After EA abandoned the game and red alert 3 began to die off, we finally decided to make a mod to try and fix the imbalances of the game and make it a bit more fun. This isnt a total conversion, it doesnt add new sides, it doesnt drastically change the game. Instead it attempts to fix whats wrong with red alert 3, its by no means perfect, but we hope its a step in the right direction to making RA3 more enjoyable and alive again

Please try the mod out, especially online with others, and tell us what you think

Full changelist:

All MCVs speed changed to 40

Cryocopters freeze vs collectors buffed from 60% to 80%
Power Plant power back to 100, now has an upgrade that increases the output by 50%, requires the refinery, costs $400 (doesnt have a texture yet, apologies)
Peacekeeper damage reduced by 25% vs vehicles and buildings

Molotov cocktail reload speed back to 1.12 stats
Kirov speed 40 to 35, afterburner 65 to 60
Sputnik build time reduced from 20 to 10

Archer maiden damage vs infantry reduced 50%
Imperial Warrior cost back to 150, damage vs vehicles and buildings reduced by 25%

Removed Dark green, was too similar to the other green on the minimap and in battle
Added Zero Island (2) by Acid-Cr@sh
Added Battlebase Terra (4) by Acid-Cr@sh

-----------Older Changes---------

All base defenses take 50% damage from gun damage types from 100%

Price of dog decreased to 150 from 200
Aircraft now start with the additional ammunition provided by advanced aeronuatics
Advanced aeronautics now provides the health and vision bonuses only
Allied power plant now provides 125 power from 100
Outpost deploy time now 20 seconds from 30
Defence bureau now requires 50 power from 75
Cryocopters now freeze collectors 40% slower
Dolphins sonar weapons range increased to 140 from 100 and can target submerged units
Mirage tank cloak bubble is no longer visable
Prism tower max stack damage changed from 2 to 5, and buffed stack damage (2 towers will now do the same damage linked as when they were seperate, not less)
Javelin IFV and Multigunner Javelin reload time reduced to 2 from 4
Spy IFV range increased 250 from 200
Aircraft carrier drone health decreased 25%

MCV speed decreased to 35 from 50
Build time of conscript and bear swapped
Sickle cost decreased to 800 from 900
Flak trooper: Cost decreased to 300, mines now do 50% damage from 75% against structures
Apocalypse tank cannons damage increased from 100 to 130
Molotov reload speed increased, flight speed increased 150 to 190
Natasha's pilot snipe reload speed reduced to 40 seconds from 60
Natasha bombing run arive time reduced from 5 to 3
Tesla coils can now be charged up by 2 tesla troopers from 1
Sputnik cost reduced to 1000
Kirov Speed increased 30 to 40, afterburner speed increased 55 to 65
Tesla troopers animation/FX when firing fixed
Tesla troopers/tanks/stingrays no longer stop charging a coil when it stops firing
Mig has a damaged texture

MCV speed increased to 50 from 40
Price of tengu increased 850 from 800
Price of imperial warrior increased 175 from 150
Damage of final squadron increased
Balloon bomb damage increased to 200 from 150
Defender core available after power plant
Shinobis no longer cause "enemy infiltrator detected"
Shinobis should use their shurikens until enemy forces come within sword range
King oni health decreased to 2600 from 3000
Honourable Discharge nerfed for all units except the burst drone
Added Archer maiden AA infantry
Sea Wing rise speed increased from 1.5 to 2.5

Allowed more colours in MP/Skirmish
Added some more crates
Javelin soldier now wears armour instead of a vest
All uprising maps added (thanks to bibber)
Added Wrong steppe (2) - Best buy preoder map
Added Grinderberg(2) - made by acid crash
Added Freeze Factor(4) - made by acid crash
Added Serenity Gardens(6) - made by acid crash

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Hows the Patch?


We would love to know what you think of the patch.

We tweeked the Ai a few versions a go, and would love to see if anyone noticed, or if they would like us to tweek it more.

use the usual feedback places:


there will always be someone around to give ideas to, or pass feedback to. As of now, we can assure you we are not dead, just sidetracked by other things atm, we arent looking to release another version of the patch until early next year.

With Xmas and stuff getting in the way, we have noone to test with us when we have the changes inplace.

Please feel free to contact me or Bobug via PM on here, or leave feedback on this news article.

Good Luck, and have fun.




News 3 comments

We want feedback, please use the links provided. Hope you feel like giving it.

Red Alert 3 mods supported (update)

Red Alert 3 mods supported (update)

News 23 comments

More modifications for Red Alert 3 published on Desura.

Lack of Movement

Lack of Movement

News 4 comments

We are back, and getting ready for the version 4.2

Tournament results and Replays

Tournament results and Replays

News 5 comments

After the tournament on the patch, weve got some solid feedback and some fun games to watch

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Red Alert 3 Community 1.13 V4.2

Red Alert 3 Community 1.13 V4.2

Patch 13 comments

--------------V4.2------------ Global All MCVs speed changed to 40 Allied Cryocopters freeze vs collectors buffed from 60% to 80% Power Plant power back...

Patch 1.13 V 4.2

Patch 1.13 V 4.2

Patch 4 comments

Finally its here, we apologise for the long wait we finally have it ready. Lots of things have got in the way of late, and we will keep you updated on...

Patch 1.13 V4.1

Patch 1.13 V4.1


Newest version with some bugs fixed and some new maps!

Community patch 1.13 Version 4

Community patch 1.13 Version 4


Fixes bugs which have been found. Please keep your bugs coming in and we will try to fix them.

Community patch 1.13 Version 3.3

Community patch 1.13 Version 3.3


This version includes some minor tweaks, Uprising maps also included for this Download.

Red alert 3 Patch 1.13 V3

Red alert 3 Patch 1.13 V3

Full Version

This the community made patch that aims to balance RA3 where EA left off, by no means perfect, but we hope its a step in the right direction, please play...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 175)
mrCommunist9348 - - 70 comments

The Soviets is almost to be Buffed a bit...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
kronoshobi - - 4 comments

Wow. Its been a LOONG while isnt it? Just registered to the site to write this. If you ever return, you must know that there are people out here that LOVES this mode and maps you archived. And me included, those people would love to see this updated at least once more.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RedAlert2010 - - 72 comments

Thank you, we have to say at this time its likely we will not be back, just to let you know, we love you all too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,084 comments

Can i use this community patch together with the superior ai mod by johnny?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
yogalD - - 12 comments

Hey I know this isn't really in development anymore, but I was wondering how did you increase the damage for the Spectrum Tower linking?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedAlert2010 - - 72 comments

Majic and idk, i cant remember, i will have buggy post it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
yogalD - - 12 comments

Actually don't worry about it, I found it, it's in AttributeModifier.xml. For anyone who's interested, look for "AttributeMod_AlliedPrismAttackBoost".
Could you get him to post how you guys did the Cryo nerf against harvesters though? It looks like the cryo damage isn't affected by damage scalars.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BOBUG Creator
BOBUG - - 98 comments

Hello mate, ive just updated my HDD and all the code is on my old hard drive/external backup so once ive transferred it all back over ill try and remember to let you know, sorry Ive left this mod so dead, life unfortunately leaves little time for modding anymore :< Hopefully ill eventualy get the time/remember to put all the code and art files up for download so hopefully people can get something out of it :) I think it was some kind of special damage nugget or a resistance I put into the actual collector xml, it was years ago though to be fair and my memory is pretty terrible. Like I say though I will hopefully get round to letting you know :) sorry i cant be more helpful

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Blazerunner - - 86 comments

I have a request for anyone who decides to take up working on this, if at all possible...
Put in a way to disable super/ultimate weapon structures, or a way to disable the ultimate weapons at any rate.

It's rather sad when a match against the AI, of all things, is cut to this 10 minute (tops) rush run because the AI thinks it necessary to try to spam ultimate weapons...

Honestly, I find that a constant in most RTS games any more. It all comes down to whoever can deploy their ultimate unit (A la CNC 3 KW MARV, Redeemer, Eradicator Hexapod) or superweapons first (Ion Cannons, Nukes, Rift generators)... after that, they drop a bunch of defenses and hold off everyone while they nuke the hell out of you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
red3000 - - 87 comments


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