Real Tournament: Clan Wars is a team based add-on to Unreal Tournament, focusing on "clan" or persistent group loyalties in both single player and online competition.

The Liandri monopoly on the sport they themselves created began to disintegrate. Decried by critics for their ruthless business practices and underhanded dismantling of the competition, it became necessary for the New Earth Government to intercede.

Into the vacuum of power left by the hamstringing of Liandri control, came squadrons of eager businessmen, adventurers, mercenary groups and even religious institutions. Success in the Tournament means more than just having kicked millions of ass, it means stardom, riches and perhaps even a lucrative career in politics or product endorsement.

While the most noticeable difference on the surface is the influx of new combatants, several other more deep-seated tremors ran through the tournament body, including new weaponry, variations on the accepted rule structure and a much greater variety and flavor of arena scenario.

It's hard to argue with the critics - the Tournament has far surpassed its original heritage, it has now become a cultural pillar of the known galaxy, where combatants, governments and private institutions struggle for power, using handpicked pawns and near-superhuman champions to bring glory and power to their agenda.

The irony is that though the tournament was originally created to subdue socially destructive violence, the grand proportion of the contemporary tournament suggests that it has become an arena for symbolic political and ideological struggle and could in the end, escalate into more conventional galactic warfare.


  • Custom Single-player Ladder (enable it at the Mod Menu, then start a Single Player ladder)
  • Support for mapping: Climb Zone, Dynamic Textures, Multiple Sky Zones, Team Textures
  • 10 Mutators (described bellow)
  • 11 Player Skins (see the screenshot to see them)
  • 16 Maps (10 DM, 3 CTF, 3 DOM)


  • * All Armor: All players start with 150 armor when they spawn. Removes weapon spawns as well.
  • * All Weapons: All players receives all weapons when they spawn.
  • * Beamer: Gives the players a Beamer weapon. It occupies the first slot, along with Impact Hammer. This weapon fires a slow-moving beam, that will affect the firing player when it hits a wall. It will either pull the player towards the wall (primary fire), push the player from the wall (secondary fire), or make the player stop in mid-air (both fires presses).
  • * Clans: Changes the textures on Flags and Domination points to reflect the custom textures used by the mod.
  • * Damage Dinger: Plays a sound when you cause damage.
  • * Damage Score: Changes the default scoring system from DM/TDM modes, by adding "frags" everytime you do some damage.
  • * No Pickups: Removes all pickups (armor, health, power-ups).
  • * No Weapons: Removes all weapons from the game, except the Translocator.
  • * Relics: Spawns 4 Relics in-game, with different graphics, that works much like the original Relics that comes in UT.
  • * Vampire: Causing damage will increase the player's health.
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Real Tournament



Mod name: Real Tournament
Status: Development Halted
Last release: Official preview around 2000, plus an unofficial patch around 2002

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Real Tournament - NetPlay update

Real Tournament - NetPlay update


An unoffical patch for Real Tournament Preview, made by the famous UT modder Usaar33. Requires the full Preview version to be used, since it's only a...

Real Tournament Preview (RAW)

Full Version

Real Tournament, Preview version, Non-Umod format.


I worked on this mod years ago, textures and skins mostly but a few maps as well. I was surprised to see it hosted here -- and to discover it had been updated by Usaar. Swank!

Sadly, I've lost touch with the other guys on the team -- which is actually how I ended up here.

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This is funny, it's like as if you spent 5 years making this mod. XD

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Darkness Creator

The maps are good, imo, specially their textures, really high quality. The mutators are mostly weak and buggy, I agree, but the Beamer is a nice addition, the clans/relics/vampire are cool, so at least 4 of 10 are useable. The skins are also nice. This is most directed to being an "addon/expansion" than a mod itself, indeed. Maybe because it could only get to "preview" stage, and then had an unofficial, small patch to fix some little bugs. If you consider this situation, you could give a higher rating.

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This mod is somewhat highly strange, most of it's shipped mutators are not working, playing the maps, with the Real Tournament Category set before, has no effect, playing the new Singleplayer Ladder is mediocre - only some of the features a to be considered "neat", dunno the original authors surely had some good ideas but the execution is really only mediocre - 5/10

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good. this mod got my dowload

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Darkness Creator

Awww... It's not THAT good... it had tons of original things, but most of them aren't easily seen...

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is this any good?
im gone letcha peeps know!
lemme try it...

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