A Mod about the Italian Renaissance period. It takes place at the end of AD 1503, after the death of pope Borgia Alexander VI. His son Cesare Borgia and pope Giulio II are strong enemies, the Italian land is divided into several minor states and its wealth is attracting powerful foreign nations like France, Spain and the HRE.
Finally a mod for all the people who love that period of history, and it is as accurate and polished as possible.
Using Hispania 1200 as strong base, it lets you choose if starting as ruler of one of the 15 factions or forging your destiny by your hands.

Historical period: AD 1503
-15 Factions:
Ducato di Ferrara
Principato di Romagna (Cesare Borgia)
Repubblica di Venezia
Ducato di Milano
Repubblica di Firenze
Signoria di Siena
Repubblica di Genova
Royame de France
Holy Roman Empire
Kingdom of Hungary
Ottoman Empire
Regno di Napoli
Stato della Chiesa
Reino de Espana
Ducato di Savoia
-Historical characters and lords
-Player can choose if to start the campaign as the really existed ruler of one of these nations
-Sea travelling
-New flapping banner taking into account "the law of gravity " -Hundreds of new Items
-The flag of the ruler is the flag of every vassal (also for the player)
-New Icons for each faction's party depending on the size of the army
-New Fleet Icons for each faction's party
-Special icons for player's party depending on the size of the army:
-A big fancy new map of the area of interest
-Voice and order sounds
-Yell of victory of the soldiers in different languages related of the nation of the troops
-New companions and new mercenaries
-New troops for each faction
-When the player is ruler, he can change his lords' equipment and upgrade their skills
-New scenes
-Each faction has special parties' icons changing with the amount of men in the party.
If you are not a king you may choose the icon for your party . If you are king, you may choose the culture, which changes both icons and troops.
-Special icons for player's party depending on the size of the army
-No more training skills: your men and you must fight battles to become veterans
- New scenes
- If you press 'I' while in battle, a bar will appear on the top-left corner, showing the number of soldiers on each side.
- If a leader is defeated in battle, the moral of the army will decrease.
- If you press 'M', you will make a battle cry.
- Battle Formations for player and AI (thanks to Motomataru's codes)

- Training skill has disappeared (soldiers become veterans after battles not after training!) at its place a new skill reducing food consumption
- Pikes and shields will not be shown on the back of soldiers when not in use. This for two reasons: the first is that I never liked that. The second is that it would look weird combined with some armours ... and I don't like it even stronger.
- Four layers of recruitment: village, Town, Castle, AOR
- Added buildings to construct in towns, castles and villages which give bonus
- Added enterprises' inefficiency (progressively increasing when you have more than one enterprise of the same kind, so it is better for you to build all the different enterprises rather than multiple enterprises of the same kind).
- Musicians will play during the feasts
- AOR recruit system: There will be some troops which can be recruited only in their castle or town, for example Pisa's infantry will be available for the player as special units to recruit with weekly refill only in Pisa...But that is not all, as also the AI Lord who is owning Pisa will receive Pisa's infantry as part of its reinforcements and the garrison of Pisa will be the only one having Pisa's infantry among its faction's troops. All of this regardless the faction they belong to.
- Added the option to kill a prisoner lord/ruler (it will cost 100 honor) or to release him (it will give some honor)
- You can secede from your faction when you want (if you own a town or castle), just sendind your companion to deliver a message to your king. War will break out.
- Disable Companion Complaint option now will also prevent them from leaving your party
- Added the Diplomacy dialog to persuade your king to declare war. It depends on how strong the enemy is, in choosing the right things to say and on the relation level with your king. If there is a truce with that faction he will not accept in any case
- Report screen, troop tree screen, political map
- Special animations
- Scenes
- Freelancer
- If you are a ruler you can talk to your minister, for it camping, click on 'Take up an action' and see the action. This simulates the ability to send letters of rulerss activity performed almost daily.
- Tavern Minstrels
- Ai lords will defect from ai factions if they have no fief and awful relation with their leader (-99) and lords without a fief lose progressively relation with their liege. Still there will be no indictment of treason. This way campaigns are more dynamic and the loss of lords wouldn't mean a loss of fiefs for a faction.
- Special ability for the Claymore sword: pressing x while in battle, you hold it for the blade and you can knock down enemies without killing them... do it just if you wear steel gloves or you can cut your hands!
- Animated Horses in city canters (AndyYa codes)
- You can bet more money in tournaments and you earn more money as mercenary.
- Book of training is changed to book of pathfinding
-You can choose among 4 languages to give orders to your troops:
ITALIAN (default and the richest), ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH. To change the language, just copy the "sounds.txt" file from the chosen language in the "Voice_orders_to_change" folderand paste in the Renaissance main folder (overwrite)

Once you are a king you can:
- Talk to your minister by camp menu
- Change your Lords equipment and update their skills
- Your banner will become the banner of all your lords (it takes three in game days to have effect)
- Change your faction troops' culture , choosing one of the already existing factions or a special player culture troop tree with customizable equipment and name (Thanks to MitchellD who implemented part of his Custom Troop Tree in this mod).
To be able to customize talk to your minister. You should customize three levels of troops (Castle, Town and Village), the amount of money for the items depends on the level of the troop. Left click to select and right click to remove items. Then change the name, if you want, for the single troop and press Save. If the balance is negative you can't save so remove or change some items. You can also give a prefix to all your troops or remove it (the default is "Custom").
To see the full troop tree of your custom troops you can use the troops tree in Camp Menu. Remember that to see the customize screen you must be in a town or castle (if you are talking to your minister by Camp Menu you must exit the taking and enter whatever town or castle).
Changing culture takes three in game days to have effect , but more time for the lords because they will keep the troops already in the party until they lose them in battle.

and many other features...

Some explanations about items:
As you can see, many shields don’t appear on the back of the soldiers: this is because they are mainly meant to be used with lances during charges. The most common weapons in this period are two hand weapons and polearms and shield weren’t really used anymore. To prevent to see every knight with a shield on the back (which in my opinion would look awful) they are not visible if not used.
There are many items, armours, helm, etc. they are often quite rare to be found in market places and often some of them can be found just in some faction (eg Hre shields or banner just in Hre market)


Hispania 1200 ( by El Xabeo de la Cova, JBL, permission by mikeboix), Knights the Last Battle (permission by Fuwa), Custom Troop Tree (by MitchellD), Sands of Faith (thewanderingknight), Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior (Janycz), 16th century: the Northern Hemisphere (permission by Yifeng konjac), Osp bogmir_items, Osp Flintlock Weapons, Osp LongBardedWarhorse, Osp maws shields, Osp Narf's Transitional armour pack, Osp Narf's Plate Armour Pack WB,Osp almansur_icons, Osp PlatedCharger, Osp spak items, Open Source Project - Weapons, Osp mackie weapons, Osp Jan Tuma´s Sturmhaube helmets, Osp Ultimate 17th Century, Osp men at arms v2.1, Osp luc weapons pack III updated II, Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth 1_16A, 1429 la Guerre de Cent Ans Enhanced, campaign_ai_fix, Brytenwalda, AndyYa, Hoboistice, Baraban, Jaakko Osp Models, Bsapaka Osp Animations, Papa Lazoarou Anim Osp , Antonino Grasso Cristaudo, OSP_Monastery_Bridge, OSP_Mons Meg, Lucas_the_Benevolent, LSD pack (Full Invasion Team), Probius, leifchri92, Drudru, Motomataru (Formation and AI Kit), Paris, Adorno, Daniel Sanchez De la Hera.

Special thanks to:
MitchellD (for Custom Troop Tree)
Sistro (for English texts)

Many credits may be missing because they are already inside the mods up here. Please send me a message if you see something you want to be pointed out in the credit session.

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The mod is fully released at this stage

the TBD tag is there to exclude the possibility of rating my work. It is here free to be played by who ever wants it, but to be judged by none. Too many passing by users showed their anger and hate in rating and reviewing, so nobody has that privilege anymore


for Warband 1.74

A preview of the mod:

A pill of history:


READ THE PDF File in the mod's folder, named "CONFIGURATE WARBAND FOR RENAISSANCE" to set Warband in the right way to play this mod

Battle Formations:

This mod has complex formations feature. When you start your battle, your men will automatically adopt formations, pike wall for infantry, line for archer and wedge formation for cavalry. In the Party menu, you may also assign some troops to other groups as in native (and by camp menu options you can put yourself in one of this groups at the beginning of the battle). Remember that soldiers equipped with ranged weapons will be considered archers and will adopt line formation, unless you put them in the group 1, which is the default infantry group. During the battle, pressing the F1 hold position flag on the enemy, you can order your formation to attack the enemy's group you choose. They will advance to it and attack it keeping formation. Pressing F4 you have the formations' screen where you can choose among some formation types. If you select a group, move it to a position (for example on your left 20 m ahead) and press F2, you can memorize how that group will be placed compared to your position when every battle starts

For a tough immersive game ( for experienced warband players)
- start with realistic saving
- don’t have more than two companions in the party
- once you become king don’t give a fief to your companions, lords must be recruited from the lords in the game
- it is harder if you don’t start as a king obviously (but both campaigns should be tried in my opinion)
- obviously don’t cheat


You can choose among 4 languages to give orders to your troops:

ITALIAN (default and the richest), ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH. To change the language, just copy the "sounds.txt" file from the chosen language in the "Voice_orders_to_change" folderand paste in the Renaissance main folder (overwrite).

Check in game Game Concepts in the notes screen to find useful tips and explanations

Bugs Report

Bugs Report

Feature 33 comments

Report bugs or problems with the mod HERE:

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Patch 9 comments

2.1 New Add-on, SAVE-GAME COMPATIBLE with 2.1 version. You need to install first version 2.0, then 2.1 and then this patch overwriting always when asked...

Renaissance 2.1 Patch

Renaissance 2.1 Patch

Patch 5 comments

2.1 Patch. The full version 2.0 is needed: extract this patch and paste it in the Warband's module folder. Overwrite when asked - NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE...



Full Version 20 comments

A full new version of Renaissance. Delete or rename the Renaissance folder of the old version before installing this new one.

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How the gunners crouch?

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zedpaolo Creator

No crouch (it interferes with battle formations

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I really love this mod but goddamn why do your troops move in formation like they're 90 years old who had 5 strokes in the last 3 days, they're so slow and they keep stopping on their tracks, so annoying.

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zedpaolo Creator

Do you really think that infantry in formation moved fast?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

No, but they didn't stop every 5 paces either. I'm fine with slow movement, lets you strategize/set-up your troops more, but them stopping on their tracks/being super slow when forming out of combat is annoying.

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are there barbary pirates in this mod?

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zedpaolo Creator

Berber pirates

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How i can pose like the photo with a spear

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zedpaolo Creator

Not possible

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hello, how can I promote my soldiers to higher rank in this mode? No trainer skill and not available in training camps

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zedpaolo Creator

Fighting battles

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So, do you have a list of local soldiers?

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