Welcome to Red Alert 20XX. The aim of this mod is to pay tribute to old Command & Conquer games, while giving YR a fresh feel in a brand new cold war context.

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Shock Therapy
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was hoping tesla tank to get that model at some point.
The Tesla Twin - is that second sphere near top of tesla tower that allows "prismtower-like" charge effect?
damn, i'd wish that new tech building had something like tesla ball instead of that "church-pike".

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Danielovich7 Author

I was thorn between the RA1 and RA2-ish Tesla Tank design, so I though "why not both?"

The smaller sphere on the Tesla Twin is indeed what gives it the ability to create tesla networks, like the og prism tower. However, the networks created by the Tesla Twin can be much more larger (10 other coil) and can be overcharged, as shown above.

As for the Tech center, well, that's pretty much the only tech building I can find that fits the role, as public shp goes.

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Version 1.0.4 of RA20XX will add a new tech building to choose from : the Bureau of Technology. Similarly to the Bureau of Industry (formerly known as the Bureau of War) and the Bureau of Propaganda, this third tech building gives access to two unique assets :

1. The Tesla Tank will be updated into the Nikola Tank, which is a more armored vehicle and does more damage in exchange of a higher price;
2. The Iron Fist vehicle can be build (it is no longer a Russian unique unit).

Seen here are :
-The Bureau of Technology
-The Nikola Tank
-The new Shock Trooper sprite
-The Tesla Twin, a Russian unique defense

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