Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 MOD - Science
Author: RA3-Yary

A very interesting and popular MOD in China CNC gaming. Now it is released on moddb!

In The Name Of SCIENCE!

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Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Science

Version: 1.863 (Based on 1.850)
(科学MOD简中_*** is Simplified Chinese Version, ScienceModENG_*** is English Version)

QQ Group: 419174875

moddb Homepage:

Welcome Back,Commander!


====How To Play Science Mod?
See "萌新引导(正式1.1版).doc" for details (Thanks to MoGu)


====How to play Science Mod's new campaign tracks:
===Open "options-settings" in main menu, turn down "Music" volume to 0, and turn up "Ambient" volume to max
===The track list can seen at RA3MOD_Science_CampaignMusicLists_ForMappers_CHS.txt


====Author: RA3-Yary (aka 矛式迷你潜艇 / RA3ModderYary)
moddb ( RA3ModderYary
bilibili ( 矛式迷你潜艇 (UID: 12220215)
RAT ( RA3Yary
weibo ( @RA3ModderYary
discord ( RA3ModderYary
Steam ( RA3ModderYary

bibber: Upheaval 1.16 Source Codes, 15Build Slots Source Codes
Empire's Wrath Studio: WRF 1.07 Source Codes
Infinity Realms: ParadoxMiniMod 3.0 Source Codes, Paradox Model Pack
MuStar: Kodiak Models, Toxin Chariot Models, Modding Support
ButterflyEffect: Modding Support
Jason_Zombolt: The War Factory Models
AlienVoid: Alice-HD Source Codes And Models
Chris:GR1.12.3 And 1.12.4 Source Codes
PurpleGaga27 (aka Zocom7): RA3Reloaded 1.2 Source Codes
dylanvx11: BasicAIMod Source Codes
JonnyKnows: SuperiorAI 1.08 Source Codes
HecticTanker: RA3 Undecided Source Codes
suvzi: New Superweapon Design
6522748: RA3 1.12 Debug, Modding Support
WCAK47: Modding Support
Trinity_YiWang: Modding Support, Generals2(RA3 Version) AptUI Source Codes
MoZheInkian: Live on bilibili
LoongDanceDay113, ROC, MisakaHonoka, Hamura And Other Player: Testing And Feedback Bug
FrankZhuZD: Translate Support
Crazy_Editor: New Giga-FortressShip Weapon Source Codes
HaoJun0823: New In-Game HUD UI, New Audio, Make Science Mod Launcher
Flameheart: Translate Support


=====Science Mode Random Crates:

===Cash Crate(+10000), Veterancy Crate, Recovery Supply Crate, Bomb Crate, Mystery Crate

===Mystery Crate:
Super-Reactor Explode, Supreme Time Bomb Explode, Chrono Tank, Tesla Tank,Super King Oni,Ursa Major,Chief Scientist,
War Mammoth, Future Tank X-1, Pacifier FAV, MCV, Ore Collector / Prospector, Titan, Mammoth Tank, Kirov Airship, APC,
Mantis Helicopter, Thunderhead, Nuclear Missle, Ion Cannon, Rift Generator, Katyusha, Flame Tank, Mastodon, Shogun Executioner,
Musashi-Class, Sputnik, Harbinger Gunship, Harbinger Gunship X-1, Original Kodiak, Giga-Fortress(Sky Fortress Mode),
Baslisk, Kodiak, Leviathan, Flak Trooper(RA3 Beta2 1.0Ver.)


====New Faction:

===Science Boss Electronic Arts (aka SBEA / EA)

====New Units:

Ursa Major, Prism Knight, Flak Trooper(RA3 Beta2 1.0Ver.), Tesla Trooper(Devastator Ver.), Rocketeer, Chief Scientist,
Chrono Legionnaire, Mecha Tengu / Jet Tengu, APC, Battle Master Tank, Titan, Striker-VX / Chopper-VX, Assault Destroyer,
Pacifier FAV, Mammoth Tank, Chrono Tank, Katyusha, Vertigo, Achilles Fighter, Mantis Helicopter(Remake), Harbinger Gunship X-1, Original Kodiak, Mechanical Shark, Dreadnought, Giga-Fortress(Remake), Shogun Executi
Prism Knight, Rocketeer, Cryo Legionnaire, Chrono Legionnaire(Commando),
Battlefield Assault Vehicle, APC, Titan, Mammoth Tank, Pacifier FAV, Future Tank X-1, Chrono Tank,
Achilles Fighter, Harbinger Gunship, Baslisk(Ultimate BOSS)

Archer Maiden, Izumi Omega(Commando)(Remake),
Thunder-VX(Remake), Steel Ronin, Super King Oni, Mastodon, Musashi-Class,
Giga-Fortress, Mantis Helicopter, Thunderhead, Leviathan(Ultimate BOSS)

Mortar Cycle, Chief Scientist(Remake), Desolator Trooper, Ursa Major, Devastator(Commando),
Reaper, Toxin Chariot, Flame Tank(Remake), Grinder, Katyusha, Tesla Tank, War Mammoth(Remake),
Vertigo, Firehawk(Remake), Original Kodiak, Kodiak(Ultimate BOSS)

====New Structures:

===SBEA:Power Plant, Defense Bureau, Psychic Dominator(Superweapon)
===Allies:Future Tech Arsenal, Aeronautics Complex
===Empire:Robotics Lab, Musashi-Class
===Soviet:Ordnance Factory, Tunnel


====Top-Secret Protocols:

===Science Boss Electronic Arts (SBEA / EA): N
Left: Advanced Aeronautics -> Surgical Strike -> Time Bomb -> Deluxe Time Bomb -> Supreme Time Bomb
Middle: High Technology -> Paratroop Team -> Paratroop Squad -> Paratroop Platoon -> Free Trade
Right: Surveillance Sweep -> Chrono Swap -> Cryoshot -> Cryoblast -> Cryogeddon

Left: Honorable Discharge -> Sleeper Ambush -> Balloon Bombs -> Balloon Bomb Blowout -> Balloon Bomb Barrage
Middle: Advanced Rocket Pods -> Final Squadron -> Final Squadron X -> Final Squadron Omega -> Robotic Assembly
Right: Fortified Fleet -> Point-Defense Drones -> Emperor's Rage -> Emperor's Revenge -> Emperor's Retribution

Left: Cash Bounty -> Toxic Corrosion -> Desolator Airstrike -> Desolator Dual-Airstrike -> Desolator Delta-Airstrike
Middle: Grinder Treads -> Orbital Drop -> Orbital Dump -> Orbital Downpour -> Mass Production
Right: Terror Drone Surprise -> Magnetic Satellite -> Super-Magnetic Satellite -> Ultra-Magnetic Satellite -> Magnetic Singularity


====New Maps List: All New Maps From Insurrection 1.43 *52

===Unofficial Maps*12
Battlebase Abandoned (2)
Battlebase Delta (2)
Battlebase Epsilon (2)
Erebor Lament (2)
Libration Freeze (2)
Misty Abyss (2)
Besieged Reservoir (6)
Hot Conflict (6)
Horizon Degenerate (6)
Infinite Barbeque (6)
Pool March (6)
Snowtop Conqueror (6)

===Uprising Maps*28
Au Revoir Reservoir (2)
Grinder Gulch (2)
Hard Lesson (2)
Island Arena (2)
Killington Cove (2)
Kodiak Lake (2)
Mir's Landing (2)
Pure Oniage (2)
Rival Schools (2)
Soundless Hill (2)
Twisted Terrace (2)
Fried River (3)
Islandgrad (3)
Assassin's Road (4)
Battlebase Quartus (4)
Bear Zamok (4)
Corporate Warfare (4)
Desolation (4)
Florazon Basin (4)
Honor Bound (4)
Isla Nooblar (4)
Jungle Stalkers (4)
Oil Slick (4)
Shogun's Alley (4)
Trench Warfare (4)
Apocalypse Mountain (6)
Battlebase Hexis (6)
Holdout Keep (6)

===Bonus Maps*12
Turtle Village (2)
Black Tortoise (2)
Deep End (2)
Dreadnought Alley (2)
Pier Pressure (2)
Wrong Steppe (2)
Repair Bay (3)
Last Resort (4)
Neon Crisis (4)
Age of Wreckoning (4)
Loch Mess (5)
Swimming Hazard (6)


End of ReadMe File.
Good Luck,Commander!



==How To Use:

1.Unzip all the files in the package to the root of the Red Alert 3 game and overwrite the ra3.exe file.

2.Using RA3ScienceModLauncher.exe to start MOD Launcher.

==Command Line Parameters in CnCRA3ScienceModLauncherDebugMode.bat:

-ui: Start MOD Launcher Menu. Without this Parameters, start MOD directly. This Parameters is written to bat by default.

-debug: Debug Mode.A full-screen screenshot is taken every 30 s after the MOD Launcher is started, and the Memory.csv statistics memory occupation and record data are generated. The files generated in debug mode are stored in the game root directory / Ra3ModStup Manager.Debug/ date of generation. This Parameters is written to bat by default.

-script: Script mode. The Scripts folder in the compressed package needs to be unzipped to the Red Alert 3 game root directory. The instruction is not written to the bat by default. The Scripts folder currently has the script CrackFPS.e.txt. Script issues have been noted in the script txt file, welcome technical discussion to assist in improving.

==Special thanks:

HaoJun0823:Make MOD Launcher


[Resource publishing][RA3.exe]RA3 starts too slowly? Too much trouble with input parameters? It's all right! [RA3 Bar]_Baidu Tieba

github: RA3Bar-RA3Launcher

Science1.85Beta(ChineseVersion)is release

Science1.85Beta(ChineseVersion)is release

News 1 comment

Welcome Back,Commander! In the past two years, we changed a lot, and we create more...

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RA3 Science 1.863 Beta (CHS Ver. And ENG Ver.)

RA3 Science 1.863 Beta (CHS Ver. And ENG Ver.)

Full Version 18 comments

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 MOD Science 1.863 Beta (Include Simplified Chinese Version AND English Version)

Science 1.86 Beta Campaign Music(MP3_320kbps)

Science 1.86 Beta Campaign Music(MP3_320kbps)

Music 2 comments

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 MOD - Science 1.86 Beta Campaign Music(MP3_320kbps)

Science 1.86 Beta (Chinese Ver. AND English Ver.)

Science 1.86 Beta (Chinese Ver. AND English Ver.)

Full Version 13 comments

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 MOD - Science 1.86 Beta (Include Simplified Chinese Version AND English Version)

Science 1.850 Beta (CHS+ENG)

Science 1.850 Beta (CHS+ENG)

Full Version 4 comments

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 MOD - Science 1.850 Beta (Include Simplified Chinese Version AND English Version)



Full Version

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 MOD - Science 1.85 Beta (Simplified Chinese Version) NO English Version

Comments  (0 - 10 of 108)
RA3ModderYary Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Soviets Too OP the Kodiak must be nerf!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

To be honest this whole mod is about OP Units.
Base defense or anything are pretty much meaningless or a base in general.
All you gotta do is build 1 ultimate unit or if you crazy do 10.
They count as a "base" and even if you would lose your real base you would still be in the game. So yeah the mod is all about just that ultimate units and ultimate weapons spam. Ther eis no real tactic or logic behind it. If you look for a balanced mod this is not the mod for you. Kodiak is op and so are the other 2 ultimate units of japan and allies. While Japan is the most op since you can make a endless chain of frenzy heal and rage all units. Build 6 or 10 ultimate units. Endless chain there cd of frenzy one by one in a command action. Unbeatable ultimate immortal units with op attack speed.
Then we have the pysonic omega mod wich was good before but now is also just a broken mess, since they added in there latest update a unit called chronos. (another ultimate mess) Can endless chain them to endless time stop the enemies and with this mod and the other and those 1 unit typ alone you win a whole game even vs 1vs5 brutals giving them endless money and 1000% production speed they still whould lose against your 1 ultimate unit... that´s how op those units are... specially in the hands of a human player... so if you want a balanced mod... wrong address.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Guys does anybody know how to edit unit stats like health weapon damage speed etc. i am not looking for models textures or mapping just this does anybody know how to do this ?? i have been searching the net for days and i haven't found anything all the RA3 modding is about textures and mapping

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mod is full of so many crazy overpowered units and superpowers.
Makes me think why yuri isn´t in it yet?
As funny this mod is and also your current video. ( lag is real)
The ultimate units make you be able to win with 0 afford 1vs5 brutal,lol.
Takes like 5-10 minutes to kill them.
There is no balance in most mods and yours is just pure insanity x,D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, I would like to ask is there a new update comming soon?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Allies weakly in this mod :C

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Seems you play them wrong then.
They are the most op faction in vanilla game and this mod aswell.
Chronosphere op, and this mod has ultimate super airship that has teleport and also selfrepair. Just build a few of them ... chronosphere into enemy base and instant win... even in 1vs5 brutal Ai... you win in 5-10 minutes if you good player.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RA3ModderYary Creator

Something Interesting

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can I tell you, you have one bug left at the airport when you didn’t fall asleep to a new one in this database; for some reason, they were made for this airport to leave for the airport?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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I love this mod so much <3!

Aug 27 2017 by Kivious

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