get access to barbarian units and greek Mercenaries, even though my culture there is 100% western and barracks are all Roman ones... I mean, this could be a bug or anything but i like to hear the devs out and i really appreciate your quick replies :)
Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
crazyroman Creator

You can't train roman units outside Italy and Sicily. And yeah, it's supposed to work this way.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Ok, just wanted a confirmation, thanks for the quick reply

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, one quick question: when does the Marian reforms happen? Im at year 250 AD and playing as romans, already with imperial palace in rome but the reforms didnt happen, did you set it to happen on the accurate date or is there more requirements?
Thank you for your great mod, its really good, love it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lanjane Creator

Hi KublaiKhan! Thank you!
I believe you must build Imperial palace in another Italian city, Rome itself doesn't count for the reforms

Reply Good karma+2 votes

and wich one should I try first? of course I will try all of them, but I would like to start with the one that has the most features

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lanjane Creator

Extended Cultures V has the deepest building system, but it may be slightly confusing for a non-hardcore player. It also has completely new factions like Gandhara, Tukhara never seen in RTW mods before and a lot of elephants and mercenary units. Overall the mod is more focused on eastern factions.

Lanjane's Barbarian Empires mod has a more vanilla approach, vanilla faction roster but lots of customized AOR units, tons of officers and standard bearers for almost every unit, some new buildings and a lot of provincial campaigns and historical battles to try. Basically it is vanilla on steroids, as it should be from the beginning

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy is an enchanced LBE which loses some provincial campaigns from LBE but adds some more complex features from XC and XGM, while keeping vanilla style + it replaces excess roman factions with 3 new factions: Bosporan Kingdom, Baktria and Epirus. They also are very polished and look like if CA made them.

I'd recommend trying Hellenistic Legacy first

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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